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February 1, 2016

This Guy Tweeted The Most Incredible Troll Story And People Don't Know What To Think

You'll never look at someone feeding birds the same way again.

This Plus-Size Clothing Collaboration Is A Minimalist's Dream

Lane Bryant's latest is refreshingly simple.

23 Rap Songs That Will Wake You The Fuck Up

Conscious rap isn't just a thing of the past. Here are some of the best socially charged rap songs of the new millennium.

19 Tumblr Posts That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Day

If you're having a bad day, just remember these posts.

The 8 Best Moments On Rihanna's ANTI

The deluxe version of Rihanna's highly anticipated eighth studio album, ANTI, dropped this past Friday. Here's a rundown on the highlights.

Friendly Reminder That Earth Is Scary AF

Nature is, and always will be, stronger than you are.

Which TV Show Is This "G" From?

Can you go 7 for 7?

Adele Says She Never Gave Donald Trump Permission To Use Her Music

He is using her song "Rolling in the Deep" at his rallies in Iowa.

International Olympic Committee Working To Minimize Zika Risks During Summer Games

Brazil officials this week also insisted that they will not call off the summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro because of the Zika virus outbreak.

Georgia Executes Its Oldest Death Row Inmate

Brandon Astor Jones spent nearly 37 years on death row for murdering a convenience store manager during an armed robbery. Jones was executed early Wednesday morning.

23 Women In Television You Need To Be Watching

Black girl magic is real on television, and it's not just Shonda.

Things You Wouldn't Have If Black People Didn't Invent It

What invention surprised you the most?

16 Cosas que todo dueño de un gato gordo debería saber

Aquí verás cómo cuidar de la mejor manera a tu rechoncho atigrado.

I'm Black, But I'm Not...

“I’m black, but I’m not concerned with being your definition of blackness.”

Justice Department Launches Review Of San Francisco Police After Fatal Shooting

Federal officials are examining SFPD policies and practices after the fatal shooting of Mario Woods in December.

"Legal Rape" Advocate Unlikely To Be Allowed Into Australia

Daryush "Roosh" Valizadeh was headed Down Under for a gathering of "heterosexual, masculine men."

This P.E.I. Man Lost His Wedding Ring In A Lounge Chair For 10 Years

Note to self: check furniture for treasures.

Eric Holder On Black Lives Matter: "In Them I See A Lot Of The Younger Eric"

In a clip of an upcoming interview provided to BuzzFeed News, former Attorney General Eric Holder said the spirit of the Black Lives Matter movement reminded him of his younger self and was in the tradition of Dr. Martin Luther King.

British Jeremy Corbyn Supporters Volunteer For The Bernie Sanders Campaign

Out in the early primary states, a handful of left-wing Brits join the fight for "democratic socialism" in the US.

16 Divertidas revelaciones de Monsieur Periné que necesitas saber ahora mismo

La banda colombiana nos confiesa quién es el más romántico del grupo y a quién matarían primero en Los Juegos del Hambre.

Congresswoman Who Sponsored Anti-Swatting Bill Gets Swatted

"No mother should have to answer the door to the police in the middle of the night and fear for her family’s safety simply because an anonymous person disagrees with her."

A Boy In Yemen Was Handed A Camera And The Results Will Break Your Heart

"Everything is gone. What remains are only memories. Please stop the war everywhere in Yemen.”

Quiz: What's Your Soul Steak?

You can tell a lot about a person by the steak they choose. Or maybe, the steak chooses you. Take our personality quiz to find which steak shares your soul. Then, get kindred with it over a flame tonight. It's meant to be.

15 Cosas que todos los venezolanos en el extranjero extrañan de vivir en Venezuela

Cuando te vas del país, empiezas a extrañar cosas que no te esperabas.

16 Truths For People Who Get Major Anxiety When Texting

Text me a one-word reply. I dare you.

People Are Appalled At A Comment Trump Just Made About The Military

"It should be a requirement that in order to direct troops in harm's way, one should have first faced it themselves."

21 Things Only People Dating Hockey Players Will Get

Date night? More like skate night.

Google — Sorry, Alphabet — Is Set To Become The World's Most Valuable Company

When markets open Tuesday, the impact of after-hours trading is set to push the company above Apple into the No. 1 slot.

A Top Chef's Suicide Has Prompted A Rethink In Kitchen Culture

The death of Benoît Violier in Switzerland over the weekend is renewing calls to address the high-pressure, high-stakes environment that can take a heavy toll in the kitchen.

18 Things That Inevitably Happen When You're A Person Who Doesn't Drive

Brrroom brrroom, I'm in me mum's car (because she's giving me a ride to work).

Women Try To Put On Lipstick With A Selfie Stick

“Oh my god, I look like a clown.”

We Found Some Of The Most L.A. Foods Ever

One matcha green tea iced latte with nitrogen foam please!

How Megan Hilty Learned To Stop Worrying And Embrace Anxiety

The star of Smash is playing another actor in Roundabout Theatre Company's revival of Noises Off on Broadway. Her character may be different, but Hilty empathizes all the same.





24 Cosas que solo las personas que odian ejercitarse entenderán

Una flexión y ya es suficiente por hoy.

The Leader Of Chechnya Is Pissed At Instagram For Deleting His Threatening Video

"You can write whatever you want, but don't touch America's dogs!"

29 Times Supermodels Completely Dominated The Fashion World

Make way for the queens of the fashion world.

WHOが緊急事態宣言 ジカ熱の胎児への影響、五輪や日本は


How A Movie Filled With Coke And Dicks Explodes White Privilege

White Girl is ostensibly the story of a college girl who moves to Queens for the cheap rent, hooks up with a Puerto Rican drug dealer, and ruins his life, interspersed with graphic sex and indiscriminate drug use. But it’s actually a trenchant critique of the privilege afforded young, beautiful, white women, and the wreckage they can leave behind.

Missouri Corrections Head Defends Cash Payments Before State Legislature

Director George Lombardi was questioned about $250,000 in cash payments to executioners — all without disclosures to the Internal Revenue Service. The practice was revealed by BuzzFeed News last week.

We Reenacted What Kids Said About Black Leaders And It's Amazing

"I have a dream that brothers and sisters would unite!"

Which Pusheen GIF Best Describes Your 2016 So Far?

Let's be honest, we all want to be Pusheen.

When You Think You Hit It Off

Sometimes you hit it off with someone, and then the truth comes out.

The Jeb Bush → Marco Rubio Donor Shift Is Real And It's Accelerating

Approximately 119 previous Bush donors who hadn't given to Rubio gave to him for the first time in December, per a BuzzFeed News data analysis of recent filings.

My Boyfriend Dressed Me For A Week And This Is What Happened

My boyfriend, Chris, doesn’t see me the way I see myself. So I wanted to see how someone who doesn’t have my insecurities would dress me for a week.

Undercover RCMP Took Part In Illegal Activity 16 Times Over Five Years

Here are all the times RCMP officers were authorized to take part in criminal acts in recent years.

Wrestling Icon Bret Hart Announces He Has Cancer

"With hesitation and fear, I openly declare myself in my fight against prostate cancer."

How Donald Trump Owns The Old Media And The New Media

A man of television, who uses Twitter to program cable. And the Trump sons are welcome to brunch.

This Horrific Photo Is Prompting A New Discussion Of Violence In Mexico

"Do you remember the Syrian boy? ... Well, this is what’s happening in Mexico." WARNING: This post contains extremely graphic images.

Teacher Suspected Of Helping Inmates Escape California Jail To Be Released

Authorities on Monday also arrested a man on suspicion of smuggling weapons and tools that the three inmates used to escape Jan. 22.

Chatterhead - A Short Fiml About The Debate In Our Heads.

Here is a film about the debate a young woman has in her head, as she walks home from work. To go for Bernie, or for Hillary? How do we decide?

The New Sake Kit Kats In Japan Actually Have Alcohol In Them

"Children and lightweight drinkers are kindly requested to refrain from consuming this product."

13 Things That Happen When There Is Theft In Canada

Also known as "borrowing something forever" here.

17 Insanely Relatable Animal Vines

Pizza beagle is all of us.

34 Fotos, die Dich sofort wieder zum Erstklässler machen

Fischer, Fischer wie tief ist das Wasser?

Despite Big Discounts, Keurig Sales Kept Crashing Over The Holidays

Sales of the single-serve brewers have fallen for a year and a half now.

MPs Say Changes To State Pension Will Hit Poorest Women The Hardest

SNP MP Mhairi Black said that 80% of those who don't make sufficient national insurance contributions to receive the full pension are women.

Jacob Tremblay's Dad Is Dad AF

And come on! Who doesn't love a hot dad?!

Here's How "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" Addressed Lamar Odom's Overdose

"It's heartbreaking. I don't think I've ever felt so powerless."

22 Regalos DIY perfectos para mamás estresadas

¿Tu mamá parece estar un poco irritable últimamente? Hazla sentir increíble con estos regalos consentidores y relajantes.

Jamaica Reports First Case Of Zika Virus

Early reports said that Jamaica's first confirmed Zika infection stemmed from a 4-year-old's travel to Texas. But Texas says it ain't so.

14 misturas doidas que as pessoas fazem quando estão com larica

Vai um doritos com brigadeiro? Ou quem sabe um bolo de chocolate com maionese?

How Donald Trump Jr. Really Feels About The Iowa Caucuses, As Told By His Tweets

Iowa is not a great sample of the American people and "ultra-conservatives" scare off rational, undecided independents, he tweeted in 2012.

The Iowa Caucuses Explained For British People

What's an Iowa, and why should we care?

10 Bets You Can Place On Super Bowl 50 That Have Nothing To Do With Football

This week, people will bet billions of dollars on Sunday's big game. It turns out you can take part in the betting fun, even if you know absolutely nothing about football.

21 Three-Ingredient Vegan Desserts That Are As Easy As They Are Delicious

Three-ingredient desserts? What could be sweeter than that?

Which Dessert Should Be Your Valentine Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

♬ Whatcha Gon Do With That Dessert? ♬

If Ted Cruz Loses, Everything We Thought We Knew About Iowa Might Be Wrong

“Donald Trump has remade the electorate in the image he needs to be successful.” Cruz courted evangelicals, he stayed on message, he ran a data-driven, retail-heavy omnipresent campaign. He still might lose.

The Man Reopening Circuit City Does Most Of His Shopping Online

"I still like to go into a store every now and then and touch something or feel something," says businessman Ronny Shmoel.

Canadian Military Police Are Investigating Eight Cases Of Alleged Sexual Misconduct

The cases came from a newly opened reporting centre for sexual misconduct, which received more than 200 calls in its first few months of operation.

79 Thoughts Two Idiot Americans Had During This Week's Episode Of Tatort

We don't speak any German, and we had never heard of Tatort before this Sunday, but we can confidently agree that we solved the mystery before anyone else did.

Here's Why No One Should Have An American Car

AmeriCAN'T build a car, basically.

I Watched TV In Iowa And The Political Ads Drove Me Mad

This is what happens when you spend an hour in an Iowa hotel room wading through political TV ads. BuzzFeed UK's Jim Waterson is in the US for the primary season.

Ces choses que vous réalisez quand vous commencez à vous faire vieux

Vous buvez encore pas mal d'alcool... mais les lendemains sont TRÈS difficiles.

15 trucs que vous n'avez pas vécus si vous n'avez pas de pénis

Quand, mal réveillé, vous allez aux toilettes avec une érection matinale.

Esta cabeleireira reinterpreta pinturas famosas como cores de cabelo

É basicamente uma forma de arte em si só.

A performance comovente de Vanessa Hudgens em "Grease: Live" impressionou a todos

O pai da atriz morreu de câncer pouco antes da produção.

Agora você já pode fazer o seu cabelo brilhar no escuro

Pra ser sincero é melhor na luz negra.

A New Harvard Study Challenges The Government's Stance On Encryption

"‘Going dark’ does not aptly describe the long-term landscape for government surveillance."

Erkennst Du die richtige Farbe Deiner meistgenutzten Apps?

Nein, die sehen nicht alle gleich aus.

Esta desoladora imagen que muestra a una familia asesinada se volvió viral

¿Te acuerdas del niño sirio? Bueno, pues esto pasó en México. (Advertencia: Imágenes muy fuertes a continuación.)

Aqui está tudo que você precisa saber sobre ficar dolorido depois de se exercitar

Aquele ímpeto da academia em janeiro é divertido até que você não consiga se mexer.

O menino que usou uma camisa do Messi feita de saco plástico vai conhecer seu herói

O FC Barcelona já estaria providenciando para que a criança viajasse à Espanha para conhecer Lionel Messi.

What Fast Food Chain Are You Based On Your Favorite Pizza Topping?

That one answer you didn't know you wanted.

Facebook Says It’s Sorry For Censoring A Photo Of A Cancer Patient’s Nipple

Facebook has since reinstated the photo, calling the decision to remove it a “mistake.”

14 Cosas que se extrañan de Argentina cuando vivís afuera

Le pedimos a argentinos que andan por el mundo que nos compartan las cosas que más extrañan.

Here Are Some Of The Weird And Wonderful Things Left On London's Buses And Trains

They include a prosthetic leg, a life-sized Spider-Man doll, and “enough musical instruments to form a band”.

Donald Trump Has Even Flip-Flopped On Being Tough

"I don't think I'm so tough," Trump said in 2006.

15 Life Lessons "Anne Of Green Gables" Has Taught Us

For those who require "scope for imagination" in their lives.

Dieser Comic zeigt Dir wie es ist, wenn eine Angststörung Dein ständiger Begleiter ist

Die Angst am Küchentisch handelt von einer Frau, deren Angststörung zum täglichen Begleiter wird.

7 Highs And 4 Lows Of "Grease: Live"

How did the latest live TV musical stack up against its predecessors?

17 Reasons Why Natural Hair Is Not A Good Look

Natural hair looks unprofessional.

24 Fotos que los hombres nunca entenderán

Los hombres no tienen ni la menor idea.

17 Times Sushi Lived Its Best Damn Life

"Sushi: Pretentious food that white kids want everybody else to know they are into to seem cultured and sophisticated." —

21 Bite-Size Desserts That Are More Satisfying Than A Boyfriend

"I'll just have one...or two...or 10..."

If Male Scientists Were Written About Like Female Scientists

"A devout husband and father, Darwin balanced his family duties with the study of the specimens he brought from his travels."

Teenager Charged With Murdering 16-Year-Old Charlie Kutyauripo

UPDATE: A 16-year-old boy has been accused of the fatal stabbing and will appear at a youth court on Wednesday.

This Lantern Festival Is Like A Real-Life Psychedelic Wonderland

We take a look around London's first Chinese Lantern Festival.

10 situações que acontecem quando a comida vira um sentimento

A história de uma "vida lombriguenta".

Inquest Into Deepcut Barracks Death Will Consider "Third Party" Involvement

The family of Private Cheryl James won a legal fight for there to be a second inquest, 21 years after she was found dead at Deepcut Barracks in Surrey.

20 Things Every Art Student At Michigan Knows.

You dream of a life where you are free on Thursday.

Huckabee Defends Trump’s Abortion Flip-Flop While Attacking Cruz As Insincere

Mike Huckabee said this about Ted Cruz: "What I find troubling is when a person changes their view based on which way the polls go or changes their speeches based on where they are geographically."

Who Said It: Donald Trump Or Kanye West?

"I don't even listen to rap. My apartment is too nice to listen to rap in."

Cam Newton's Pants Aren't Even The Worst Thing In This Picture

A brief lesson in how a suit jacket should fit.

Top 10 Movie Proposals

Over the years, we have seen an abundance of romantic proposals on the big screen. Some were emotional and some were funny - but we then thought what were the most memorable movie proposals? So, we thought we would put a list together of the must-see movie proposals there is to offer. There may be a few spoiler alerts here - but it’ll be worth it....

El niño con la camiseta de plástico de Messi conocerá a su héroe

El F. C. Barcelona al parecer tiene planes para que el niño vuele a España para reunirse con Lionel Messi.

Surprise! #2015bestnine Was Really A Trojan Horse For A Dating App

Fifteen million people used Many of them are now members of Nine, a new dating app.

34 Times Kourtney Was The Only Voice Of Reason In The Kardashian Family

"Your ass is so large I don't know how you can even run."

Black Employees "Earn Less Than Their White Counterparts At Every Level"

The Trades Union Congress called its analysis a worrying sign that "race still plays a huge role in determining pay" in the UK.

This Artist Was Born Without Hands And Draws The Most Stunning Realistic Portraits

"Fight for your dreams and live your own, great life. Do things that the others are afraid to do. Don't waste your time, because it's priceless."

Ces pensées qu’on a tout le temps dans le métro


BuzzFeed Crossword: Flower Power

How quickly you figure out the theme of this easy puzzle?

7 Simple Ways To Make This Week A Little Less Shitty

Operation "just get through this week."

69 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About The Spice Girls

Tony Blair could have been in the "Wannabe" music video.

Acabo de terminar la carrera y tengo MUCHÍSIMAS preguntas

Además de "¿pero por qué el pincho de tortilla cuesta el doble que en la cafetería de la facultad?"

Vanessa Hudgens Performance Of "There Are Worse Things I Could Do" Is Incredible

Vanessa Hudgens more than delivered as Rizzo during last night's show.

Bernie Sanders And The Fight For Barack Obama's Good, Bad, Ugly Progressive Legacy

Bernie says Obama did a good job — but Clinton says he's covering up his past as a critic. And a top Bernie backer unleashes to BuzzFeed News on everybody.

An American Shared A Hoax Video About French "Muslim Gangs" And It Went Viral

Turns out the video is actually from 2013 and of a soccer gang, having nothing to do with Muslims at all.

22 Fantastic Podcasts To Make Your Commute Less Shitty

Being stuck in traffic was never so much fun!

18 Faces People Who Have Received A Dick Pic Will Immediately Recognise

Thank you for this picture of your penis that I have no idea what to do with.

Tell Us About Your Most Heartwarming Celebrity Encounter

There's more to meeting celebrities than just a selfie.

A tendência do sereismo em 15 acessórios lindos de morrer

Porque o sereismo merece virar realidade.

Coldplay Tweeted That They Want To Come Back To India ASAP

Maybe this time they'll perform at a bigger venue than a Delhi bar.

Take A Look Inside The New "Doctor Who" Coloring Book

Get ready to color through space and time.

20 Increíbles tatuajes minimalistas de Harry Potter

Porque algunas personas quieren demostrar su afecto por "el niño que vivió".

Fizeram uma versão do episódio de "Acapulco" do Chaves com "GTA V"

Não existem limites para a criatividade do brasileiro.

A Man Who Raped And Murdered A Close Friend Has Been Jailed For Life

Peter Kibisu raped his close friend Elizabeth Nnyanzi then strangled her to death while staying in her family home as a guest.

Quanto Alessandra Negrini arrasou no Carnaval de SP?

Ela desfilou de noiva como forma de protestar contra o projeto do Estatuto da Família que tramita no Congresso.

This Transgender Girl Scout Stood Up To A Bully By Selling Thousands Of Cookies

"I want kids like me to know they are perfect just the way they are. There are people all over the world that love you. Never give up because it does get better."

Genetically Modifying Human Embryos: What You Need To Know

The licence to genetically modify human embryos is not a green light to create "designer babies".

Which Musical Film Should You Watch Based On Your Favorite "Glee" Character?

Well, at least you didn't fall and break your talent.

What's Going On Around The World Today

At least 45 people died in multiple blasts at a shrine near Syria’s capital city, Damascus. The Iowa caucus, the first nomination contest of the U.S. presidential election, is tonight and BuzzFeed News is covering the story on the ground. And puppies who are training to be guide dogs look adorable in their mini harnesses.

8 Things Nobody Tells You About Graduation And Depression

It's the Home Alone sequel you never asked for.

How Man United Fans Reacted To News That Pep Guardiola Will Be Next Man City Boss

The Bayern Munich and former Barcelona manager will join the club at the end of this season on a three-year deal.

22 coisas que só pessoas obcecadas por cores vão entender

Nós pintamos o sete (o oito, o nove e o dez).

20 Pesadillas que viven las personas a las que no les gusta el fútbol

Si naciste en América Latina, que no te guste el fútbol es lo peor que te puede pasar.

Wie Düsseldorf bist Du?

Bist Du ein waschechter "Düsseldorwer" oder kommst Du eigentlich aus Neuss?

We Know Which TV Couple You Are Based On Your Favorite Lush Bath Bar

It's a question about getting naked and wet...

19 tweets qui parleront forcément à tous les utilisateurs de Tinder

Quand votre rencard Tinder ne correspond pas à sa photo de profil...

For Everyone Who's Totally Obsessed With Cheese Plates

Because you can never have too much cheese in your life.

Bollywood Celebs With Vs. Without Makeup

Error 404: Flaws not found.

Junior Doctors To Stage 24-Hour Strike Next Week

Junior doctors will perform only emergency care on 10 February.

People Are Sharing Stories Of Their #GPHeroes

"They can't shut their doors or declare emergency status like hospitals do. They just have to get on with it."

Here’s How To Eat Healthy When You’re Going Out For A Meal On The High Street

Because eating out when you're trying to be healthy can be hard AF.

How Growing Up Nigerian And British Taught Me To Be Both

At 6, I chose a different set of parents, and I have been finding my feet ever since.

So würden Disney-Filme aussehen, wenn Tim Burton Regie geführt hätte

Diese Version von Die Schöne und das Biest wäre der Hammer!

17 preuves que les femmes sont mieux avec les cheveux longs

«Les femmes sont censées avoir les cheveux longs.» Hum...

14 Of The Funniest Tweets, Memes, And Jokes About The New Coldplay And Beyoncé Video

"The most Indian thing about the Coldplay video is the reaction."

Which "Grease" Character Should You Date?

With a four-speed on the floor, you'll be waiting at the door.

Birmingham Woman Sentenced To Six Years In Prison For Joining ISIS

Tareena Shakil, 26, is the first British woman to be convicted of joining ISIS, after she travelled to Syria in 2014.

30 Styles, die für alle 2000er Hip-Hopper essentiell waren

Sir Benni Miles, Fubu, Aggro-Berlin und DMX – das alles war Dein Leben!

Hours Before Iowa Caucuses, Republican Donors Worry About Trump During California Retreat

"If he is the nominee, then who knows what will happen?" Inside the Koch donor summit, on whether something could have been done against Trump — and when, and if, candidates like Jeb Bush should drop out.

19 Photos That Accidentally Look Like Renaissance Art

We found pieces of modern photojournalism that mirror Renaissance paintings, and applied the Golden Ratio to them.

16 fois où Alain Juppé a eu plus de swag que vous

Vous n'avez pas joué au beer-pong, lui si.

The Kid Who Wore The Messi Plastic Bag Shirt Is Going To Meet His Hero

FC Barcelona are reportedly arranging for the child to fly to Spain to meet Lionel Messi.

16 Secretly Sinless Paleo Valentine's Day Treats

You CAN have your cake and eat it too.

An Abortion Rights Group Has Adopted Anne Of Green Gables As Its Icon

The fictional character has been adopted as a symbol of female independence.

You Should See The Photos Tim Peake Took From Space

These beat your mid-flight Instagrams hands down.

Diese Abstimmung wird endgültig zeigen, ob Düsseldorf oder Köln cooler ist

Düsseldorf gegen Köln - Stimme für Deine Stadt ab!

Comment Babor Lelefan est devenu un vrai métier

Rencontre avec l'éléphant le plus vulgaire et provoc de Twitter.

Man Found Dead In Beauty Spot Mystery May Have Gone Missing 20 Years Ago

Greater Manchester police are investigating whether a man found dead on a hillside last month after travelling from London to Lancashire was someone who went missing in Northern Ireland in 1994.

A TV Channel Has Done The Perfect Joke About "Groundhog Day"

"They say we're young and we don't know. We won't find out until we grow. Well I don't know if all that's true. Cause you got me, and baby I got you."

23 cosas que solo entenderás si sales con un profesor

Te hablarán con su voz de profesor.

How Well Do You Know The Lyrics To "Hide Away" By Daya?

Where do the good boys go? (For real though. Where are they?)

24 Vergeten BN'ers (En Wat Ze Tegenwoordig Doen)

Rolf Wouters, Jeroen Post, Judith de Bruijn en Mike Starink. Allemaal helden van weleer, die we nooit meer zien. Wat doen ze nu?

At Least 20 Killed, 29 Injured After A Suicide Bomb Attack In Afghanistan

The blast happened outside a police station in a busy section of Kabul, the capital city.

We Watched "Farmer Wants A Wife" For The First Time And Had A Lot Of Thoughts

I guess there aren't many Tinder matches out on the cow farm.

衝撃的な「チョコレート」の下着 "磯の香り"がしそうなその全貌


18 preguntas que todo catalán debe responder al resto de España

Catalán, catalán, ¿en tu cole no hay rival?

Sortir avec un-e prof résumé en 22 points

Il/elle va forcément faire son/sa prof avec vous à un moment.

19 Things That Happen On Every Night Out In Swansea

From pre-drinks to watching someone swim in Castle Gardens fountain.

Internet flippe à cause de ce selfie de Jessica Alba

Du coup, la question est de savoir s'il s'agit de celui de David Bowie ou d'Alan Rickman.