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19 Things That Happen On Every Night Out In Swansea

From pre-drinks to watching someone swim in Castle Gardens fountain.

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3. As soon as you arrive at the top of Wind Street you throw money at the driver and make the mad dash to find a toilet.

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The nearest toilet that doesn't involve masses of stairs is in Ice Bar. This is the only time you will willingly be seen there.

4. Whilst you're in Ice Bar though, you might as well take a toilet selfie.

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The mirrored ceilings mean you can see other people peeing.


5. The next big decision is deciding where to go next. While you're arguing over who wants to go where, you end up requesting song after song to the DJ in Ice Bar.

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7. You might even head to Pitcher & Piano so you can look all grown up and sophisticated, but you get asked for ID every single time.

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8. You can't go out in Swansea and not have a photo taken wearing a policeman's helmet.

Instagram: @tiffanychantelle8

What is it about selfies with policemen?


12. You also avoid going to the toilets in The Bank Statement.

Instagram: @alison4279

It's literally the longest walk of your life and when you gotta go, you gotta go.


13. Someone will suggest going to Fiction, but the walk is just too far.

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14. A fishbowl in Peppermint always seems like a good idea at the time.

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15. There will always be a hen or stag do tearing up the dance floors.

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You're just stood there wondering why the hell they came to Swansea.


17. You are either a Chick-O-Land or McDonald's kind of person at the end of the night.

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19. And If you manage to make it home in one piece, you'll be ready to do it all again next weekend!

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