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Here's How Twitter Helped The Delhi Police Reunite A Lost Alzheimer's Patient With Her Family

"That's the power of social media."

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On January 31, North Delhi Deputy Commissioner of Police Madhur Verma tweeted this photo of 80-year-old Alzheimer's patient Kamla Gupta, who was lost and unable to remember any of her contact details.

Hundreds of people retweeted the DCP's tweet over the next hour, before it was seen by user Vishal Jain who was in touch with Gupta's family.

@DCP_North_Delhi where to contact...her family members r searching in patel nagar....pleas reply urgently

After being put in touch with the concerned authorities, Jain informed the DCP that they were on their way.

@DCP_North_Delhi her family members r on their way to.ashok viharrr

Mrs Gupta identified! Thanks to all of you including @urban_mogli. 👏 I've talked to her family members in Patel Nagar.They r about to reach.

And within two hours of the original tweet, Kamla Gupta was reunited with her family.

That's the power of social media. Thanks @TwitterIndia .Family members of Mrs Kamla Gupta traced in less then 2 hrs!

Keep up the good work, guys.