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Here's Why No One Should Have An American Car

AmeriCAN'T build a car, basically.

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2. The cars age poorly.

Instagram: @antomiguelito

Who would want to look stately and slick in an old Cadillac anyway?

3. They're totally fragile and can't weather the elements at ALL.

Instagram: @truckedupamerica

Chevy pickup trucks are basically the worst investment you can make.

4. European and Japanese cars are clearly the superior option.

Instagram: @beverlyhillscarclub

This '67 Chevy Camaro is no fun at all.


5. There's just no love between an American car and its owner.

Instagram: @lchristense90

Why are people obsessed with their Jeeps anyway?


13. Have there been any good American car designs in the past 10 years? I mean, honestly.

Instagram: @cardrive

Why would anyone be excited over the CTS-V? It's not like Car and Driver gave it 5/5 stars or anything.

15. There are literally zero environmentally-friendly American cars. Zero.

Instagram: @ekimsinnigcm

The Chevy Volt probably burns like a million gallons of gas per mile.


17. American muscle cars are dead.

Instagram: @wa7dminelnas

This Camaro doesn't exist.

20. And this 2016 Corvette looks a little TOO much like the Batmobile.

Instagram: @cars

21. Honestly, there are no reasons at all to have an American car. They’re ugly and they suck.

Instagram: @lil_miss_mopar