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The Boris Johnson Tech Entrepreneur Story Explained For Americans And The Confused

IT lessons, pole dancing, sex (allegedly), an alt-right troll, and classic literature. It really is a tale as old as time.

Alan White 12 days ago

Anti-Abortion Billboards Targeting A Pregnant Labour MP Have Been Taken Down

Stella Creasy, who is pregnant, said the campaign against her by the UK arm of a US anti-abortion group made her feel "physically sick".

Alan White 19 days ago
Alan White One month ago

Amber Rudd Has Quit The Cabinet And The Conservative Party

Another former cabinet minister, Philip Hammond, announced his intention to take legal advice against the government shortly after.

Alan White One month ago

This Week In Ludicrous Brexit Carnage, Explained For Americans

In which Boris Johnson loses a bunch of votes, falls out with his brother, upsets the police, overpays for a fish, and calls Jeremy Corbyn a chicken.

Alan White One month ago

This Is How Dominic Cummings Sees The World — And What It Means For Brexit

The Number 10 adviser's blogs reveal the truth about his plans for the next few months...if you look closely enough.

Alan White 2 months ago

Nine People Are Dead And Dozens More Were Injured In A Shooting In Dayton, Ohio

The massacre came just hours after another mass shooting left 20 dead in El Paso, Texas. The shooter in Dayton is dead.

Alan White 2 months ago

This British Farmer Didn’t Know His Wholesome TikTok Account Was Going Viral

Cuthbert the Goose, Trigger the Pig, and others went viral in America — and helped British children in the process.

Alan White 2 months ago

Britain's Prospective Prime Minister Said The Apollo 11 Code Was "Hand-Knitted" And Compared It To Brexit

"If they could use hand-knitted computer code to make a frictionless re-entry to Earth’s atmosphere in 1969, we can solve the problem of frictionless trade at the Northern Irish border,” Boris Johnson wrote.

Alan White 2 months ago
Alan White 3 months ago

This Is The Insane British Prime Minister-In-Waiting Hair Conspiracy Shitshow Explained For Americans

In which Britain gains a whole load of new conscripts for the culture war, and they’re all packing extremely hot takes.

Alan White 3 months ago

Mark Field Has Been Suspended As A Government Minister After He Grabbed A Woman Protester By The Neck

Janet Barker, the activist grabbed by Field, said: "Maybe he should go to anger-management classes."

Alan White 4 months ago

Here's The Latest In The Absolute Clown Show That Is The Tory Leadership Contest

A story about how anyone can run for prime minister and come relatively close if they put their mind to it.

Alan White 4 months ago

This Is Theresa May’s Political Legacy Summed Up In Funny Tweets About Theresa May

As of today, Theresa May is no longer Tory leader, but is still a sort of zombie prime minister. *looks to camera*

Alan White 4 months ago

Don’t Leave Your House If You Want Any Peace Because Rory Stewart Is Wandering Around Trying To Debate People

“I was going to nip to the shop but I’m scared Rory Stewart will be out there, trying to debate me.”

Alan White 4 months ago

Which Successor To Theresa May Are You?

It’s like Game of Thrones, but much more unpleasant.

Alan White 4 months ago
Alan White 5 months ago

The Priest At Lyra McKee's Funeral Asked "Why In God's Name" It Took The Death Of A Journalist To Unite Politicians

"I dare to hope that Lyra’s murder on Holy Thursday night can be the doorway to a new beginning," said Father Martin Magill.

Alan White 5 months ago

Here's Everything That Happened In Another Week Of Brexit Chaos

In which a Tory MP votes to remain, becomes a Brexiteer, votes against the deal, votes for the deal, suggests he doesn't back the deal, and then votes for it again.

Alan White 6 months ago

Here's The Full Story Of The Most Calamitous Week In Brexit Yet

In which Britain slips in a dog turd and then falls down a flight of stairs towards the finish line.

Alan White 7 months ago