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    A Welsh Politician Has Accidentally Revealed The Dangers Of Failing To Mute On A Zoom Meeting

    The one Zoom mistake you really don't want to make.

    This is Vaughan Gething, the health minister for Wales.

    Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

    This is a shocked Welsh politician, taking part in a Zoom call.

    And another one...

    ...and another one.

    And this is why they're shocked.

    “What the **** is the matter with her?!” Welsh Health Minister illustrates the dangers of not muting the mic as he slags off his Labour colleague on Welsh Assembly video conference 😳

    Yes, Gething did the one thing all of us who are working from home are frankly petrified of doing. He forgot to leave his mic on mute during a virtual session of the Welsh Assembly and was caught swearing about one of his Labour colleagues, Jenny Rathbone, the member for Cardiff Central.

    Cue the inevitable calls for his resignation from opposition politicians.

    1/3 Plaid Cymru isn’t amused by Health minister’s zoom blooper, calling for him to resign: ‘he has not only failed over the last month several times, he has failed to acknowledge that he has failed and aggressively attacks even those witjin his own party who question him.

    And the inevitable awkward apology.

    I’m obviously embarrassed about my comments at the end of questions today. I’ve sent a message apologising and offered to speak to @JennyRathbone if she wishes to do so. It is an unwelcome distraction at a time of unprecedented challenge.

    In summary: