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November 1, 2011

Scarlett Johansson: Nude Photos Were Meant For Ryan Reynolds

Scarlett Johansson found herself in the middle of a nude photo scandal back in September, but if you think the unfortunate situation brought her down, think again. Johansson opened up to Vanity Fair in their December cover story about the origin of …

Doomsday Prophet Harold Camping Is Embarrassed About His Wrong Predictions

Camping posted a message on his Family Radio network's website in response to his incorrect predictions. It's just as rambling as you'd expect a nearly six-minute message from a ninety-year-old Doomsday prophet to be, but here are some of the highli…

Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries' Divorce: Burning Questions Answered!

Will Kim keep the engagement ring? Was there a prenup? And what, exactly, led to the breakup of their 72-day marriage? Get the answer to burning questions about Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries divorce!

Forever 21 Is Selling Native American Girl And ‘Oriental Girl’ Necklaces

Last week, while in search of cheap jewelry for my Halloween costume, I stumbled across something pretty weird and confusing: a necklace that is basically a cartoon character version of a “traditional” Native American girl hanging from a chain. She …

Intermission: Protest Big Banks With Their Own Junk Mail

Big banks have been sending you the means to protest their greed for years. You just never realized it.

50 Sexiest Sports Hottie TwitPics

Sometimes TwitPics are even hotter than the best pics from a professional photo shoot.  Probably because they are real life, which makes even the hottest of sports hotties seem more accessible.

Albert Finney Joins 'Bond 23': Actor In James Bond Film As High Level Intelligence Official

According to the Daily Mail, acting legend Albert Finney has signed on to co-star in Sam Mendes's upcoming James Bond film. He joins fellow Brits Daniel Craig, Judi Dench and Ralph Fiennes, as well as Spaniard Javier Bardem, to compose what could be…

Scarlett Bares All About Steamy Cell Pix

Scarlett Johansson has broken her silence on the smartphone nude photos she snapped of herself, saying, “I know my best angles.”

Mathematicians On Ham Sandwiches

That same year, a team of hungry American, Czech, and German mathematicians assembled a master collection of recipes for slicing ham sandwiches. Mathematicians almost never use the word “recipe”, so they called their paper “Algorithms for Ham-Sandwi…

Chris Brown Just Ruined Green Man

Chris Brown almost wore this Green Man costume for Halloween last night, but decided against it only after posting a photo of it to Twitter with the following message so everyone would look at his penis:

Reggie Bush Told Kim Kardashian To Divorce Kris Humphries

This is probably a bad time, but that black paint isn't coming off like you said it would. And here we go. is reporting that Reggie Bush

Horse Yoga, No Duh

People are like, Hey Trish, what’s new? And she’s like, Oh, you know, same old stuff. Just working on my horse yoga. Horse yoga? Yeah, you know. Well, Trish, no wait, sorry, maybe I’m an idiot or something, but I guess I don’t know. What’s horse yog…

Laura Bush, Barbara Bush, Jenna Bush Hager

They are Women of the Year because: “They are giving a voice to women who otherwise might not have one. They personify the belief that every woman’s life has potential.” —former Secretary of State and 2008 Woman of the Year Condoleezza Rice

Ann Coulter On Herman Cain: 'Our Blacks Are So Much Better Than Their Blacks' (VIDEO)

Ann Coulter continued the conservative criticism of Politico for its article on Herman Cain during an appearance on Monday's "Hannity." Politico drew swift right-wing fire for its Sunday article on Cain, which alleged that two female employees had a…

Matthew Modine's Panties On The Dark Knight Rises Set In NY

Matthew Modine was recently photographed on the New York set of The Dark Knight Rises testing the elastic on a pair of lacy pink panties with a crotch

Should 11-Year-Olds Dress Up As French Maids And Sexy Nurses For Halloween? A Tween Blogger Sounds Off.

For Halloween this year, 11-year-old Ruby Karp dressed up as a hipster pumpkin—she wore an orange velour costume made by her friend's mom, black-and-orange tights, and orange Converse. Other kids may have opted for store-bought tween costumes—like t…

Five Story Art Nouveau Mural

This is what five guys with 500 cans of spray paint can accomplish in sixteen days. What have you done this month?

Calvin And Hobbes In The Flesh

The best bromance costume one could hope for. Even the pose is downright uncanny!

Heidi Klum: Dead Body Halloween Costume!

10+ pictures inside of Heidi Klum’s dead body Halloween costume…

This Is What The Playboy Mansion Is Like On Halloween

Have you ever wondered what the Playboy Mansion looks like on Halloween? Find out right now.

Someone Shouted “Where’s Bumblebee Now?” While Shia Was Getting Beat Up

A couple weeks ago when I posted that video of Shia Labeouf getting beat up outside a bar in Vancouver (where he’s in town to shoot The Company You Keep), it quickly became one of my more popular posts. Shia LaBeouf has never bothered me as an actor…

Neil Patrick Harris Says He Still Flirts With Women, And He Likes It

-There's nothing like making fun of your 17-year-old wife by dressing as her for Halloween -25 Celebs dressed up for Halloween -The 10 most haunted cities in the U.S. -10 scariest movie sea creatures -18 daring examples of celebrity cleavage -W…

The Greatest, Most Complete Halloween Costume Ever

I'd be a bit concerned about his feet, but I'm too busy being blown away by this level of dedication. They are your new Halloween overlords. Bow accordingly.

Conan Delivers Chinese Food In NYC

Worst. Delivery person. Ever. Between hanging up on customers, having coffee spilled on him by fans and getting lost, at least it's entertaining?

40 Examples Of Experimental Braids

Short-haired people! Look at all the annoyingly complicated time-consuming hairstyles you're missing out on.

Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian Divorce: Twitter Users React To Incredibly Short Marriage (TWEETS)

Apparently, Twitter users aren't as uniform in their reactions--Twitter is blowing up with commentary about the power couple's abrupt separation and impending divorce. Some, like us, are genuinely dismayed to see them split. Others have been quick t…

Stocks Take Beating On Fresh European Drama

>To order reprints of this article, click here: Reprints Add Comment …

What To Do With Your Costume After Halloween

That Jessica Rabbit costume might seem like a great idea on Halloween, but come Nov. 1 you’re stuck with a red glitter dress, a wig and purple opera gloves. Here are a variety of ways to repurpose your Halloween costume’s oddest accessories.

Sudanese Man Beheaded In Saudi Arabia Car Park For Being A 'Sorcerer'

Crouched on his knees and blindfolded, Abdul Hamid Bin Hussain Bin Moustafa al-Fakki was executed in a car park Medina, in the west of the country, as dozens looked on last month.

Zac Efron: Short Shorts For Halloween!

Zac Efron shows off his legs in a pair of short shorts for a Halloween party over the weekend in Los Angeles.

How To Make Kids Hate You On Halloween

Or, how to have the best Halloween ever.

You've Gotta See The Newest Wedding Dresses In The Disney Fairy Tale Weddings Collection! (If I Were A Disney Princess, I'd Be Pissed!)

These Disney princess-inspired dresses by Alfred Angelo are SO much better than the dresses the Disney princesses actually have to wear!...

Billy On The Street From Funny Or Die And Billyeichner

Coming to Fuse this December, Funny Or Die's new TV show "Billy On The Street" hosted by Billy Eichner.

Donald Trump "Vlogs" About How Racist Jon Stewart Is

Donald Trump is angry at Jon Stewart for his "racist" rant about Herman Cain. Now setting aside Donald Trump's great history with the African-American community, do you think Stewart was being racist?

Reassessing "The Year Punk Broke"

Or rather, overcomplicating it needlessly. I guess I'd rather look at a nice pithy chart than read another article about '90s revivalism.

All (Catholic) Dogs Go To Heaven

As long as I know all my pet rocks are going to heaven, I'm satisfied.

Treat Yourself During The Walk Of Shame

Fist bump to the first person who takes 'em up on this generous offer. You stay classy, Cajun Mike's. (As always, a hat tip to the brilliant SnarkVictory.)

Your Guide To Scarlett Johansson's Statement About Her Nude Photos

Remember back when you had to be a giant movie star to see Scarlett Johansson naked? It wasn't so long ago that we lived in a world where these didn't exist. But now they do, and Scarlett's finally talking about them. Thank God we're here to translate her statement for you.

Kimora Lee Simmons' Fabulous Halloween With Her Fam! (PHOTOS)

It looks like Kimora Lee Simmons had her hands full today.Ms.

Bridget Marquardt News - Bridget Marquardt Is One Sexy Halloween Bunny (PHOTOS)

Bridget Marquardt shot to fame as a Playboy bunny, so her Halloween bunny get-up was a nice homage to her past -- and one sexy costume in general. Marquardt's

Kim Kardashian -- Tortured Over Divorce Decision

Kim Kardashian agonized over her decision to divorce Kris Humphries, and didn't make the final decision until Sunday night ... TMZ has learned. Sources directly connected with Kim tell us ... KK cried all weekend, deciding to file legal docs, then …

Scarlett Johansson Talks Nude Leaked Photos (Here, Google Google. Here, Boy.)

When naked celebrity photos appear on the Internet, it’s typically without any context, not that they any was needed to begin with. (“I just can’t stare at breasts!” – Absolutely no one.) Except this time around, Scarlett Johansson is providing a ba…

Jessica Biel Dressed As Kim Kardashian At Kate Hudson's Halloween Bash

Jessica Biel went to Kate Hudson's Halloween bash dressed up none other than Kim Kardashian. Biel, 29, was accompanied by pal Estee Stanley, who was also incognito as a member of the Kardashian clan.

Can Herman Cain Shake Off Those Sexual Harassment Charges? Easily.

It's been less than 24 hours since Politico reported that two different female employees at the National Restaurant Association issued complaints in the 1990s about their then-boss, Herman Cain, and his campaign is scrambling to pick up the pieces. …

Was This Professor Fired For Requiring Students To Think?

College students claim they'll pay attention in class if professors cut the lectures and make class more engaging, but former Utah Valley University business professor Steven Maranville found out the hard way that's not always the case. Seniors in M…

Scarlett Johansson Speaks Out About Her Nude Photo Scandal

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Scarlett Johansson breaks her silence about the hacked cell phone pics which brought the entirety of the internet to a screeching halt. She reveals the pictures were meant for then-husband Ryan Reynolds and that she's a bit of a pro when it comes to nude self-photography.

Siri Has An Existential Crisis

Give her a pot cookie and she'll get stoned and start talking all sorts of nonsense. If I lived in an iPhone, I'd probably hang out with the Instapaper app, too.

32 Fascinating Outfits From China Fashion Week

So outlandish and yet so pretty. Fashion Week in China might not get the coverage of New York and Milan but that doesn't mean the ten day event isn't chocked full of fancy ensembles.

Steve Jobs' Last Words Revealed In Sister Mona Simpson's Eulogy

Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs reveals that the Apple co-founder was given up for adoption by his biological parents, American Joanne Schieble and Syrian-born Abdulfattah "Jonh" Jandali. The couple had another child together, a daughter n…

Fergie News - Fergie Dresses As 'Toddlers And Tiaras' Princess For Halloween (PHOTOS)

Fergie went all out for Heidi Klum‘s annual Halloween party last night in New York. The Black Eyed Peas singer channeled her inner child and dressed as a young pageant queen from Toddlers and Tiaras. Complete with a flirty pink costume, tiara and t…

Woman Used As Sex Slave By Facebook 'Friend' William Jameson In Horrific Ordeal

William Jameson lured the civil servant to an isolated shed where she was bound and gagged, told she was going to be a 'sex slave' and raped. He received a life sentence at Swindon Crown Court.

Did You Miss Yesterday’s Vigil At Dash NYC To Mourn The End Of Kim Kardashian’s Marriage? Because, Yeah, That Happened

Yesterday a group of about thirty or so people gathered to ‘mourn’ the end of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ ‘marriage’. Sigh, the world we live in. Apparently, someone posted this ad on Craigslist, announcing that a vigil for the end of the Hu…

The Best And Worst Of Monday Night Raw – October 31, 2011

WWE's Monday Night Raw has been on somewhat of a downward spiral lately, especially compared to the excitement the show garnered this past summer with its completely squandered CM Punk storyline. Since then, the show has seemingly been a weekly exer…

Tourist Attraction York Dungeon Gives Out Free Deodorant

YORK, England, Oct. 31 (UPI) -- Officials with England's York Dungeon said they are giving complimentary deodorant to visitors after complaints from actors.

Amanda Knox As A Cat Burglar For Halloween

Considering the hideous crime she's forever associated with, maybe dressing up as a home invader wasn't the best idea. As we say in the hyper-judgmental media, "bad optics."

Khloe Kardashian Defends Newly Single Sister Kim

"We are strong and we will only become closer," Khloe tweets shortly after Kim files for divorce from husband of 72 days Kris Humphries

Rob Delaney Is Suing Kim Kardashian

Comedian Rob Delaney (who you might recognize from the “MA Men” spoof of “Mad Men”) is awesomely suing Kim Kardashian (as well as E! Entertainment, Ryan Seacrest, and Comcast) for ditching her marriage after making millions of dollars off of her wed…

Why You Won't Hear About The Next Solar Tech Breakthrough

The strength of many new solar companies rests on the promise of cost-cutting technology. That’s why Solyndra was created. It’s also why the company closed: other entrepreneurs had bet on strategies that cut costs further than Solyndra’s technology …

Insanity Puppy Meme

Here are the best examples of the meme featuring scariest puppy the Internet has ever seen. Oh no. I shouldn't have said that. He's coming after he me. He hates slant rhymes. Nooooooooo...

Planned Parenthood Warns People Of The Dangers Of Vampire Sex

This is an actual press release sent out by Planned Parenthood. As If I didn't appreciate them enough for all the good they do... Well done Planned Parenthood. Well done.

Possibly The Best Reason Not To Do Drugs

This is actually an anti-littering ad as seen in Belfast. Where the drugs are amazing.

Beyonce Knowles News - Pregnant Beyonce Rocks Bumble Bee Costume For Halloween In NYC (PHOTOS)

Though known for her eccentric fashions, Beyonce Knowles went for more of a classic route while celebrating Halloween Monday night in NYC. The pregnant

Freaky! See Heidi Klum's Gory, Skintight Halloween Costume

"This is my thirteenth Halloween party this year and I wanted something different," Klum told reporters on the red carpet after her grand entrance. "I was thinking how it would look if I had all my skin ripped off, and so...voila!"

Father Of Glee Star Murdered In The Philippines

Ricky Pempengco, a 40-year-old construction worker and estranged father of Charice Pempengco of the television show Glee, was stabbed to death Monday after an altercation with a drunken man. A manhunt is currently underway for the murder suspect, wh…

A Beautiful Letter From An American Lieutenant To His 3-Year Old Son On V-E Day

As if that wasn't enough, this letter was written on V-E day, on Hitler's personal stationary, and that soldier was Richard Helms who would eventually run the CIA. Nothing interesting about this.

US Plane Lands On Its Belly

A plane coming from Newark makes an emergency "wheels up" landing in Warsaw. It had to circle the city burning fuel in order to make this surprisingly graceful landing.

5 Characters Who Are Sexier Than The Actors Who Play Them

Hugh Jackman is one thing, but Wolverine is another. It's one thing to take eye candy and make it hideous, but entirely another to take an average schmuck and trick millions into thinking they're hot.

Ann Coulter Says Something Ridiculous And Vaguely Racist

I am shocked, shocked to discover that there is douchery going on here. Shocked I say.

Lisa Rinna Gets Into Bikini Shape For 'Days Of Our Lives' Return (PHOTO)

Lisa Rinna will be returning to the soap "Days of our Lives" next month and is making sure she looks as good as she did back in 1993 when she first played Billie Reed. "I've been doing yoga and my body is looking real good right now," Lisa told me …

Crockett Keller, Texas Gun Safety Instructor, Refuses To Teach Liberals And Muslims

For Crockett Keller, the customer is always right -- or at least right-leaning. That's because the Texas firearm safety instructor refuses to teach liberals.

Kim Kardashian And Kris Humphries’ Marriage Was A Scam

She’s a fame whore for hire who became fabulously wealthy not for her looks, brains, sex appeal or talent. But for the super-sized quality of her protruding butt.

Heidi Klum Transforming Into An Ape

Heidi Klum and Seal went as Planet Of The Apes to their annual costume party this year. Cute costume, but I think Adam & Eve is my favorite. B+.

Rob Kardashian Brings His Halloween Best On 'Dancing With The Stars'

Kim Kardashian may be dealing an onslaught of publicity for announcing her divorce on Monday, but her brother Rob wasn't about to let his family drama get him down! The youngest Kardashian all about business as he took the stage on Dancing with the …

Donatella Versace On Giving Up Drugs And Her Thoughts On Roberto Cavalli Paying Frequent ‘Homage’ To Versace

She conquered the fashion industry one skintight dress at a time and practically made a trademark out of her platinum hair and tanned skin. Now with the Versace for H&M collection about to hit stores in a matter of weeks, she’s also the lady of the …

Kim Kardashian's Prenup -- Kris Humphries Comes Up Goose Eggs In Divorce

Kim Kardashian will not pay Kris Humphries a red cent in their divorce ... TMZ has learned. As we first reported, Kim and Kris have a prenup -- which Kim felt was "the smart thing to do." Sources familiar with the prenup tell TMZ ... the document …

Kris Humphries: I Was Blindsided!

Kris Humphries is willing to do whatever it takes to repair his broken marriage -- telling TMZ, "I'm committed to this marriage and everything this covenant represents." Kris adds, "I love my wife and am devastated to learn she filed for divorce ..…

19 Of Hollywood's All-Time Shortest Marriages Gallery

Browse the 19 of Hollywood's All-Time Shortest Marriages gallery on The Hollywood Reporter.

A Handbag Meant To Hold Boxed Wine!? Believe It...

Ever find yourself in line at the supermarket thinking, "Gee, I wish I could enjoy a nice glass of Franzia while I'm waiting...without having to carry that whole pesky box around!"...? Then, um, we know what to get you for the holidays this year...

Watch The Entire Will Ferrell Mark Twain Award For Humor Ceremony

If you like comedy, and I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that you do, you should watch this. The annual Twain ceremony is always worth a watch, but Will Ferrell raises this one to another level.

Tossed Cart Hit Philanthropist -

A wealthy Manhattan real-estate agent buying Halloween goodies for underprivileged kids at an East Harlem mall was nearly killed by two 12-year-old punks who dropped a shopping cart on her from four stories above — then laughed about it later, polic…

Kevin Durant Plays Intramural Flag Football

In one of the cooler lockout stories, Kevin Durant posted a tweet about his desire to play some flag football. Oklahoma State was hosting an intramural game and Durant came out ot play with the local college kids.

Iranian Actress In Aussie Film Spared Regimes Scourges, Released. // Current TV

An Iranian actress sentenced to be flogged for her role in an Aussie-produced film has been spared scourging and been freed after having her term reduced on

Terry Richardson’s Photos Of His Mom And Dad

Let’s start off with a warning. Terry Richardson took a photo of his mom topless, so you know what you’re in for. While the mere proximity of the New York City photographer/notorious sleazeball to any young thing sends an ominous sort of shiver down…

Screech Owl Gets Caught In Fake Web

Ha ha ha, guys! Of course when I said "Help I'm stuck," I really meant, "Go get the camera."

Trickle Down Candy Economics

Makes sense to me.

Lord Of The Cookies

Shhhhhhhh. Do not come between a monster and his meal.

Corzine Opens A New Chapter: 11

Jon Corzine, the CEO of bankrupt broker-dealer MF Global, saw his reputation tossed from the frying pan right into the regulatory fire yesterday when investigators discovered as much as $700 million in customer funds missing from the firm.

Face Discovered In Testicular Tumor

“The residents and staff alike were amazed to see the outline of a man’s face staring up out of the image, his mouth agape as if the face seen on the ultrasound scan itself was also experiencing severe epididymo-orchitis,” wrote the authors, G. Greg…

Snooki Was Snarf - The Superficial

Here’s Snooki hosting a Halloween bash in Vegas Saturday night where she showed up in a leopard costume complete with colored contacts, body pai- wait, she’s a fat, orange cat, isn’t she? Dammit. Is it too late to change my headline to “Snooki Was G…

Dogtor Who Corgi Will Change Your Life

We’ve got an exciting day of posts for you guys planned on this fine Halloween, and we’re kicking it off with Dogtor Who. Can you believe this is only number 95 on Matt’s list of Halloween Corgis? Because I’m not even smart enough to get Doctor Who …

Can A Bride Demote The Maid Of Honor ... If She Discovers She Has A Long-Lost Twin Sister?! (You Gotta Read This!)

I imagine if my best friend found out she had a long-lost twin sister, I'd feel a little brushed aside, too. Your newfound relationship with your sister probably hasn't been easy on your best friend. Where you used to call your best friend first whe…

Corgi Does Everything With His Security Blanket

They are totally inseparable. I remember when I went through this phase.

Dragon Age Redemption: Episode 4

Templars hit like a girl. The new Reaver character is a personally favorite. And the plot takes a turn for the grey; villains or heroes?

From One To Seven Billion In 200 Years

Basically, everything has changed. Except the level of human procreation.

Neighborhood Dads Get Drunk While Our Kids Trick-or-treat.

Q. Trick-or-Drunks: The dads I take my kids trick-or-treating with—all neighbors and family friends—bring thermoses full of strong cocktails when we head out. We walk around our neighborhood for maybe two hours, so by the end of the night, some of t…

Kim Kardashian And Kris Humphries' Split: What Went Wrong?

Kardashian files divorce papers Monday, just 72 days after saying "I do"

Coco Was.. It Doesn’t Really Matter

Here’s Coco also hosting a Halloween party as some sort of slutty devil thing, it’s really not important. And you can tell by the amount effort of Ice-T put into his own costume before fading entirely into the background.

Science Teacher Carves Pumpkin With Science Explosion

The latest viral buzz from

Slutty Halloween Costumes: A Carefully Worded Tribute

Check out less carefully worded tributes to Slutty Costumes here and here.

Ecuador: Indigenous People Fight To Protect An Amazon Treasure From Oil Destruction // Current TV

Luis Garcia was close to tears. For three days, he had guided eight international journalists through a tract of Amazon so thick with wildlife that experts are

Going Dutch: OPI's New Spring Nail Polish Colors Are Inspired By Holland. The Country.

This spring, OPI is going Dutch—and we don't mean making you split the dinner bill on a date. The nail polish brand's spring 2012 collection is inspired by Holland—that beautiful, windmill-y country in northern Europe—its picturesque canals, and its…

Khloe Kardashian Defends Sister Kim's Decision To Divorce

Khloe Kardashian doesn't play when it comes to her family, so it's no surprise that the youngest of the three Kardashian sisters was upset about the Twitterverse's response to Kim Kardashian's divorce news.

Kim Kardashian's Brother Rob Addresses Elephant In The Ballroom After 'Dancing With The Stars'

By most standards, Rob Kardashian enjoyed a red letter night on Dancing With the Stars. He and partner Cheryl Burke tied their highest score of the season, and they brought the audience to its feet a second time during their winning team Paso Doble.

Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries Divorce: Kim Met With Ex Reggie Bush; Plus

(Newser) – Well, lookee here: While the (soon-to-be-ex) hubby was out of town this weekend, Kim Kardashian met up with…

Doug Hutchison Dresses As His Teen Bride Courtney Stodden!

Clad in a sparkly pink top and black skirt, The Green Mile's Hutchison, 51, impersonated his teenage bride, 17, Sunday in Los Angeles. And sensible shoes weren't the only way Hutchison accessorized his look: He also clutched a giant Sugar Daddy loll…

Is The America’s Next Top Model Curse Lifting? Winner Brittani ‘Autumn’ Kline Lands An Editorial In Vogue Mexico

Ever since America’s Next Top Model began 17 ‘cycles’ ago, there’s been a “curse” attached to alums of the show: no one who had ever been on ANTM could book a real modeling job. But it seems like the curse is lifting. First Fatima Siad, a runner-up …

The American Flag On Rap Album Covers Throughout History

Here's the new track from ASAP Rocky, whose debut mixtape, Live, Love ASAP comes out today. The Harlem rapper recently signed a three-million-dollar deal with Sony subsidiary Polo Grounds Music and denounced homophobia in an interview with Pitchfork…

Kim Kardashian And Kris Humphries Decided To Take A Break From Each Other During Shooting

The signs of impending divorce were there as E!'s cameras rolled on "Kourtney and Kim Take New York," sources tell THR.

Demi Moore Parties Without Ashton At Halloween Bash

Demi Moore doesn't need hubby Ashton Kutcher to have a happy Halloween! The 48-year-old actress was spotted partying solo at a Halloween bash Friday night, and, according to attendees, wasn't letting any of the past month's drama weigh her down.

Selena Gomez News - Selena Gomez Takes A Break With Puppy Baylor! (PHOTOS)

The 19-year-old singer, who recently adopted this husky mix with her beau Justin Bieber, was seen taking the pup for a potty break in LA on Monday. Dressed in all black (and some interesting striped leggings) she looked cute and might we add, respon…

Kim Kardashian News - Kim Kardashian Files For Divorce From Kris Humphries

After spending Halloween weekend apart, TMZ reported that Kim would be filing for divorce on Monday — 72 days after the couple tied the knot this August in an over-the-top lavish wedding. Fans of the Kardashians just got to see the nuptials take pla…

NHL Winger Raffi Torres Dons Blackface For Jay-Z Costume

Raffi Torres likes Jay-Z, so he painted his body brown to be Jay-Z for Halloween. Neither he nor Paul Bissonnette seem to think this was a terrible, terrible idea. He is dumb.

The GOOD 30-Day Challenge: Document Your Life

Nowadays there are fewer and fewer reasons to forget the momentous events and people in our lives. With digital cameras on every phone and sites like Instagram and Flickr providing endless storage for your pictures, your memories can all be literall…

Using The Internet: A Guide Written In 1996

This fantastic, one-page guide on how to use the Internet was written for high schoolers in the mid-'90s. It's a blast from the past. A past without streaming video. And dial-up connections. And AOL. I hate the past.

Reformed Skinhead, Bryon Widner, Endures 25 Surgeries To Remove Racist Tattoos

By HELEN O'NEILL, Associated PressJulie Widner was terrified – afraid her husband would do something reckless, even disfigure himself. "We had come so far," she says.

Kim Kardashian Files For Divorce From Kris Humphries

The couple was married for only 72 days before Kardashian decided to call it quits. According to TMZ, which has gotten hold of copies of the divorce papers, Kim cites "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for the split from her 26-year-old NBA …

Teepees And Trailers: The World’s Quirkiest Hotels

The latest viral buzz from

The 5 Dumbest Supernatural Questions Ever Googled (Answered)

This Halloween, as children ring doorbells up and down their respective neighborhoods like tiny sex offenders, there's at least one house at which they will find no lights, no decorations and no answer. My Uncle Frank is a regular-size sex offender …

Kim Kardashian Divorce: 10 Signs The Marriage Was One Big Hoax All Along

Less than 3 months after their lavish wedding in Montecito, CA, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are calling it quits. The brevity of their actual marriage has some people raising the red flag on the relationship. Was it all just a media ploy?

Brains In A Jar Cupcakes

This dessert looks creepy, but it’s actually delicious cake with brain-shaped frosting and a bit of raspberry jelly for blood, all stuffed on a jar. The instructions for making your own are at Living Locurto. Link -via Everlasting Blort

See What Marc Jacobs, Alexa Chung, Hamish Bowles And More Fashion Folk Wore For Halloween

The past four days have been a non-stop party for a lot of fashion people here in New York. And those Halloween parties have been well-documented. The Tribeca Grand’s Overlook Hotel party, the Boom Boom Room’s fete and last night’s V party hosted by…

Kim Kardashian Divorce -- Kris Was 'Chasing Fame'

Kim Kardashian's friends are scoffing at Kris Humphries, claiming he's full of BS when he says he wanted to have a simple life with her in Minnesota, because once the marriage fell apart, he immediately began "chasing fame."   They're saying in the …

We Should Give Sophie Turner Her Land Back And Other News

Sophie Turner at Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles. (October 29, 2011) Back to Story »

What Does The Candy Your Neighbors Hand Out Say About Them?

Looking for a quick way to judge your neighbors without actually knowing them? Just pay attention to what kind of candy they give your kids tonight.

Picture Of The Real-Life Dog From Pixar's Up, Aka Dug

I can’t remember if Dug, the dog from Up, ever joined Carl or Russell on a see-saw in the movie, but this dog’s passing resemblance to the Up dog was more than enough for me to dedicate an entire post to it. Come on, the only thing I like more than …

New Childish Gambino Video: ‘Bonfire’

As all you alt-rap fans know, “Community’s” Donald Glover has a music career under the name of Childish Gambino. Following the success of Gambino’s EP, we now have a video for “Bonfire” (embedded below), the first release  from his full-length debut…

What Halloween Candies Say About You From A General Nonchalance

The latest viral buzz from

Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian's Soon-To-Be Ex-Husband, Swindled In Hedge Fund Scam

Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian's soon-to-be ex-husband, may be having the worst day ever.

Courtney Stodden Dresses Like A Little Girl For Halloween (PHOTOS)

Seeing that it's Halloween, Courtney Stodden decided to give everyone a treat -- or is it more of a trick? The curvaceous 17-year-old showed off her Halloween costume and, well, it could be argued that she is dressed closer to her age than some of t…

Human Population Soars, Africa's Albertine Rift Shows What's At Stake

From National Geographic's New "7 Billion" App: Africa's Albertine Rift

Jessica Simpson Pregnant: Singer And Eric Johnson Expecting

Jessica Simpson confirmed what we've all been suspecting for weeks: she's pregnant. The 31-year-old took to her website to confirm the exciting news that she and fiance Eric Johnson are expecting their first child.

Jessica Biel's First Role As A 12-Year Old

The world first got to know Jessica Biel in "7th Heaven," but it wasn't quite her first acting role. We've unearthed the footage, and it's so darn cute it may make her blue in the face.

Pat Buchanan: Occupy Wall Street Is 'Going To End Very, Very Badly'

Pat Buchanan issued a stern warning to Occupy Wall Street this weekend. In a round-table discussion on 'The McLaughlin Group', host John McLaughlin asked panelists about the future of the movement.

Girl Accidentally Hangs Herself At Haunted House (VIDEO)

A 17-year-old girl was found hanging by a noose inside a haunted house Thursday night, FOX 2 Now Saint Louis reported.

Kris Jenner Says She Could Have Saved Nicole Brown Simpson In New Memoir

Before the Kardashians were known as a reality TV family, it was their late father Robert and his role on O.J. Simpson's defense team that first launched the Kardashian name into the spotlight.

The World's Smallest Food Truck Is Inside A Smart Car

Your food truck is too big: Verts, a doner kebab restaurant in Austin, Texas, has launched a mobile business out of the back of a Smart Car. According to the Austin Business Journal, they worked with German engineers to somehow fit refrigeration uni…

Here's Mario Batali Dressed As Guy Fieri For Halloween

Looks like those crazy kids at The Chew have gotten into the Halloween spirit: Above, chef Mario Batali dressed as Guy Fieri, Chew host Clinton Kelly as Mario Batali, and Michael Symon dressed as Shrek and/or the Jolly Green Giant. Batali couldn't e…

Kelly Ripa Went As Happily Married Kim Kardashian

At around the exact same time that the story broke about Kim Kardashian filing for divorce from Kris Humphries, Kelly Ripa and Nick Lachey were on TV dressed up as Kim and Kris at their wedding. Hopefully the crowd turned on them and yelled “too …

Bubble Inside A Bubble High Speed Photography By Heinz Maier

We've seen a few high-speed photography of water drops before on Neatorama, but this one by German photographer Heinz Maier has got us stumped: how in the world did he get a bubble inside of a bubble, with end…

Selena Gomez News - Selena Gomez Celebrates Halloween In Sexy On Stage Costume (PHOTOS)

Selena Gomez didn’t let a little show get in the way of her celebrating Halloween! The Disney star posted pics on her Instagram of her on stage crew dressed up for the occasion with a caption that read:

Halloween News - Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Halloween weekend this year seems to have been bigger than ever, as celebrities from all genres were spotted out and about in full-on costume. Whether

Jessica Simpson News - Jessica Simpson Is Pregnant

After months of speculation, Jessica Simpson has finally confirmed that she is indeed a mummy/mommy! Jess revealed that she is expecting her first child with fiance Eric Johnson!

Herman Cain Denies Politico Report Of Sexual Harassment Allegations While At The National Restaurant Association.

UPDATE: Conservative pundits are taking aim at Politico, the D.C. publication that first broke the story about Herman Cain being accused of sexual harassment by two women he worked with in the late-1990s. Rush Limbaugh characteristically had some of…

Kim Kardashian To Divorce After Just 72 Days Of Marriage To Kris Humphries

The 31-year-old reality star said it was 'not an easy decision' after filing for divorce from NBA star Kris, 26, after just 72 days of marriage on the grounds of 'irreconcilable differences'.

Looking For A Job Or Internship In Fashion? Our Career Center Has A Ton Of Opportunities For You!

Want to work for a top fashion brand like 3.1 Phillip Lim? Or how about Botkier, an accessories label at the top of its game? Or maybe an internship for growing fashion PR powerhouse Krupp Group who reps some of our favorite brands like Rachel Comey…

Kim Kardashian Wore Three Vera Wang Dresses To Her Wedding–What Does Her Divorce Mean For Vera Wang’s Brand?

So, as you’ve no doubt heard by now, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are getting divorced after just 72 days of being married. Kim confirmed her divorce to her overlord producer Ryan Seacrest earlier today and TMZ has the docs to prove it which ci…

Kardashian Inner Circle -- Pants On Fire Before Divorce

The people closest to Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries circled the wagons to convince the media everything was A-OK with the former couple ... lying to the media just hours before Kim filed for divorce. Khloe Kardashian was out shopping in L.A. ye…

Kris Humphries: 'I Don't Believe In Divorce'

Kris Humphries desperately tried to save his marriage to Kim Kardashian, because he's telling friends ... he doesn't believe in divorce. Kris, who's a religious guy, is telling friends he and Kim discussed the possibility of divorce, but he believe…

Top Foreclosure Firm’s Homeless-Themed Halloween Party Pictures Spark Controversy On Internet

The Steven J. Baum law firm, which represents lenders including Bank of America, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo, is under fire for the photographs released by New York Times.

Harry Potter's Parents' Death Anniversary Sweeps Web

Some fan sites planned a moment of Twitter silence at 3 p.m GMT to commemorate the death of the fictional characters, from J.K. Rowling's wizard book series, which became the highest-grossing franchise of all time for Warner Bros. after being adapte…

Kim Kardashian Divorcing Kris Humphries After 72 Days Of Marriage

It looks like Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ wedded bliss was not so blissful after all. Last week, rumors began circulating that the couple was going through marital troubles, and now Kardashian plans to file for divorce, The Hollywood Reporter…

Kim Kardashian Filing For Divorce: What Hollywood Is Saying

Former Days of Our Lives actress and Celebrity Apprentice contestant, Lisa Rinna, used the news as an indictment of reality television, writing, “Well I think a big lesson is being learned by all. Keep your family lives private your wedding should n…

‘A Kardashian Kalamity’: The 11 Funniest Tweets About Kim Kardashian’s Split

When Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries announced their divorce after just 72 days of marriage, we can't say we were shocked. But Twitter certainly had plenty to say about the over-the-top couple who hosted a $10 million "fairytale" wedding in August…

Hilary Swank Fires Manager In Chechnya Party Fallout

A few weeks ago, you may remember Danger Guerrero bringing you the story about Hilary Swank (along with Jean-Claude Van Damme) getting paid a fee rumored to be in the six figures to attend a birthday party for autocratic Chechen president Ramzan Kad…

Kelly Ripa & Nick Lachey Dress As Newly Wedded Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries

Kelly Ripa and Nick Lachey dressed as Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries on their wedding day while co-hosting "Live with Regis and Kelly" today. They had nine costume changes.

Angelina Jolie Had To Put Up With James McAvoy's Farting On 'Wanted' Set

James McAvoy was forced to apologize to his "Wanted" co-star Angelina Jolie after he suffered a bad bout of flatulence on-set.   The actor bulked up for his role in the 2008 action film by eating a lot of meat and drinking protein shakes, but the di…

Disney-ABC Now Streaming All Over Both Netflix And Amazon

Hoping to rebound from its recent troubles, Netflix is doubling down on giving customers more of what they’ve increasingly turned to the company for: long, rambling emails from Reed Hastings. Also, streaming television content, which Netflix has jus…

Battlefield 3 | Games

Comparing Call Of Duty with Battlefield is like comparing Fuji apples and Braeburn apples. The differences are subtle, and preference is a matter of taste. Battlefield 3’s core differentiator is vehicles. The military shooter’s campaign and online f…

Burt Reynolds Will Play Himself On Archer

Two seasons’ worth of references and Gator homages have finally paid off for FX’s Archer, which has just announced that the upcoming season will see the self-centered super-spy paid a visit by his movie idol, Burt Reynolds. According to the press re…

Rob Delaney Threatens To Sue Kim Kardashian For Getting Divorced

Like most people, comedian and VICE columnist Rob Delaney was shocked to learn that Kim Kardashian had filed for divorce from Kris Humphries a mere 72 days into her marriage, suggesting that the incessant attention surrounding its planning, executio…

3 Easy Halloween Nail Ideas (For All You Last-Minute Slackers)

Got nothin' fun going on in the costume department for tonight? I'm right there with ya--I'm a lazy Halloween slacker this year. But at least we can always slap on some festive nail polish to get in the spirit. Check out these 3 easy Halloween nail …

3 Surprising Secrets Of People Who Never Get Sick

Do you get sick often? Wish you could avoid getting every cold and flu bug that circulates your office? Here are three things you may not have tried......

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