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November 2, 2011

23 Powerful Photos From The Flooding In Thailand

Thailand has been dealing with what has been the worst monsoon season in almost a century. This has caused mass flooding and destruction. These photos capture what a disaster this has been.

Meme Alert! Geek Squad Gus

Hiring a bunch of high schoolers with minimal training can't possibly go wrong. Right? Who hasn't had a run in with a suspiciously ill-informed technician?

E.T. And Star Wars Exist In The Same Universe

[Update: Given that The Phantom Menace came out a long time ago, some people already knew this. If you are one of those people, please definitely leave a comment to indicate that. It would mean the world to me.] The Children Of The Green Planet who make a brief appearance in a Galactic Senate scene in The Phantom Menace are the same species as E.T. Apparently, they were inserted into the movie by George Lucas to return the favor after Steven Spielberg included a Yoda reference in E.T. I DID NOT KNOW THIS BEFORE AND FIND IT SURPRISING.

Air Quote Mittens

Have a sarcastic winter, everybody! Buy this grammatical winterwear here from Kate Spade.

Judge William Adams

[Update: Judge William Adams has responded to the video, saying ""It happened years ago... I apologized."] Judge William Adams - an Aransas County, Texas, judge - is the focus of massive Internet rage after his daughter Hillary (who suffers from ataxic cerebral palsy) posted a video on YouTube of a vicious beating he apparently administered to her seven years ago. The graphic video was recorded during an altercation between the father and daughter over illegal downloading, and posted by her on Reddit yesterday in apparent retaliation for Adams' continued emotional abuse. Judge Adams has not as yet responded to the allegations, but you can read more about the story in the links below. Yikes.

Metal Bear Is Rocking Out

He even has a mini-mosh pit. Or is it a mini-nosh pit? Oh, that was a horrible pun. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Amazing Photos From The New York Photo League: 1936-1951

An exhibit about the group of photographers who set out to document what life in New York was actually like in the first half of the 20th century opens this Saturday at The Jewish Museum in New York. Here are some amazing photos that will be featured. Make sure to check out the rest of the exhibit in person when it opens.

Epic Sword Dancing

All of the wonderful elements here combine to create the most beautiful and eloquent music video I've ever seen.

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