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March 1, 2013

And it's actually a pretty effective strategy.

When you think Radiohead, you probably don't think of astonishing physical grace. But that... that is about to change.

It's small penis joke vs. woman-on-cow bestiality.

Talk it out. You'll feel better.

Some of these make sense, and some are crazy. Will the surprises EVER END???

Happy Friday!

The Oscar-winner came across as grating during awards season, but we know this talented actress can turn around her overeager image

In this excerpt from “Vanguard,” correspondent Christof Putzel takes a look at the Ku Klux Klan merchandising campaign—everything from T-shirts to bumper stickers to flags—and a significant source of revenue for the organization. He also meets with concerned citizens of the town of Harrison, Ark., who argue that the media is largely at fault for amplifying the town’s reputation.

And 21 others in this week's Instagranimals roundup!

When someone sprays a can of whipped cream, he comes running.

No matter how crazy you go this weekend, know that these famous writers could absolutely out-drink you.

Or is it somehow perfect, given the clothes its paired with?

Never change, Zac. Never change.

On March 1 1692, the Salem Witch Trials began. Here are the questions you'd have to answer and the evidence the court would examine to determine if you're evil.

In stunning gif form. The team at CymaScope visualized the dynamic sounds of the piano’s first strike and the eventual plateau and decay phase of different notes.

You probably don't know her by name, but you totally know her work.

That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

"This is not a movie role, this is a job application," says one Kentucky Democratic operative of Judd's potential Senate run.

A new fiction collection from the Burkina Faso–based Q-zine aims to "decolonize the mind" by capturing the experiences of LGBTI Africans.

You've always been concerned about this, now it's time to face the truth.


They're like a miniature hypnotic music videos. Click play and zone out forever.

Traveling with tuna packets in your suitcase is REAL.

And men prefer chicks with butts.

Let's bring back the fast talk, because it's the bees-knees junior. Seriously let's make this happen.

School parliamentarian!

Probably not, but maybe wink. Plus what to do when your boss wants to Snapchat with you.

Mo refers to herself as a "dirty Irish girl." Mind, meet gutter.

Hard to explain what makes this video so great. It

A school day got flipped, turned upside down.

Babe alert.

Where's Rickon!? Does the side chosen to be in shadow on each character mean anything? It has to mean something, right?

Tim Mantoani photographed the people behind some of the world's most iconic images and created Behind Photographs: Archiving Photographic Legends.

Behind the scenes of the most powerful maps in the history of the Earth. And how Google, Microsoft, DigitalGlobe, and the world's governments decide what does — and doesn't — belong on its surface.

Warning: You will never look at lemurs the same way again. This one's for linguaphiles and lemurphobes alike.

Local news is weird. Like, really weird.

Phaidra Knight wants to go to the 2014 Olympics for bobsledding. But she needs some help.

Iman Shumpert could play for the Red Bulls!

This poor guy needed help to fight the man! In Season Four of Robot Chicken, the episode titles told a story in production order, but the message got garbled when aired incorrectly.

Warning: You're going to hate your apartment after you see these places.

Wha?! Why?

Forget regret: there's no reason to feel embarrassed about the number of times you saw Rent on Broadway.

As in, it was NOT a place for friends.

Communities across the country brace for the impact of the sequester.

In honor of his 19th birthday.

Also definitive proof that bathtubs are both scary and magical places.

Two things Portland is known for having in spades: nudie bars and hipster cafes. Can you identify which is which based on the name?

That story — plus LeBron's pre-game dunks, the badasses in Indiana, and more — in BuzzFeed Sports' Five Point Play.

Your staircase might be the last place in your home you'd think to decorate. But after seeing these staircases, you'll realize that a boring staircase is an opportunity squandered.

With buttons.

Pocas cosas indignan al ciudadano que ver cómo sus representantes se dedican a perder el tiempo en su trabajo. Por eso celebramos tanto cuando los fotógrafos parlamentarios se ponen serios y practican el temido género de las 'pilladas' a sus…

"Hayyy" - Babies.

Yesterday, I posted about the plight of former Miss Teen Delaware USA Melissa King who was forced to resign after pageant officials discovered she filmed a porno after her 18th birthday even though this showed entrepreneurialship (That’s a word.…

Now you can pretend you're flying through these nebulae and star clusters.

These 'edgy' and 'glam' videos look like dispatches from alien teen fashionistas.

Prepare yourself for greatness. The secret is store-bought curry roux.

No, I don't want to see yours, actually.

Guys, it had nothing to do with the fact he was 7-over par.

The last decade of the NFL has hinged on one big decision by Bill Belichick in 2001.

Seth Confessions is a Tumblr where users anonymously submit their deepest and darkest Seth MacFarlane fantasies, and oh man, is it wild. WARNING: Some of these are pretty racy!

Baby, you're a star.

"I decided I would never to go back to a corporate environment."

What are all those models in the J.Crew catalog doing anyway? By cleverly piecing together narratives from catalog photographs, Meghan O'Neill imagines that they are solving crimes, misbehaving on honeymoons, and such. Here's the most recent episode:

And that's a good thing.

In-N-Out's secret menu is no mystery. But thanks to one intrepid In-N-Out worker, we've just gotten a glimpse of a menu so exclusive that most people have never even heard of it nor will ever be able to order from it.

Jennifer Lawrence has been kicking back and relaxing in Hawaii while basking in her post-Oscar win glory.

There was a lot of freaking out along the way.

So long as you dont mind taking your life into your own hands.

Seth Groody won a battle to wear an anti-gay T-shirt to school on his high school's "Day of Silence". The school supported his right to free speech, and now he's selling T-shirts to his classmates.

Third-party vendors will troll peer-to-peer networks looking for copyrighted material, then notify the downloader's Internet Service Provider to issue penalties.

This batch is the best/worst yet.


So long, stupid old lion roaring before movies, and hello, Jennifer Lawrence roaring before movies.

Maybe it's not surprising. He's obsessed, after all.

Don't own a Macbook Air? You are seriously missing out.

Well, this is gross.

and still return this page

Have no fear, whatever you need, Google streetview can find it for you.

But it's not blood! Just gallons and gallons of wasted ketchup! Phew! But also, very sad because wasted ketchup.

The dream is coming true.

Please see me after class.

This might actually make you like grape flavors. And it is very hard to like grape flavors.

Were you a Vegas showgirl? Did you find out your boyfriend was in the mob? Did you then have to go into witness protection as a nun in a convent? Then this post is for you!

This kid knows how to shred the heck out of a baby car seat.

The update is centered around the News Feed.

I think someone might be losing his mind.

These videos will make you feel normal.

Outlets from Huffington Post to National Review carried pieces financed by the Malaysian government. An international campaign against Anwar Ibrahim.

Someone had to take the damn lemons and make science out of them.

The grass is always greener where you've painted it to be so. Totally normal.

We hardly knew ye.

President Obama made a confusing reference about a "jedi mind-meld." BuzzFeed breaks down the president's galactic gaffe.

Ugh, SO TIRED OF WINTER. This playlist will help you get into the spring of things.

"Give me an example of what I might do," the President says in a sequester-themed press conference responding to question from Bloomberg's Julianna Goldman. Another testy exchange with the press.

One journalism school intends to find out.

It was all over the moment you laid eyes on your first puppy.

Primero la vimos completamente al desnudo, pero pronto se retiró de la escena mediática. Sin embargo, solo seis meses más tardes, la ya exconcejal socialista de la localidad toledana de Los Yébenes, que se hizo popular tras filtrarse un vídeo suyo…

"This is not a win for anybody. This is a loss for the American people," Obama says as cuts are set to begin taking effect.

How did the internet fall in love with the legend of this cheesy quesadilla/burrito hybrid?

For a slightly above average NFL running back, he sure doesn't lack confidence.

Every nerdy kid out there dreams of being on the Rogue Squadron some day. This kid's dreams just came true.


How else to explain why he goes around in public BARELY wearing them?

Don't worry, we have a solution for everyone.

Free Woodward. Why we should show Bob the mercy he rarely shows anyone else.

The next generation of war machines.

"All around us are familiar rockses..." The amazing human being who brought you Gollum singing "I Dreamed a Dream" has uploaded a video of Sméagol singing Gary Jules's version of "Mad World" (originally performed by Tears for Fears).

Change that face!

Why does Boston Dynamics hate humanity? Their BigDog will be on the front lines in the ensuing war for domination.

Oops, she did it again.

The NoH8 campaign has inspired celebs and non-celebs alike to get creative in their picture taking. Very creative.

An apparent joint suicide attempt caught on camera. WARNING: Disturbing images.

Pablo Sanchez couldn't speak English. He only spoke the language of baseball.

A quiz for those of us who can't wait an average of ten years to find out... Also, this is essentially a game of M.A.S.H.

In this scenario the lack of clothes is actually worse than the absurdity of his other clothes.

This video of Heartthrob interview bloopers is pretty heartwarming stuff. Now with bonus Cory Monteith!

She was all, "Let's move!" And then she did.

Can you figure out who's who? [NSFW]

From the baby days to the dubious hat choices, this collage of Justin Bieber's 19 years has it all. Happy birthday, JB!

Now we know Soko from New Hampshire is her alter ego. ALSO, COULD SHE GET ANY MORE AWESOME?!

Spring is coming. Here's what you need to shed those winter pounds.

In a parallel universe somewhere, these two are still together.

A heedful take on Google Glass: "From now on, starting today, anywhere you go within range of a Google Glass device, everything you do could be recorded and uploaded to Google’s cloud, and stored there for the rest of your life. You won’t know if you’re being recorded or not; and even if you do, you’ll have no way to stop it."

The show hasn't been this entertaining in years, but the ratings are at record lows — and the male singers are a disaster. What is going on?!

Mainly because were tired of watching your near-death experience.

Today, the expert on feline ennui discusses Cat Food Boredom.

Where did all the compromisers go? "Every time a group of us get together to try and work on a problem, we get labeled a gang and then it becomes a political issue and we never get to finish the job," complains Isakson.

A 36-year-old man is presumed dead after a sinkhole opened up beneath his feet and the floor gave way in his home. The sinkhole is reportedly growing, and rescue crews have called off the search for fear of their safety.

15 Photos from the 1930s. Enter the time machine.

What really scares progressives isn't the automatic spending cuts; it's the grand compromise that may replace them. "Entitlements may get ensnared when we go to an alternate fix," says Rep. Nadler.

Former NBA basketball star Dennis Rodman dined with Kim Jong-Un today in North Korea. Rodman in a speech yesterday told Kim, "You have a friend for life."

It's only a 30-second segment, yet WDBJ7's Susan Bahorich just had to editorialize. Very unprofessional.

Is Liam and Miley's relationship in trouble? The engaged duo partied separately during Oscars weekend, and Liam left a party with January Jones on Feb. 23. Liam Hemsworth was seen leaving the Chate...

If this photo series from 1950 of the interior of the White House being ripped out so that the building could be structurally reinforced isn't an apt metaphor for the current state of American politics, I don't know what is.

The song is great and all, but why not let the internet help make it better?

As if we needed another reason to think that Jennifer Lawrence is oh-so-very-awesome, the down-to-earth Oscar winner has admitted that her recent Dior ads were Photoshopped. And she did it on national TV.

Compatible with any vehicle that has a cigarette lighter socket, the splitsecnd's a low-profile, GPS-enabled gizmo that, like OnStar, places a call to nearby authorities whenever it detects there's been a collision, thus securing its place on the… Using an independent cellular service that doesn't rely on your own mobile's reception, it can also be utilized in no-impact emergencies by simply pressing a button to talk to the closest 911 operator. And, should you be concerned that it'll hog the space in the cig lighter port for a charger, it's got its own USB port to plug into.

The new way to quickly become serious about foreign policy: A dip in the dead sea. "Craven and creditworthy," says Prince.

The monthlong Python Challenge in the Everglades is part controversial preservationist initiative, part sensationalistic media stunt, and all slinking through swamps trying to kill giant deadly reptiles.

The second season — a thing of beauty — comes to an end Sunday night. Here, White discusses Enlightened, the Real Housewives franchise, Twitter, and Daniel Tosh.

Some of the most successful stars from 'American Idol' never even won the show -- check out how far they have come!

WARNING: These photos may make you feel light-headed and could possibly lead to fainting. Sorry!

Let's hope Valentino has a short memory. The revered fashion icon, who custom-designed Anne Hathaway's wedding gown and considers her a friend, naturally expected the Les Miserables actress to wear one of his designs to the Oscars on Feb. 24, where…

There are some real "2 Legit" moments in it.

It may have been your favorite part of elementary school craft hour, but chances are you haven't used it lately. Get your Mod Podge ready, because the sparkles are coming.

Don't be these people.

Trust me: Don't mess with these badass babes, or you'll seriously regret it!

LeBron may be late to the trend, but him and his team turn in a solid performance complete with costumes and solo dance breaks.

I was a celebrity profiler for years. Somehow, the job didn't land me a hot movie star boyfriend.

The little kiosks that made developing photos in the '70s easy.

Trials and triumphs in being the high school newspaper reporter.

Sometimes, a stunning series of photographs doesn’t take much altering or fancy equipment. In Kevin Cooley’s case, all he needed was an emergency flare, a snow-covered landscape, and a camera that allowed him to take long-exposure shots as he fired…

According to The Comic’s Comic, late-night denizens of The Comedy Cellar, the West Village nightclub best known for the unannounced visits of comedy superstars working out new material (it’s the club Louis CK goes into at the beginning of Louie, and…

Is Seth MacFarlane washing his hands of the Oscars? Just days after hosting the 85th annual Academy Awards, the Family Guy creator may have put to rest the question of whether or not he'd take his turn overseeing the kudos-fest again. "No way. Lotta fun to have done it, though," he tweeted in response to a question from one of his nearly 3.8 million followers early Tuesday morning.

Jennifer Lawrence has worn a lot of hair colors to a lot of different awards shows. But apparently, to the Oscars, she wanted to wear her real color: blonde. So Monday, after she took home the award for best actress, the 22-year-old star headed to…

Dale Robertson, a veteran of movies and TV Westerns of the 1950s and ’60s who played “the left-handed gun” on NBC’s Tales of Wells Fargo, died Wednesday of lung cancer and pneumonia in a San Diego hospital. He was 89.

We play matchmaker for Jennifer Lawrence.

Garry Shandling’s landmark late-night satire is still funny 15 years later.

Edison, Einstein, Jobs… all these men were idiots compared to the man who invented the border fence-circumventing “marijuana cannon.”

Pretty sure most of these are also Sex and the City plot lines.

Estar preparado para sonreír y aplaudir cuando le dan un premio a otro de los candidatos debe ser especialmente difícil en los Oscar, porque todos saben que hay una cámara apuntando a su rostro para no perder detalle. Quizás más cuando eras una…

Qualche domanda inizia ad avere risposta. Dove si trovano i soldi per pagare a tutti i cittadini un reddito di cittadinanza come promesso da Beppe Grillo? Semplice. Basta non pagare più gli stipendi pubblici e le pensioni. Parola del leader del…

Shailene Woodley rocks red hair while filming scenes for her new film The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on Monday (February 25) in New York. Earlier in the day, the 21-year-old…

But if you are going to dry hump air, you might as well do it in style, like the kids from Milford High School in suburban Detroit, who all got suspended for a Harlem Shake video that included upside-down air blow jobs and a kid air humping a live…

"The time we had on Wife Swap will probably stick with us forever. After the show ended, we didn't just fly back and go to our homes and never speak again. Kate invited us over to her house and we had lunch with them and got to spend some time with…

With the 12th celeb remaining under wraps for now, eleven contestants and their dancing pro partners were revealed Tuesday, Feb. 26

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