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March 1, 2013

And it's actually a pretty effective strategy.

When you think Radiohead, you probably don't think of astonishing physical grace. But that... that is about to change.

It's small penis joke vs. woman-on-cow bestiality.

Talk it out. You'll feel better.

Some of these make sense, and some are crazy. Will the surprises EVER END???

Happy Friday!

The Oscar-winner came across as grating during awards season, but we know this talented actress can turn around her overeager image

In this excerpt from “Vanguard,” correspondent Christof Putzel takes a look at the Ku Klux Klan merchandising campaign—everything from T-shirts to bumper stickers to flags—and a significant source of revenue for the organization. He also meets with concerned citizens of the town of Harrison, Ark., who argue that the media is largely at fault for amplifying the town’s reputation.

And 21 others in this week's Instagranimals roundup!

When someone sprays a can of whipped cream, he comes running.

No matter how crazy you go this weekend, know that these famous writers could absolutely out-drink you.

Or is it somehow perfect, given the clothes its paired with?

Never change, Zac. Never change.

On March 1 1692, the Salem Witch Trials began. Here are the questions you'd have to answer and the evidence the court would examine to determine if you're evil.

In stunning gif form. The team at CymaScope visualized the dynamic sounds of the piano’s first strike and the eventual plateau and decay phase of different notes.

You probably don't know her by name, but you totally know her work.

That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

"This is not a movie role, this is a job application," says one Kentucky Democratic operative of Judd's potential Senate run.

A new fiction collection from the Burkina Faso–based Q-zine aims to "decolonize the mind" by capturing the experiences of LGBTI Africans.

You've always been concerned about this, now it's time to face the truth.


They're like a miniature hypnotic music videos. Click play and zone out forever.

Traveling with tuna packets in your suitcase is REAL.

And men prefer chicks with butts.

Let's bring back the fast talk, because it's the bees-knees junior. Seriously let's make this happen.

School parliamentarian!

Probably not, but maybe wink. Plus what to do when your boss wants to Snapchat with you.

Mo refers to herself as a "dirty Irish girl." Mind, meet gutter.

Hard to explain what makes this video so great. It

A school day got flipped, turned upside down.

Babe alert.

Where's Rickon!? Does the side chosen to be in shadow on each character mean anything? It has to mean something, right?

Tim Mantoani photographed the people behind some of the world's most iconic images and created Behind Photographs: Archiving Photographic Legends.

Behind the scenes of the most powerful maps in the history of the Earth. And how Google, Microsoft, DigitalGlobe, and the world's governments decide what does — and doesn't — belong on its surface.

Warning: You will never look at lemurs the same way again. This one's for linguaphiles and lemurphobes alike.

Local news is weird. Like, really weird.

Phaidra Knight wants to go to the 2014 Olympics for bobsledding. But she needs some help.

Iman Shumpert could play for the Red Bulls!

This poor guy needed help to fight the man! In Season Four of Robot Chicken, the episode titles told a story in production order, but the message got garbled when aired incorrectly.

Warning: You're going to hate your apartment after you see these places.

Wha?! Why?

Forget regret: there's no reason to feel embarrassed about the number of times you saw Rent on Broadway.

As in, it was NOT a place for friends.

Communities across the country brace for the impact of the sequester.

In honor of his 19th birthday.

Also definitive proof that bathtubs are both scary and magical places.

Two things Portland is known for having in spades: nudie bars and hipster cafes. Can you identify which is which based on the name?

That story — plus LeBron's pre-game dunks, the badasses in Indiana, and more — in BuzzFeed Sports' Five Point Play.

Your staircase might be the last place in your home you'd think to decorate. But after seeing these staircases, you'll realize that a boring staircase is an opportunity squandered.

With buttons.

Pocas cosas indignan al ciudadano que ver cómo sus representantes se dedican a perder el tiempo en su trabajo. Por eso celebramos tanto cuando los fotógrafos parlamentarios se ponen serios y practican el temido género de las 'pilladas' a sus…

"Hayyy" - Babies.

Yesterday, I posted about the plight of former Miss Teen Delaware USA Melissa King who was forced to resign after pageant officials discovered she filmed a porno after her 18th birthday even though this showed entrepreneurialship (That’s a word.…

Now you can pretend you're flying through these nebulae and star clusters.

These 'edgy' and 'glam' videos look like dispatches from alien teen fashionistas.

Prepare yourself for greatness. The secret is store-bought curry roux.

No, I don't want to see yours, actually.

Guys, it had nothing to do with the fact he was 7-over par.

The last decade of the NFL has hinged on one big decision by Bill Belichick in 2001.

Seth Confessions is a Tumblr where users anonymously submit their deepest and darkest Seth MacFarlane fantasies, and oh man, is it wild. WARNING: Some of these are pretty racy!

Baby, you're a star.

"I decided I would never to go back to a corporate environment."

What are all those models in the J.Crew catalog doing anyway? By cleverly piecing together narratives from catalog photographs, Meghan O'Neill imagines that they are solving crimes, misbehaving on honeymoons, and such. Here's the most recent episode:

And that's a good thing.

In-N-Out's secret menu is no mystery. But thanks to one intrepid In-N-Out worker, we've just gotten a glimpse of a menu so exclusive that most people have never even heard of it nor will ever be able to order from it.

Jennifer Lawrence has been kicking back and relaxing in Hawaii while basking in her post-Oscar win glory.

There was a lot of freaking out along the way.

So long as you dont mind taking your life into your own hands.

Seth Groody won a battle to wear an anti-gay T-shirt to school on his high school's "Day of Silence". The school supported his right to free speech, and now he's selling T-shirts to his classmates.

Third-party vendors will troll peer-to-peer networks looking for copyrighted material, then notify the downloader's Internet Service Provider to issue penalties.

This batch is the best/worst yet.


So long, stupid old lion roaring before movies, and hello, Jennifer Lawrence roaring before movies.

Maybe it's not surprising. He's obsessed, after all.

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