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March 3, 2013

One Of The Funniest Russian Commercials Ever Made

Seriously. It's for a toy hamster named WoodyOTime.

Last Month's Dumbest Ads In The World

These are not necessarily terrible ads, just...dumb. A continuing series...

Saturday Night Live Explains The Coming Federal Federal Budget Cuts

This isn't really all that different from how politicians are explaining the sequester.

Rand Paul Will Stall Brennan Even Without A Filibuster

"I have allies in the [Intelligence] Committee," Paul tells WABC.

Adam Hills Destroys Joan Rivers For Making Fat Jokes About Adele

Last week, Joan used Adele's weight as a punch line on The Late Show with David Letterman, and this weekend on The Last Leg, host Adam Hills didn't let her get away with it.

John Fugelsang: As Pope Benedict Retires, A Few Tips To Save The Catholic Church

"If the church really thinks over 50 percent of the human race is unfit to serve, they need to take it up with the manufacturer." —John Fugelsang

Kevin Hart Is "Pope Quvenzhané Wallis"

A pope we can all agree on. And she brought her puppy purse.

"Jack The Giant Slayer" Has Worse Opening Weekend Than "John Carter"

Fe fi fo fum! We smell the blood of an a box-office flop.

Watches Of The Year

Style and Watches Month means it's time to feast your eyes on the finest wrist bling there is.

Insane Psychotic Drug Ads Of Yesteryear

Warning: some disturbing imagery here. Also, some hilarious imagery!

Dick Cavett On Bob Woodward: ‘He’s Getting Old’

Cavett offers his theory as to why Woodward would characterize a seemingly innocuous email from a White House official as threatening: “He’s getting old. … Those of us who can still get around and dress ourselves have to make mistakes like this.”

Jay Leno Leaving NBC's 'Tonight' Next Season?

LOS ANGELES, March 2 (UPI) -- The 2013-14 television season will be the last for Jay Leno as host of "The Tonight Show" in Los Angeles, The Hollywood Reporter quoted two sources as saying.

Who Is Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift's Boyfriend?

The pop star was spotted inviting the British singer-songwriter to her hotel room, but it's not surprising that these two are so close

San Francisco's Best Of The Best

February was an awesome month for pretty much anyone who decided to look at GIFs of Jennifer Lawrence instead of actually watching the Oscars. But it was an even awesomer one for anyone who did that and checked out these 10 Thrillist recs. Don't… Speakeasy Tap Room 1195 Evans Avenue; 415.642.3371 Read the full story... Curry Up Now 659 Valencia St; 650.477.1001 Read the full story... Garaje 475 3rd St; 415.664.0838 Read the full story... CurbTXT Read the full story... Hi Lo BBQ 3416 19th St; 415.874.9211 Read the full story... Stock in Trade 2036 Lombard St; 415.829.3000 Read the full story... Fable 558 Castro St; 415.590.2404 Read the full story... Saison 178 Townsend St; 415.828.7990 Read the full story... Pine Street Brewery Read the full story... The Mill 736 Divisadero; 415.345.1953 Read the full story...

Bikini Coffee Shop - Eat - Thrillist Miami

This is a Choose Your Own Adventure story. You wake up on a strange futon in Palm Beach. You can either spend the next hour A) contending with South Florida drivers, or B) engaging in sparkling conversation with hot girls in bathing suits ###making…

Best Of The Best - Eat - Thrillist Washington DC

From fancy ramen and craft cocktails, to hardcore donut hole-in-the-walls, February saw the launch of a bunch of new things to stuff down the hole in your face. Read all about them in our Top Ten countdown below. Daikaya Ramen Shop 705 6th St NW; 202.589.1600 Read the full story... The Carving Room 300 Massachusetts Ave NW; 202.525.2116 Read the full story... Zeke's DC Donutz 2029 P St NW; 202.822.6200 Read the full story... Tash 524 8th St SE; 202.733.1133 Read the full story... Brickside Food & Drink 4866 Cordell Ave; 301.312.6160 Read the full story... Bourbon's New Cocktails and Beers 2321 18th St NW; 202.332.0800 Read the full story... barmini 855 E St NW Read the full story... Beuchert's Saloon 623 Pennsylvania Ave SE; 202.733.1384 Read the full story... Persimmon's New Digs 7003 Wisconsin Ave; 301.654.9860 Read the full story... TakEatEasy 1990 M St NW; 202.290.2440 Read the full story...

Best Of The Best - Own - Thrillist Nation

While you were understandably too busy organizing a not-at-all-futile campaign to be elected Pope to read every Thrillist Nation email sent out over the last month, don't get your vestments in a twist, because we've conveniently assembled the best… CalypsoKey Read the full story... MyIDKey Read the full story... Thomas Tramp Rugs Read the full story... Scout Alarm Read the full story... Table & Tennis Read the full story... The Transporter Read the full story... Spiegelau IPA Glasses Read the full story... Ultra Ever Dry Read the full story... Cynaps Read the full story... Epiphany onE Puck Read the full story...

Guillermo Del Toro Moving Forward With Plans For 'Dark' Justice League

Fortunately, what I found was some good Justice League news for once, but it doesn’t involve Zack Snyder’s Superman or my dream of Gina Carano as Wonder Woman. Instead, it deals with director Guillermo del Toro and his desire to make a “Dark Justice…

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