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March 7, 2013

Could Anyone Have Predicted The Fall Of Hockey's Can't-Miss Prospect?

Once the brightest rising star in American hockey, goalie Rick DiPietro is now struggling in the minors. Looking back for warning signs, a writer who knew him way back when still can't believe it never worked out.

The First Ad Of The 2016 Iowa Caucus

No, really. A Tea Party Super PAC commercial attacks Gov. Bob McDonnell for tax increases in Virginia.

8 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Gary Busey asks another important question, plus seven other tweets from today.

23 New Friendships That Will Last Forever

Starting life off right: with love.

Woman Writes Heartwarming FAQ For A Friend With Short-Term Memory Loss

"Hi Jo, you've lost your short term memory."

Your Official NBA Western Conference Rooting Guide

We're getting close to the finish of the NBA season, and it's time to choose a horse. A good horse who tries hard and takes high-efficiency shots. An efficient horse.

12 Forgotten Cereal Mascots

For every Tony the Tiger, there's a Poppy the Porcupine.

National Security And Defense Lose Their Sacred Status For Republicans

Whether it's political calculation or war fatigue, Republicans are more willing to sacrifice a once-core issue.

This Raccoon On A Treadmill Will Inspire You To Start Working Out

If this little raccoon can run to Des'ree's "You Gotta Be," then so can you!

30 Examples Of How We Are All Elaine Benes

Elaine Benes is the most relatable TV character of all time. End of story.

Behind The Return Of "Grimm"

Finally. The show's executive producers talk about serialized storytelling, what's to come, and something called a Glühenvolk.

James Franco Received A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame And Brought A Doll With Him

The doll is a miniature version of his character from Oz: The great and Powerful. Oh Yeah, and congrats on the star!

8 Times Being Player Two Didn't Suck

Ugh, being the younger sibling or the visiting friend when it came to video game controller dominance was the worst. But not all secondary characters were created equal.

Head-Mounted Referee Cam Makes Rugby Seem Even Crazier

New tech gives viewers an up-close view at the world's most dangerous team sport.

17 Kids Who Will Change The World Someday

Maybe the world won't be so bad after all, because these kids will be ruling it.

The Human Test Volume 2

Mandatory. If you fail, more tests are needed.

How Instagram Reunited A Little Boy With His Stuffed Bunny Rabbit

Once again, the internet comes to the rescue!

13 Of The Most Terrifying Sounds You Will Ever Hear

Don't listen to these. OK, don't say I didn't warn you.

Is Gaming On The Verge Of Its Gay Moment?

Electronic Arts and the new gay gaming.

The Ultimate Regional Vocabulary Throwdown

"Pop vs. Soda" is only the tip of the iceberg. These maps break down the most debated terms so you can see the truth for yourself.

International Student Workers Claim McDonald's Exploited Them For Cheap Labor

"We paid $3,000-4,000 each to come to the United States on this program, expecting a cultural exchange... Instead, we became exploited workers at McDonald's restaurants in Pennsylvania."

Runway Models Even Whiter Than You'd Expect

In the latest round of fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, nearly 90% of models cast were white.

30 Charts You Didn't Know You Needed

Data is neat. But it's even neater when it's organized into a pretty chart. (Like, literally. It's way easier to read.)

Naked "Game Of Thrones" Star Forces Broadway Theater To Increase Security

Emilia Clarke has a nude bubble-bath scene in the stage version of Breakfast at Tiffany's, and GoT nerds can not handle it.

The One True Harlem Shake Video

This is what our children's children's memes will be like: reduced to their component parts, stripped clean, and reassembled into perfectly efficient concept delivery machines. (Related: I am terrified of the future.)

Chelsea Handler Suggests That Taylor Swift Is A Virgin

That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

Why Exercise When You Can Buy This Snuggie?

Now's your chance to totally fool people into thinking you're a college athlete. So long as those people are dumb.

Madonna Played "20 Questions" With YM In 1992

"Who is Courtney Love?" was one of her responses.

Democrats Give Excuses For Not Joining Anti-Drone Filibuster

Just one Dem participated in Rand Paul's thirteen-hour filibuster against drone strikes. The defense: "A distraction" that just "didn't feel like a constructive venue."

Making Facebook Actually Useful

Facebook has so many features that at least one of them has to be useful, right? Here's the page on Facebook that just shows you links shared by the people you follow. No tweets, no photos, no jingoistic rants from distant cousins. Just the links.…

An NBA Team Is Playing Something Called The "Manwich" Defense

And we have exclusive insider diagrams.

11 Deeply Disturbing Foods Shaped Like Babies

Who's going to change the diaper on this hot mess?

Google 1999: An 11-Year-Old's Documentary

This is what Google was like in 1999 as seen through a 5th-grader's eyes. Basically, FREE SNAPPLE.

A Third Of Americans Think Horsemeat Should Be Fed To Poor

But only 13% would eat it themselves.

Men Vs Women At The Facebook News Feed Event Today

18 to 1. At an event discussing a social network that is over 60% women.

What It's Like To Be Boy Crazy

Falling in love every day is exhausting y'all!

8 Lyrics Taylor Swift Is Probably Singing To Amy Poehler And Tina Fey Right Now

This feud may never end, especially now that Tay-Tay's thrown the gauntlet down.

14 Tips For Taking The Perfect Cat Selfie

So you're a cat, and you've decided you need to update your profile pic. Don't panic! Just follow these simple DOs and DON'Ts, and you will be well on your way to a high-quality cat selfie that your friends will absolutely love.

Rob Lowe Is The Nipple King

Well isn't he just the cutest nipple king to ever exist.

Meet The Barbie Man

Stanley Colorite, who calls himself the "Barbie Man," owns more than 2,000 Barbies and 1,000 Ken dolls.

12 Movies Curious Gay Kids Watched In The '90s

If you were young and figuring yourself out, these were the flicks you paid extra attention to.

Cher Horowitz's 14 Most Underappreciated Outfits

And by Cher Horowitz, I really mean Alicia Silverstone. Who had some amazing and bizarre fashion moments.

A Pep Talk From Lisa Simpson

For when you're just having one of those days.

23 People Who Found A Silver Lining

Look on the bright side!

Democratic Senator Applauds Filibuster, Will Vote Against Brennan's Nomination

Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) will vote against Obama's pick for the top CIA spot. But the advocate of the old-fashioned filibuster didn't join in Wednesday because Obama deserves "timely up-or-down votes," his press secretary says.


This latest hypercar is a monster... and is already sold out.

The Secret Life Of A Work From Home Employee

It's not all daytime television and and naps. However, there is a certain lack of pants.

Facebook's Been Secretly Testing Its New Design For A Year

And parts of it came from user ideas. They asked for less of Facebook and more of their friends, according to Facebook's tech lead.

Is This The Tracklist For Beyoncé's New Album?

This leaked list featuring collaborations with Rihanna, Jay-Z And Lady Gaga on Bey's upcoming Mrs. Carter album sounds too good to be true.

Which Pundits Stood With Rand Paul?

Rand Paul's filibuster made for strange bedfellows in the punditocracy. Here's a breakdown ranked from most supportive of Rand to least.

Yes, This Congressman Is Holding An Axe In The Middle Of Washington DC

Rep. Sean Duffy will chop right into your heart.

A Guide To Being A Proper Gentleman As Told By Blink-182

Let these three respectful young men teach you a thing or two about how to present yourself in public.

Mind-Melting Frisbee Tricks Will Melt Minds

These guys spent a lot of time on the quad at college.

Which "Adventure Time" Character Should Be Your Roommate?

Find out who you're meant to be awesome roomies with in the Land of Ooo.

13 Things You Didn't Know About Ace Of Base

In the '90s, you saw the sign. And damn straight it opened your eyes.

Simply Brilliant "Bates Motel" Billboard

In Manhattan promoting the upcoming A&E show.

31 Fantastic Passover Desserts

Isn't it time you settled down with a nice kosher chocolate cake?

Meet Zhang Jiale, China's 22-Year-Old Tomboy Heiress

Photos of her glamorous lifestyle recently went viral on China's version of Twitter.

Testing Errors


Sofia Vergara's Literal Gun Rack For "Machete Kills"

This just looks painful. What is it with pop culture shooting bullets from women's breasts?

15 Less-Than-Subtle Jury Questions From The Jodi Arias Trial

"What is your understanding of the word 'skank'?" Thanks to an uncommon state law, the "Killer Romance" jury directly asked Arias nearly 150 questions on Wednesday.

Just A Video Of Chris Brown Yelling At A Poor Valet Guy

Over a $10 valet ticket. TEN. DOLLARS.

Watch Shaq Get His Revenge On Aaron Carter

A rematch 12 years in the making.

Basketball Is Dangerous

Just ask Tiago Splitter's crotch.

The 30 Happiest Facts Of All Time

You need this if you're having a rough day. This post was inspired by a Reddit post asking people to share "the happiest fact you know."

Behold The First Trailer For Joss Whedon's "Much Ado About Nothing"

The trailer for Joss Whedon's next film (starring Amy Acker, Alexis Denisof, Nathan Fillion and other Whedon TV show alums) has hit the internet. (h/t: Whedonesque)

"Mean Girls" Of The Vatican

Mean Girls + Pope + Cardinals. You know this is what the Vatican is really like.

John Fugelsang: People Who Supported The Iraq War Don't Ever Get To Complain About Deficits

At the end of the day my friends, the Iraq War cost you and me around $800 billion, or $7.6 billion a month. Factor in long-term cost of caring for our wounded veterans, it’s about a trillion dollars. Over 4,000 U.S. troops are dead, well over…

Say Hello To The New Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg showed off your new Facebook homepage today. Here's what it looks like.

30 Creative DIY Ways To Show Off Your Plants

Bloom where you're planted. Especially if where you're planted is an eggshell or a lightbulb.

Local Newspapers: Sequester Cuts Are Hitting Home

Local communities prepare for the automatic federal budget cuts.

The Most Intense Hockey Fight You'll Ever See

Quench your blood thirst! OR Punches in bunches!

Shaq Finally Got Revenge On Aaron Carter

A feud 12 years in the making.

Insurance Industry Targets New York Senators On Medicare

A new ad from the Coalition for Medicare Choices, an industry-backed group, groups ObamaCare's cuts to the Medicare Advantage program with the sequester, and urges seniors to call Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand. The ad begins airing tomorrow, a source says.

Animals March Madness, Round One: Chameleons Vs. Red Pandas

Round one continues with our first (and only) cold-blooded contender. See the full bracket here.

15 Life Lessons From "The Rachel Zoe Project"

Sliced bread is "unchic," you guys.

LeBron James Is Getting Married

And he and his bride-to-be sent out these "save the date" cards with some pretty awesome caricatures.

John McCain Rips Into Rand Paul's Filibuster: "Was Not Helpful"

"To allege that ... our government would drop a drone hellfire missile on Jane Fonda ... that brings the conversation from a serious discussion about U.S. policy to the realm of the ridiculous."

"Dezzing" Turns A Great Mug Shot Into An Amazing Meme

On Feb. 24, 2013, Oakland Raiders’ defensive tackle Desmond Bryant was arrested for criminal mischief. His mug shot is now an internet treasure.

25 Things You Just Learned Today

What are you, some kind of plebeian? Allow me to help you out. Here are 25 more of the most fascinating "TIL" posts from Reddit in the past year. Memorize them before you even think about showing your stupid face on the internet again.

This Is How The Internet Responded To A 13 Hour Rand Paul Filibuster

Rand Paul ended his filibuster early Thursday morning after 13 hours of criticizing the Obama administration's drone program. The internet responded with pee jokes.

15 Cats Who Are Fascinated By The World

There's an old proverb that says "Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back." Turns out, cats' curiosity is pretty easy to satisfy.

Airplane Window: The Movie

I could watch this for hours.

32 DIY Prom Accessories That Will Make You The Coolest Kid In School

Chances are, you don't have an unlimited budget to buy designer duds for your special night. Here are some cool and unexpected ways to add a personal touch and stand out from the sea of satin and chiffon.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker - Own - Thrillist Nation

A worthwhile investment for any sausage, egg & cheese connoisseur, this new Breakfast Sandwich Maker's a toaster/griddle hybrid that cooks up custom morning sammies in just five minutes (urine-soaked ball pit not included). Simply stack cheese/meat/raw egg/more cheese veggies in designated spots atop an English muffin, bagel, or small pancake, tamp down the nonstick top plate, and let its variably heated sections work their magic.

Rand Paul, Glenn Beck Welcome Support Of Van Jones And Code Pink

"This is an issue that does get people together who believe in liberty – on the left and right."

Bradley Cooper And Zach Galifianakis Have A Ticklefest

This looks like fun and something I'd like to be a part of.

Can You Listen To This Song Without Thinking About Cheese?

Modern English's "I Melt With You" is basically the cheesiest thing on the planet.

The 16-Inch Waist Of Émilie Marie Bouchaud

The French singer, stage name "Polaire" (Pole Star), took "tightlacing" to the extreme.

Eric Elias Is Queering Gender One Comic At A Time

Elias creates hilarious comics that focus on those frustrating moments when people expect you to "explain" your gender to them.

Katy Perry And John Mayer Went Hiking With New BFF Allison Williams

It's official, Allison Williams is the new Rihanna to Katy Perry.

13 Bike Accessories To Help You Get Drunk

Or, rather, accessories to help you get to a next location so you can get drunk there.

AskWomen Hit List

Some qualified ladies cover everything from first dates to breaking up.

An Alley-Oop So Insane It May Break Your Brain

People shouldn't be able to do this.

Dunkin' Donuts Employee Of The Century

Last weekend, the worker not only stopped a robbery with hot coffee, she also shouted DD's tagline at the fleeing thief.

10 Things Worth Obsessing Over At The SXSW Film Festival

Over 130 feature films and 150 panels will unfold at the SXSW Film Festival, which plays alongside SXSW's Interactive and Music festivals in Austin, Texas. From Bates to the Beatles, these are the most exciting.

Jessica Simpson Accidentally Announces That She's Having A Boy While Joking About Wieners

When asked by Jimmy Kimmel how her pregnancy was going, Jessica replied, "The crazy thing is that I never knew that a wiener could actually make me nauseous!" Was that a dick joke?

New Controversial Anti-Islam Ads In The D.C. Metro

Pamela Geller's American Freedom Defense Initiative won a court battle, and now the posters are going up.

Genetically Modified Salmon — Is This How To Fix The Food System?

ABC News correspondent Jim Avila and Casson Trenor with Greenpeace talk to guest host Michael Shure about a Panama freshwater farm that is altering the genes of Atlantic salmon. Called “Frankenfish” by critics, the salmon may soon be the first…

How Twitter Helped Drive Rand Paul's Filibuster To The National Stage

"Twitter is woven through the DNA of this filibuster, taking an obscure legislative process into the public space," says Wilson.

Rand Paul Ends Nearly 13-Hour Filibuster

He needed to use the bathroom.

Heart Attack Killed A Suffering Chavez

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez last words were: "I don't want to die. Please don't let me die."

Rita Ora Says She Was Never Rob Kardashian's Girlfriend

After the celebrity couple broke up, Rob gained 40 pounds over the split -- but Rita insists they weren't ever a pair!

An Unflattering Boll Cut From

In my quest to learn if Boll really does make unapologetically awful films, I treated myself to two of his most famous movies, Postal and BloodRayne. BloodRayne is arguably his most successful video game adaptation, with two sequels and another reportedly in the works. Postal is probably his most well-known movie. I was hoping to get ahold of Alone in the Dark, one of the most egregious examples of how bad his movies can be, but I failed to find it and also very easily convinced myself against looking very hard. It's most famous for featuring a scene where a character who was recently killed on-screen gets up and exits the set. I am really upset that I missed out on that one scene. With BloodRayne and Postal, however, I did get to see a few things I never thought I would see, nor did I ever think I wanted to.

Rand Paul Tweets His Own Filibuster

Senator Rand Paul filibusters vote on CIA director nominee John Brennan over the use of drones against Americans on U.S. soil. Here are the highlights.

The Best St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes

We've rounded up the best St. Patrick's Day cupcakes that are fun to make and even more fun to eat! From Lucky Charms-topped cakes to whiskey-flavored frosting to cupcakes that come with their own mini bottles of Bailey's(!), there's something for…

The Sexquester Hits D.C.'s Craigslist

Congressman Underwood, Zooey Barnes is on line one.

The Nastiest Thing You Could Ever Eat In 1997

Barbie: It's what's for dinner.

This Week In Posters: Hangover 3, Anchorman 2, Catching Fire

New posters for The Hangover 3, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Grown Ups 2, and more.

The World Championship Of Puns

Your endurance challenge for today: see how much of this video of the final round of the 2012 O. Henry Pun-Off World Championship you can watch before flinging your computing device across the room.

How Old Are The Disney Princesses?

Short answer: way too young to be getting married.

27 Things Found In A Former Pro Athlete's Foreclosed House

NBA draft bust Robert Swift's foreclosed home was recently bought. This is what was found inside. The new owners of the house describe it as straight out of a horror movie.

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