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February 1, 2017

"The world needs honesty."

“I think it’s early — I can’t sit on this stage and predict (and predict) what will happen."

ADVERTENCIA: Este post contiene imágenes fuertes de una pitón atrapada en el lóbulo de la oreja de una mujer, pero seamos honestos, esa es precisamente la razón por la que estás aquí.

Your debut as an employee!

The Liberal platform said 2015 would be "the last federal election" under the current system.

A 16-year-old boy has been arrested and two knives seized, police said.

*Pays all bills* *is broke for the rest of the month*

Here's what our editors and writers are cooking up in their own kitchens.

While some Democrats are calling on their colleagues to block Neil Gorsuch's nomination, several moderates are holding their fire, saying they're open to supporting him.

Small in stature, not in style.

"¿Soy sólo yo o alguien más también cree que EPN es súper guapo?"

“The US has been closely watching Iran for 38 years and has never been able to do anything,” one military commander said.

La cantante hizo este anuncio en Instagram con una foto ~muy~ particular.


You'll need a bit of magic and a good eye to find the right answer.

Choose wisely...

We need curly fries.

Lawyer up again, Zuck.

God claimed that complaints about a post that emphasized that the Quebec mosque shooter is a white Trump fan caused the social network to unverify its page. It's unclear if that's what caused the change in status.

Dedicated to everyone whose significant other can be a weirdo when they sleep.

This is why you're always so apprehensive.

William "Ryan" Owens became the first known combat casualty of Trump's presidency when he was killed in a raid Saturday.

The Labour leader ordered his party's politicians to vote in favour of legislation paving the way for Brexit – but 47 MPs defied the three-line whip.

Models and researchers call the study "the first scientific proof" of the high prevalence of eating disorders among models and pressures from the industry.

Novo comandante do Congresso, Eunício Oliveira (PMDB-CE) recebeu repasse de propina da empreiteira, segundo delator. Eunício obteve 61 dos 81 votos da disputa. Nesta quinta, na Câmara, o favorito é o Rodrigo “Botafogo” Maia.

You've probably tasted beaver ass.

Wait, WHAT.

Because "alternative facts" aren't helpful.

Because cheese is the real way to your heart.

No hay mejor viernes para ti que cuando te quedas en tu casa en pijama leyendo.

“It is not fair to equate victim and torturer,” says Vian Dakhil, the Iraqi lawmaker and ISIS opponent barred from coming to the US to accept her human rights award.

The Nashville star takes our Q&A!

What the HELL?!

"A lady that has a cannon hand, I'm still looking for that."

I seen ya with Kieefah!

Yemeni-run grocery stores across the city will close from 12–8 p.m. on Thursday to protest the controversial executive order.

Welcome to the twin club, Bey and Jay!

Junto com Michelle, ex-presidente viajou às Ilhas Virgens Britânicas para curtir um descanso.

"I'm too big, I'm too wide, but I'm strong."



Art hist-erical-ory.

O que vale é a intenção.


Paul Muni, Al Pacino, and now...Diego Luna.

Spoiler alert: they're honestly all assholes!

"¿Vamos a hacer que México pague por sus salarios?" JAAAAAA, no.

Thousands in the town of Avdiivka are left stranded after renewed fighting between Ukrainian troops and Russian-backed rebels this week.

Saca la cartera, cierra los ojos y relax...

Will you live with nine cats or with the love of your life?


Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander said Republicans will have to adopt some programs they once angrily denounced in order to bring stability to the insurance markets, ahead of a March deadline.

En serio, no nos importa si te afeitaste las piernas o no.

Warning: This post contains graphic pictures of a python stuck in a woman's earlobe, but be honest, that's exactly what you're here for.

A página "É Pra Falar de Gênero Sim" compilou manchetes de crimes contra jovens homossexuais e frases que já cansamos de ouvir no dia a dia.

Destiny's Children, literally.

Mis glándulas sudan todo el año.

Smooth sailing into an easy, healthy dinner!

* mail orders from the Delia's catalog and prays the item will be in stock *

O te causarán pena ajena.

Sens. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski both said they cannot support the Trump's choice for education secretary. If another Republican opposes her, she will lose the confirmation vote.

"Threw up in my mouth when I saw this."

Alguém aqui sabe quem era a inspiração do personagem de Will?

Quando chega a notificação "fulano te marcou em uma foto" no Facebook a perna chega a tremer.

A família Carter está crescendo.

"You all make things look easier than they actually are."

AKA: in love with Cate Blanchett.

Porque o melhor daqui é: a) A praia b) O brasileiro c) Todas as alternativas.

Love is a full stomach.

The Carter family grows.

¿Primero cierran su sitio en español y después nos invitan a seguir su Twitter?

Agora só come quem lavar o próprio prato.

It could only mean one thing.

Because La La Land didn't invent the modern movie musical.

Irmã da maquiadora de 19 anos contou a história de preconceito vivido por Amanda e denunciou erro médico. Cirurgião que a atendeu disse ao BuzzFeed Brasil que seguiu todos os protocolos.

Por exemplo, que alguns ovos de dinossauro levavam SEIS MESES para chocar.

MPs voted on Wednesday night to give the Article 50 bill a second reading by 498 to 114.

"What? I did exactly as you said."

A bedtime story.

“The allegations in today’s lawsuit confirm what millions of New Yorkers have long suspected — Spectrum-Time Warner Cable has been ripping you off,” said New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

Caras vemos, corazones sí sabemos.

This is "all-natural" talent.

"You must be having a girl, you’ve gotten very ugly."

Unleash your deepest desire with this Dark Chocolate Orange Cake.

"Do you think regular dogs see police dogs and think, 'Oh shit, it's a cop'?"

Adivinha em qual dos casos aparecem imagens sexualizadas?

"Choose the great Brexit power grab, taking back control of straight bananas," said SNP MP Hannah Bardell.

A system failure at Rushcard left tens of thousands of customers without access to their money in late 2015.

Spoiler: It does not go well.

Description for List Add Yours Video

"I need someone to ask Trump if Frederick Douglass is alive or dead."

Description for List Add Yours Text Image

How do you like them eggs?


"Basketball is so universal and if people see if such a huge organisation like FIBA breaks that barrier, people will be more accepting."

Alternative V-Day gifts perfect for your platonic bae.

"I'm tired of the 'It doesn't matter.'"

"I don't like watching fake news."

Take a look inside the sets of Parks and Recreation, The Office, and more.

E não é a primeira vez que essa comparação aparece por aí.

N'importe qui peut déposer un nom de domaine, et n'importe qui le fait.

Take care of you, sis.

"I'm surrounded by idiots."

Because January–March are the cheapest months to visit NYC.

Hawaii, Paris, and Italy aren't the only romantic places on earth.

Vous vous souvenez des paquets à 5 euros?

Hats off to you.

Que cela vienne de François Fillon, de ses soutiens ou de ses adversaires, c'est un festival de sexisme depuis les révélations du Canard enchaîné. Démonstration en six points.

Do you preheat the oven?

«Ma sœur aînée pensait qu'il fallait mettre le tampon entre ses lèvres, comme un hot-dog dans un petit pain.»

The decision to withhold the grant money is the first time a governor has done so since President Trump announced he would cut federal funds to any city or county who did not follow ICE's deportation efforts.

And yes, Ellen asked her about the nanny.

Police believe there are many more victims in the UK and abroad and are urging them to come forward.

Ele deixou o apresentador perdido e quase matou a mãe de vergonha.

Deals at Society6, Express, Pottery Barn, and more!

«J'ai tweeté sur le hashtag #JeNeSuisPasLesEnfantsDeFillon pour qu'il y ait une prise de conscience de la précarité dans laquelle évoluent les étudiants», explique un de ces internautes à BuzzFeed News.

Don't act like you haven't got very strong opinions about potatoes.

Get ready for some really difficult choices. Just remember: In these scenarios, all of these men are in their prime.

Thermal cameras can be used to improve building efficiency, rescue disaster victims, and even detect atmospheric gases. Thermografree can't detect gas yet, but it is inexpensive and open source.

A apresentadora fez uma crítica à ordem executiva que proibiu a entrada de pessoas de sete países nos EUA.

*nhoc nhoc nhoc*

Jup, passt.

Alerta de spoiler: ficou perfeito.

He's got the backward hat on and everything.

Nada como dar uma conferida, bêbado, no Instagram.

As melhores mechas.

Pra rir até o fim de fevereiro.

Hay vida más allá de Helvetica.

"He's lying to you."

A ver, a ver, ¿dónde está el hígado?

When Democrats did not show up to a vote on Rep. Tom Price and Steven Mnuchin's nominations for a second day in a row, Republicans took the unusual move of pushing them through anyway.


It's a lot darker than you remember.

Y no veinte minutos más tarde cuando volvían a casa cabizbajos.

For all you Champlainers who have very specific needs when it comes to finding yourself a caffeine fix—this one's for you.

If you loved her in "Lizzie McGuire," you'll REALLY love her in "Younger."

On a peut-être juste oublié que 2007 a existé.

Once a sign of solidarity for the black civil rights movement, the raised fist, now used by everyone from Winona Ryder to Donald Trump, has come to mean everything and nothing at the same time.

Erwecke den MacGyver in dir...

It could be pretty soon.

The cogs in your head are turning.


«Personne ne m'a avertie quand je suis partie, personne ne s'est soucié des conséquences pour mon chien, mon travail, ma vie ici.»

The US farm lobby wants a trade deal with the post-Brexit UK to include foods currently held back by EU rules.

«Il est là pour jouer avec toi.» Non merci.

«Mon bulletin du 2ème trimestre il a autant dérapé que la campagne de Fillon.»

The prime minister has denied that she knew about Donald Trump's executive order when she was in Washington DC.


Chips and gravy for breakfast?

Vídeos nas principais avenidas de Fortaleza foram gravados nesta terça-feira.

We can read between the lines.

Ideal para comer com os amigos.

Imagens feitas pelo Greenpeace são as primeiras a documentar o ecossistema, onde espécies de peixe com risco de extinção se reproduzem.

You don't want to make the plan, but inevitably you will be the one to make the plan.

Hay menos pandas gigantes que peluquerías en Barcelona.

My body is just a vessel for my hair really.

Padroeiro das pessoas que enchem o teu saco.

"I've still got your money, so by all means borrow my lighter."

"Let's get this conversation going, New York!" - Danielle Brooks

Pour taper «bonjour», il fallait appuyer seize fois sur les touches de son téléphone. Seize.

A "playbook" went out on Tuesday to State Department staffers — include those at embassies worldwide — trying to explain how to discuss Trump's executive order.

"Warum es vermissen, wenn wir doch gerade alle hier sind?"

Do you know your Elizabeth Hornswoggles from your Amanda Buffamonteezis?

After Sushmita Sen won the Miss Universe title in Manila in 1994, lots of Filipino parents named their daughters after her. I can't believe the world can be this goddamn cute.

¿No era una cabra muy poca comida para un tiranosaurio?

Wichtige Frage.

No it's fucking Becky.

The head of world athletics' governing body, the IAAF, has denied that his evidence in any way misled the parliamentary inquiry into doping in sport.

"If you get curved twice then you didn't get curved at all. Two curves make a circle, which means you're at your starting point."

The article was published on The Daily Mash, a British satirical website.


Wie gut erinnerst du dich an die Schlacht? (Wie sie im Buch passiert, nicht in den Filmen.)

A criminal investigation into alleged product tampering has been launched after the Co-op issued recalls of novelty chocolate products found to contain batteries.

Spain has repeatedly been presented as a barrier to an independent Scotland joining the EU, because of its own insurgent independence movements.

Sandra Akkad described speaker Milo Yiannopoulos as "not worthy of the platform he was given."

Quality Street ftw.

Seien wir ehrlich: Katzenohren sind im Grunde Teufelshörner ... NIEDLICHE Teufelshörner.

President Donald Trump has picked Neil Gorsuch as his Supreme Court nominee. He’s known for his strong stance on religious liberty. The US Army Corps has been directed to clear the way for the Dakota Access Pipeline. And a deep dive into how Taylor Swift made her entire career.

Es ist ein Lifestyle.

"Oops! Here's one more from the photoshoot!! Ready to slut-shame a girl again? Go ahead."

Khan is hosting a reception for diplomats from 100 nations at City Hall on Wednesday night and will ask them to stand together in opposing the ban.

Bist du ein Grantler?

Se necesitaban 9 clics para escribir "hola". NUEVE.

11 viel nützlichere Dinge!

Weil... naja, hast du dir bestimmt verdient.


"My ADHD makes me impulsive, so I'm likely to choose short-term enjoyment instead of acting responsibly."

Ich habe 99 Probleme, aber meine Eltern sind enttäuscht, weil ich nicht 100 habe.

Romeo y Julieta no es un libro romántico, que lo sepáis.

One day, the plane ticket will be one way.


"Ohr festhalten."


Mist, ich lauf schon wieder aus.

¿Puedes identificar de cuál película es cada captura de pantalla?

"I put my money where my mouth is."

“My grandmother was a niece of polish Jews. So I have no time for Nazis really,” one user told BuzzFeed News.

Charities operating in countries on the US president's banned list, or employing staff with dual nationality from these nations, also warned the ban would jeopardise their work.

All glam guns blazing.

"A country’s greatness is measured not by its weapons or warplanes, but by how it helps those in times of desperate need," Raed Saleh told BuzzFeed News.


You know those days where it just feels like a giant, genetically engineered dinosaur is chasing you around? Yeah.




何個かなっ? ドキドキ…!

"I hope [Shah Rukh Khan] has noticed this. That would be the cherry on top for me."

Pelosi was fiercely critical of President Trump and outlined areas where Democrats will oppose him at every turn — as many are demanding — but the House minority leader also suggested she's willing to working with him on infrastructure and child care.

The billionaire progressive has poured millions into politics over the last few years. Now, Steyer wants to expand his group's focus beyond climate change and — like many Democratic organizations and donors — lead the fight against Trump.

The move comes after Melbourne's lord mayor, Robert Doyle, said he planned to ban rough sleeping on the city's streets.


They're almost too pretty to eat!

Judge Neil Gorsuch has heard — and sided with the government in — several recent and important execution cases.

After warnings from the White House, the American Foreign Service Association warned members not to post negative comments about the administration publicly.

If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it.

Judge Neil Gorsuch’s first written opinion after he was confirmed to the 10th Circuit addressed a topic he touched on in his remarks at the White House on Tuesday evening: judicial restraint.

The matches, the players, the teams, the history.

I apologise for the direction this went in.

The court is likely to consider cell phone location data, encryption, and other privacy issues in the coming years.

The imam from a mosque in Dearborn told Fox affiliate WJBK the man's mother died Jan. 22, five days before President Trump signed an executive order putting the travel ban in place.


"Masturbation is probably the only DIY project you will start and actually finish."

Expecto Patron-ummmm no thanks.

Members and former staff say the reported move to have congressional staff sign nondisclosure agreements is unprecedented and warn that it could represent a breach of the separation of powers.

Members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe have argued that the 1,172-mile pipeline would damage the water supply and desecrate land the tribe considers sacred.

"What are they going to do with all the penguins? They can't just kill them can they?"

I mean who doesn't LOVE the National Jewish Council for Disabilities?!

During a meeting with the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Jordan’s King Abdullah revealed that Israeli intelligence is concerned that moving the embassy would “enflame tensions.”

But there's one big donation we still don't know anything about.


Rep. Joaquin Castro called for Congress to “investigate whether President Trump intentionally exceeded his constitutional authority."

Sometimes everything's a struggle.


Or so she says on Snapchat.

A 60-year-old Chinese man from Virginia was allegedly playing the game before a private security guard opened fire.

Judge Neil Gorsuch has been subject to a set of ethics and disclosure rules as a federal appeals judge. That would change if he's confirmed to the US Supreme Court, to the chagrin of a court watchdog group.




Trump’s executive order also halted the country’s refugee program entirely for 120 days, leaving 20,000 people from all over the world in limbo.

Small stations in multiple states have unexpectedly found themselves playing the YG song since Trump's inauguration.

The tweet, which has since been deleted, falsely said the attack suspect was "of Moroccan origin."

There's no data collected on it.

The actor's ex-managers claim monthly expenses included $30,000 on wine, $200,000 on private jet travel, and $300,000 on 40 full-time employees.

"Vuela, vuela, no te haaAAAce falta equipaje..."

Important question, obviously.


Warning: This cuteness may induce unexpected vomiting.

Y Combinator has played nest for Silicon Valley mainstays such as Airbnb, Twitch, and Reddit.

Are you more #TeamPeyton or #TeamBrooke?

"We may be afraid, but we are united and we are tough."

"This was a brutal and callous attack on a defenceless woman."

Who would you give an Oscar to?

Be honest, you've seen all of these at least ten times.

"we're worried that economic growth might be stifled by burdensome red-tape".

The University of California has agreed to pay Luz Portillo $1.15 million after she alleged that her professor raped her one day before graduation.

"I'm an expert on luxury, and I can always spot a fake."

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