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23 Valentine's Gifts For Anyone Who Loves Food More Than People

Love is a full stomach.

1. A heart-shaped waffle iron for whipping up a romantic brunch spread.

2. A cheese-making kit, because nothing is more romantic than DIY dairy products.

3. A nacho-centric cookbook, because the only thing they love more than you is nachos.

4. A felted knife roll that'll look nice while protecting their precious babies.

5. A set of silicone bagel molds so they can finally put their money where your mouth is when it comes to bragging about the family recipe.

6. A pack of raspberry confections that are far tastier than ~totally expected~ sweetheart candies.

7. A salad dressing shaker to hold the homemade salad dressing they lovingly pour over your bowls of greens.

8. A fries fan enamel pin as an on-trend bat signal for your bud's priorities.

9. An ombre enamel teapot that's perfect for using around cozy campfires on trips with just the two of you.

10. A fondue pot for four so you can easily double-fist some hot cheese.

11. A novelty wine set that'll set the mood.

12. A teapot that fits over a mug so they can brew some heart-warming stuff on the go.

13. A folding cookbook stand that'll keep the Ina Garten book they stood in line to get signed looking fresh.

14. A brass-knuckle meat tenderizer for turning a bad day into a lovely meal.

15. A stainless-steel garlic press that'll make the most of a clove because love doesn't care about garlic breath.

16. And a stainless-steel bar because onion- and garlic-smelling hands still suck.

17. A digital food scale for precise measurements in the clutch when they're whipping up one of their dishes so you can graciously help them taste-test.

18. A book of lessons from the entrepreneurs who started businesses like Popchips and Justin's Nut Butters to help fuel their entrepreneurial fire.

19. Some tequila-infused or bourbon-infused chocolate sauce that'd be great over some homemade ice cream while you're nestled up on the couch.

20. A high-performance ratchet grinder to churn out the good stuff quicker so you can get it in your face hole faster.

21. A personalized rolling pin for making a ~romantic~ mark on pie crusts.

22. Some sustainable food wrap that's certified organic and much more impressive than regular Saran wrap because bae deserves nothing less than the best.

23. An herb stripper that cuts down on some knife nonsense and leaves more space for quality time together. Eating food.

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