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    Holy Shit, Diego Luna Is Starring In "Scarface"

    Paul Muni, Al Pacino, and now...Diego Luna.

    On Tuesday, Variety reported that Diego Luna is set to star in the remake of the cocaine-fueled gangster film Scarface.

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    Al Pacino starred in Scarface back in 1983, famously playing the role of Tony Montana, a Cuban immigrant who rose to power during the 1980s cocaine boom in Miami.

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    While Pacino's role was memorable, it was kinda weird that an Italian-American was playing a Cuban with a really fucking weird accent ("AIM A POHLEETICAL PREESONER FROM COOBA!").

    The film itself is a remake of the 1932 film produced by Howard Hughes.

    So far, people are a little torn about the idea of a Scarface remake.

    But, there are a lot of positive responses to Diego Luna starring as the lead.

    His casting has changed people's minds.

    And now they're bracing themselves for Diego Luna's version of Tony Montana.

    Which will not be an easy task, since Al Pacino made the role iconic.

    Nevertheless, people are stoked.

    People are already suggesting Gael García Bernal for the role of Manolo, Tony's best friend.

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    Spoilers: A friendship that turns...uh...sour.

    And some people think the idea of a Mexican starring in yet another film about the drug game is getting old.

    According to Variety, the film will be set in Los Angeles and focus on a Mexican immigrant. So...yeah.

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