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18 People Who Followed Instructions A Little Too Literally

"What? I did exactly as you said."

1. These parents who gave their son a great gift:

2. This boy who simply obeyed his mother:

3. This man who wanted to make his wife happy:

timelymanner85 / Via

4. This trophy maker who copied the text exactly as written:

toremygooch / Via

5. This baker who made sure both Dick and Matt had a great day:

6. This sibling who made sure to leave "a little of everything" left over for their brother:

Seely2593 / Via

7. This nature lover who wasn't going to judge an animal's dietary needs:

kingeryck / Via

8. This culinary expert who invented a whole new dish:

9. This student who took the "simple" part of the instructions to heart:

itissafedownstairs / Via

10. This new mother who didn't want to break the rules:

llimeygrl / Via

11. This daughter who was told to put her shoes by the door:

eimmaj / Via

12. This son who was told to put the shampoo and conditioner in the bathroom:

arbucklefatty / Via

13. And this son who was told he couldn't go outside:

rerational / Via

14. This man who knows the importance of obeying traffic signs:

boredcircuits / Via

15. This cyclist who knows that rules are rules:

Onixlee37 / Via

16. This driver whose reading comprehension is just a little too good:

17. This thrifty shopper who knows a good deal when he sees one:

18. And finally Siri, who is VERY literal:

jacktheBOSS / Via