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    18 People Try To Draw A Chameleon From Memory

    Spoiler: It does not go well.

    On Monday, Twitter user @Alex_jonsie's attempt to draw a chameleon went viral.

    I started crying in class because I tried to draw a chameleon from memory

    Chameleon photo via @caitlyngoodwin.

    It's fair to say that the sketch, while glorious, was far from photo-realistic.

    So we decided to give it a go ourselves, and let's just say that the results were, umm… mixed.

    1. You know things aren't going to go well when things start off with an apology.

    2. But in all fairness, chameleons are a complicated species, shaped by millions of years of evolution.

    3. However there is honestly no excuse for this one.

    4. Someone get this lizard a doctor. It's sick and it needs our help.

    5. This drawing isn't even of a real animal.

    6. 10/10 for drawing a non-fictional animal.

    7. "Hi, I heard you like to party?"

    8. For all the bad chameleons there were actually a couple of good ones.

    9. Like this one.

    10. And this super intense guy.

    11. To the untrained eye this one looks pretty good, but my God those eyes.

    What has he seen???

    12. What has these reptiles so shook?!

    13. Tbf I'd definitely watch a Pixar movie starring this little guy.

    14. This is definitely some sort of reptile, but probably not a lizard?

    15. There's no doubting this one's credentials – it says he's a chameleon right there above his human head.

    16. Do chameleons have tongues that look like Fruit Winders? I honestly don't know.

    17. OK, so it turns out drawing chameleons is actually quite hard.

    18. Seriously.