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We Tried To See If We Could Pass A 1950s Home Economics Class And It Was Harder Than Expected


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Based on everything we've been told about the 1950s, we've always thought a home economics class during that time would be SUPER intense. And so, the women of Ladylike -- who are already pretty so-so when it comes to modern adulting -- tried to see if they could pass this quiz based on a 1954 home economics textbook:

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Kristin was very confused about the question "What's the first thing you should do when you wake up in the morning?"

Chantel struggled with the question "How often should you wash your stockings?"


Saf was not having the answer to the question "How often should you wash your hair?"


Kristin was not prepared for the answer choices to the "Which of the following foods should always be washed before you prepare it?" question.


And everybody was a little worried at the "Which is the ideal structure for a family, democracy or patriarchy?" question.

Overall, while there were a lot of formalities and manners in the book that we don't really follow anymore, we were surprised at how much hasn't changed. And we have a lot to learn about adulting.


Think you could pass a 1950s home economics class? You can take the quiz for yourself here!

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