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Here's What The Mueller Report Says About The Alleged Pee Tape

Mentioned only in footnotes, the report said that a Russian businessman texted Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, about “compromising tapes.” But the businessman didn’t mention he had been told the tapes were fake.

Tasneem Nashrulla • 17 hours ago

The Armed 18-Year-Old Woman "Infatuated" With The Columbine Shooting Killed Herself

A massive search for Sol Pais had been sparked after she flew from Miami to Colorado on Tuesday and immediately bought a weapon.

Tasneem Nashrulla • One day ago

Photos Reveal The Damage Inside Notre Dame Cathedral After The Fire

A massive fire engulfed the world-famous cathedral in Paris on Monday.

Tasneem Nashrulla • 2 days ago

A High School Expelled A Girl For Kicking A Boy Who Entered The Girls' Bathroom To "Protest" Against A Trans Student

The boy entered the girls' bathroom at the North Pole High School in Alaska as a form of "protest" after a transgender student took a selfie in the boys' bathroom.

Tasneem Nashrulla • 3 days ago

A Pilot's Death Was Likely Caused By His Large Dog In The Plane's Passenger Seat

A federal investigation found that the Iowa pilot's 75-pound labradoodle often flew in the plane.

Tasneem Nashrulla • 6 days ago

Julian Assange Was Arrested In London And US Officials Want Him Brought To America To Face Hacking Charges

The WikiLeaks founder was taken into custody from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where he had spent nearly seven years.

Mark Di Stefano • 8 days ago

A Middle School Teacher Was Fired After A Student Obtained Her Topless Selfie. She Is Now Suing The School District For Gender Discrimination.

"My upper torso is no more offensive than a man's," said Lauren Miranda, a Long Island math teacher.

Tasneem Nashrulla • 14 days ago

A Judge Ordered Evidence Be Hidden From The Public During An Officer’s Trial For Killing An Innocent Woman. It’s Being Slammed As “Unconstitutional.”

The Minnesota judge’s order came during the highly publicized trial of a former Minneapolis police officer who fatally shot an Australian woman. “The public has a right to know what’s going on in the courtroom,” critics said.

Tasneem Nashrulla • 16 days ago

The Woman Who Famously Forgave A Teen For Nearly Killing Her In A Frozen Turkey Prank Has Died

Victoria Ruvolo made headlines in 2005 when she urged prosecutors for leniency after the teen’s violent prank broke nearly every bone in her face.

Tasneem Nashrulla • 21 days ago

Criminal Charges Against Jussie Smollett Have Been Dropped

The Empire star had been facing more than a dozen felony counts for allegedly filing a false police report, but the criminal case against him was suddenly dropped Tuesday.

Michael Blackmon • 23 days ago

Parkland Teens Say The Suicide Deaths Of Two Shooting Survivors Is A “Wake-Up Call” For America

Their comments raise questions about how schools nationwide can better prepare for this reality. The school district said it continues to provide ongoing support to the community.

Tasneem Nashrulla • 24 days ago

The Father Of A Sandy Hook Victim Apparently Killed Himself At A Newtown Town Hall

Jeremy Richman was a neuropharmacologist whose 6-year-old daughter Avielle was killed in the Sandy Hook mass shooting.

Tasneem Nashrulla • 24 days ago

Police Are Investigating The Death Of A Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Student As An Apparent Suicide

The juvenile’s death comes a week after a Parkland teen who was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder killed herself.

Tasneem Nashrulla • 25 days ago

A 17-Year-Old Has Been Arrested After An Online Racist Threat Shut Down All Charlottesville Schools For Two Days In A Row

A 4chan user reportedly threatened to carry out an "ethnic cleansing" at Charlottesville High School in Virginia.

Tasneem Nashrulla • 27 days ago

Teachers Were Injured After Being Shot With Plastic Pellets "Execution-Style" During An Active Shooter Drill

"They shot all of us across our backs," a teacher said. "It hurt so bad."

Tasneem Nashrulla • 28 days ago

New Zealand's Gun Owners Have So Far Voluntarily Surrendered 37 Firearms — Of An Estimated 1.2 Million — Since The Mosque Shootings

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern encouraged gun owners to surrender their weapons after announcing that her government is set to tighten gun laws in the country.

Tasneem Nashrulla • 29 days ago

A Suspected Gunman Who Killed Three People On A Netherlands Tram Has Been Arrested

Police had identified a 37-year-old man from Turkey as the suspect in the tram shooting in the Dutch city of Utrecht.

Tasneem Nashrulla • One month ago

A Woman Who Helped Treat An Injured Victim During The Christchurch Attack Is Being Hailed As A Hero

"I never thought in my life I would see something like this," she said. "Not in New Zealand."

Tasneem Nashrulla • One month ago

The Man Who Ran The College Admissions Scam Used His Charity To Donate $150,000 To His Own Son's University

William "Rick" Singer used his nonprofit organization — which prosecutors called a "purported charity" to bribe college officials — to donate $150,000 in cash grants to DePaul University where his son was a student.

Tasneem Nashrulla • One month ago

Boeing's 737 Max Jet Is Grounded In Much Of The World After The Ethiopia Crash, But Not The US

The European Union's aviation agency, along with several other countries, suspended all flights operating the Boeing 737 Max 8 after Sunday's deadly crash in Ethiopia.

Tasneem Nashrulla • One month ago