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If You're Having A Shitty Day, Just Listen To Magneto's "Vuela, Vuela"

"Vuela, vuela, no te haaAAAce falta equipaje..."

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In the year 1991 AD, Mexican boy band Magneto graced planet earth with the greatest pop song in the history of recorded sound. That song was "Vuela, Vuela" and the planet has never been the same since.

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If the song sounds super '80s, that's because it is. The song was a cover of the 1986 French pop song "Voyage, Voyage" by Desireless. And while it's a good song in its own right, it's got nothing on "Vuela, Vuela."


If you wanna see Magneto perform this song on a damn heliport (¯\_(ツ)_/¯), watch here:

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