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September 1, 2009

Getting a Tattoo While Skydiving

This would be a good way to commemorate the most terrifying experience of your life.

Phillip Garrido's Psychiatric Report

Radar claims to have a PDF of Phillip Garrido's psychiatric report, which concluded that he had abused LSD, suffered a history of severe sexual disorders and suffered from "emotional conflict" with his parents.

Role Players Have Their Car Repossessed

You kind of have to root for the Live Action Role-Playing kids in this one. I'd be mad too if some giant showed up in the middle of a battle and tried to make off with my steed.

Baby Chicks Being Ground Up Alive

Behind the scenes footage of baby chicks being ground up en masse at the world's largest egg-laying breed hatchery is being circulated by an animal rights organization.

The Kid Who Cries Blood

Calvino Inman, a Tennessee teenager, started crying tears of blood out of nowhere.

Disappointed Penguin!

Last seen in this roundup of disappointed animals, Disappointed Penguin is pretty damn disappointed about stuff.

Oldest Adult Baby?

Very old man prances around creepily in a diaper and pink Mickey Mouse shirt.

Five-Pound Gummy Bear

Five-pound gummy bear costs $40 and packs 12,600 calories.

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