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November 1, 2015

You'll want to watch a Japanese martial arts musical done entirely in rap, a film made illegally by a director banned from working, and a thriller shot in a one long take — and here's where to find them.

The one-time contender for the Republican nomination for president was 73.

The woman showed "signs of intoxication by alcohol and/or drugs", Omaha police said, surprising no one.

Forever a fighter.

Because stars never lie.

Health officials said the number of E. coli cases in Washington state and Oregon continue to rise and most of the victims ate at Chipotle before they became ill.

The Carters are ready for the Royal Palace of Zamunda.

Bling 231-377-1113 to hear it.

"I'll just never have sex again."

Tostilocos, Elote Preparado, Mango Con Chamoy, and Champurrado. Spice all the things!

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the AKP won big, with ramifications for the war against ISIS and the Syrian refugee crisis.

The words say it all.

*Drops mic*

"It's something I will never forget."

A 10-year-old girl, her 65-year-old grandfather, and a 24-year-old man died after the car struck six people.

Do you even author, tho?

No, you can't get a discount.

Stroll on down.

And they lived happily ever after.

"NĂŁo se cale, mostre que vocĂŞ nĂŁo tem vergonha de ser o que Ă© e continue incomodando os covardes", escreveu a atriz.

Queso + Espinaca + Alcachofas + Pan = AdiĂłs.

A tee a day keeps the doctor away

Halloween #squadgoals.

One hijab fashionista demonstrates how to rock a hijab in seven styles.

Go away.

"I had no idea what to do."

Know yourself.

He aquí algunos animales que pasan el tiempo con versiones de peluche de sí mismos, lo cual es claramente algo que los animales deberían hacer mucho más a menudo.

Don't even think about texting your ex. We got this.

This is what you should do with your extra hour this weekend.

Our Brand Is Crisis and Burnt lived up to their titles for their respective stars.

It's a right-handed world and we're just living in it.

With names like Baja Blast, Code Red and the upcoming Black Label, it's hard to know exactly what taste defines America's fifth most popular soda. And that's exactly how it's meant to be.

Nope. Nope. Nope.

The ad, a biographical spot that emphasizes his record released on Sunday morning, reflects his campaign's shift into the more traditional elements of presidential politics — and the sharper contrasts with Hillary Clinton.

They literally took away the sun from us and you are all celebrating an extra hour of sleep.

"I just want to be you, Mommy."

The Queen of Halloween did it again.

It's time to step away from the wine and popcorn.

"We wanted to ensure there are no more kids who only get to go on a swing once."

Find out which member of my friend group you are most like.

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Eat Comfy Stay Comfy!

"Remember teens: even Jesus once logged off for 3 days."

This year's match rejuvenated a long-running rivalry between Howard and Hampton.

Those CW eyes just get you.

“I work at a tanning salon…so- no- it wasn’t worth it.”

Toma notas, porque estas bellezas son brutales.

Do you know the actual names of your fave emojis?

Campus officials at Winston-Salem State University said they have no confirmed suspect in the shooting.

Your mutual disdain is written in the stars.

New Zealand rugby player Sonny Bill Williams felt sorry for a boy who was tackled by security.

The Scottish Labour leader believes she could eat seven apples before vomiting, would rather fight 50 duck-sized horses than one horse-sized duck, and thinks she could beat up a baboon.

"I take my fish oil vitamin with red wine, playa."

Forever and ever.

Butts for everyone!

You know how I look this good? SLEEP, that's how.

Class is in session.

"We don't lick other people's balls."

Eggspress yourself.

How to easily cut cleanup time, figure out high vs. low, and slow-cook like a pro.

Sweet dreams.

Think of the next few weeks as "Thanksgiving training".

Move over, Merriam-Webster — you don't know these words.

Maybe this person wasn’t the one-dimensional villain I’d made him out to be.

Spreading awareness by spreading our cheeks.

Find out who secretly gets you going.

"He's my best friend...but don't tell him that!"

♪♫ Deck the halls with cans of spray paint. ♫♪

Profanely cool.

Because your dirty laundry won't wash itself.

As Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas struggles to maintain his grip on power, his party has become increasingly aggressive about pursuing Palestinians who openly oppose their government.

A man from another media moment.

All doable, all delicious.

Although the vote went against the wishes of leader Kezia Dugdale, she told BuzzFeed News it would be honoured.

Des milliers de manifestants étaient présents le 31 octobre à Paris, pour dire «non au racisme, à l'islamophobie et aux violences policières».

Kudos to the kids that dressed up as Michelle and Barack Obama.

Woof, there it is. Woof, woof there it is.

"Oh, right, OK, right, OK, forgive me, forgive me, I thought it was a pre-record," said the flustered education minister.

'Well, aren't you exotic?'

The holiday season is on its way!

Erase the men to see the real picture of women on boards today.

You can stick your sexy mouse.

*cries in tears of grammy awards*

«On ne doit plus et on ne veut plus avoir peur de la police», demande Amal Bentounsi, l'initiatrice de cette marche.

Imagine if there was customer care service to know why those blue ticks on whatsapp take too long to appear or to know why your girlfriend is not receiving your messages. The result is hilarious :

Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin disappeared in August. Nearly three months later, their son and his girlfriend are the prime suspects.

"You have the word 'juicy' on your rear end."

No, she didn't go as Elsa.

The wreckage of the missing El Faro was found in the Atlantic over the weekend, authorities confirmed Monday. The ship was carrying 33 crew members when it disappeared on Oct. 1.

Cherry Ripes are Australian... right?

They're only the BEST CANDY EVER.

We all have a bit of Amber in our souls.

Attention aux cauchemars!

Du tourisme qui n'a rien de macabre.

The former NRL star is reportedly "shocked and upset" by the news.

"What is Tim Tam?"

Let's see how good your memory is.

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