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November 1, 2014

They may look like bloodsuckers, but the Kashmir musk deer use their teeth to fight males during mating season.

Because Harry knows how you feel...always.

Bow down to your butterfly overlord.

Everything is under $40.

The fire gutted a building that just hours earlier had hosted a Halloween party.

"RIHphael. (She was Raphael.)

But seriously, homo milk can't be real, right?

Los que no son temerarios sólo pueden disfrutar los paisajes desde el suelo.

The two do insanely funny impressions of Christopher Walken, Bill Clinton, and more.

Because nothing is quite more frightful than reality.

You get to choose, because life... finds... a WAY.

Britney's loneliness isn't killing her no more... because now there are two of her.

But he's really supposed to be Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Do Not Disturb. We're trying to figure out how the shower works.

Blowing into your drink with a straw.

"I'm not embarrassed or ashamed of anything."

Whether you're currently part of the V club or would like a refresher to remember what it was like, these will probably sound familiar to you.

Just a little review on Samsung's latest Tech!

Like it says on the box...

And North West was also part of the Vogue crew.

Because who else can take on the world quite like we can?

#WhoTookBeth (Warning: spoilers ahead.)

When did babies get Facebook?

"I don't have friends. I got family."




"¿Estás seguro?"

Anything this funny can't be wrong.

Apparently some of the Kardashians missed the memo about appropriating other cultures on Halloween.



This is the most high-profile prosecution of people alleged to be gay in Egypt in more than a decade.

Spoilers for anyone currently on a Netflix binge.

When you have no idea how to use any of the machines.

Step one: Make a big batch of something delicious now. Step two: Bask in the glory of (still-delicious!) leftovers later.

The King Charles Spaniel had been living in quarantine for 21 days while his owner, Nina Pham, recovered from Ebola. Earlier this year, a dog was euthanized in Spain after his owner was diagnosed with Ebola.

You may know that Gates was arrested back in the '70s, but there's more to it.

Open your world to new possibilities.

A synopsis? You want me to summarize my entire novel IN ONE PAGE???

Put on your warpaint.

She clearly does all her own stunts.

Why isn't it publicly acceptable to pull up your tights wherever?

Because Australia.

The week's best feature stories are just an email away.

Off the heels of a colorful exchange in New Jersey, N.J. Gov. Chris Christie encounters measured optimism in central Wisconsin. On the road with potential 2016 candidates.


"Bahahaha win."

The only way to kill a mean-spirited internet joke is to become that meme yourself.

It was going pretty well until they all started gagging and crying.

Because there's always room for more.

In 1994, Andre was a mild hit, but the fate of the animal at its center remained decidedly unclear. This is the story of how the sea lion lead of a film "based on a true story" became a movie star, a Katrina hurricane refugee, and a Bahamian expatriate.

Do(t) work.

So you want to eat healthier and get in shape? That’s great! Learn from some people who’ve definitely been there.

Success in life is measured only in terms of the number of embellishments that you own. #scrapbookthuglife.

Do it for your teeth, your wallet, and your friend the scuba diver.

Because all beans can be magical, if you give them the chance.

Spite every polar vortex. And smell good while you do it.

Because these root vegetables aren't going to just eat themselves.

"We ultimately looked at it as one long accident," writer-director Dan Gilroy told BuzzFeed News. SPOILERS ahead!

She's been watching Call The Midwife as research.

Analog is so 1998, but great home decor never goes out of style. Pick up some clock kits and get crafting.

They have refused to deliver the leaflet on the grounds that it is threatening and abusive.


As Honey Boo Boo's Mama June's celebrity continues to plummet, we thought it fitting to immortalize her short lived fame with this.

Todo lo que necesito en esta vida de pecado...

The Ready for Hillary strategy session this month will feature officials from Priorities USA, EMILY's List, and longtime Clinton backers like James Carville.

A dog recently saved from death in Egypt, relaxes with her new furry friends.

They see the line, and then they cross it.

Russia-backed rebels have organized elections for Sunday. Max Seddon reports from Donetsk, Ukraine, for BuzzFeed News.

How many kids are crawling up your legs right now?

Each and every time your heart stopped.

We know those times where you might of forgot to buy candy to give the kids on Halloween, or you got lost in the middle of nowhere going trick or treating at night. Tell us your bad halloween experience in the comments below.

Talk about bad timing. If you're not the very Halloweeny type then chances are you don't plan ahead in order to celebrate.

Updated: Police said they arrested a man suspected of killing three teenage girls Friday night in a hit-and-run in Southern California.

Nationwide dilemma - easy solution. The following tips are for girls everywhere (that means YOU.)

Answering your inqueeries...

This is how awkward things would be if we casually dropped rap lyrics IRL.

The attorney general flagged the contractor. The city says the work was performed correctly, but says the situation is under review.

A judge in Tijuana ordered officials to release Andrew Tahmooressi from jail. Tahmooressi was imprisoned after he crossed into Mexico on March 31.

From Katy Perry as a flaming hot Cheeto, to Beyonce as Janet Jackson.

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