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22 Poems That Got You Through 2016

Amidst the ongoing wars over culture, truth and language that defined 2016, here are some of poems we read in order to find America's pulse.

Saeed Jones 2 years ago
Saeed Jones 2 years ago

Poem: "Social Skills Training" By Solmaz Sharif

A new poem for BuzzFeed READER from Sharif's forthcoming collection Look.

Saeed Jones 3 years ago
Saeed Jones 3 years ago

5 Men Talk About Their Struggles With Body Image

Five men discuss their relationship with their body, how it's affected their lives, and how to move forward.

Jean-Luc Bouchard 3 years ago

Self-Portrait Of The Artist As Ungrateful Black Writer

No, I'm not happy to "just be here." Racism doesn't vanish the moment we set foot into the ivory towers and glittering soirees of the literati.

Saeed Jones 4 years ago

BuzzFeed Emerging Writers Fellowship 2018

Enter this fellowship as a promising writer and become a force to be reckoned with. Apply by Dec. 4, 2017.

Saeed Jones 4 years ago

All The Types Of Sex You'll Have Living In New York City

"Waking Up And Not Knowing What Borough You're In Sex." Consider this a to-do list.

Sarah Karlan 4 years ago

What "Empire" Means For Blackness On Television

Fox's new series has broken ratings records — and it's also broken ground in terms of its portrayal of race, queerness, and women on television. But that doesn’t mean it's perfect, as BuzzFeed Entertainment Senior Editor Kelley Carter, BuzzFeed LGBT Editor Saeed Jones, and BuzzFeed Staff Writer Ira Madison III discuss.

Kelley L. Carter 4 years ago

Apple CEO Tim Cook: "I’m Proud To Be Gay"

The CEO of Apple said he identifies as gay in an article Thursday for Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

Tom Namako 5 years ago

The Last Time My Grandmother Slapped Me

"Sometimes we have to forget in order to keep loving the people we need to love."

Saeed Jones 5 years ago

How We Fuck Now

BuzzFeed LGBT editor Saeed Jones joins journalists Steven Thrasher and Dave Tuller to discuss sex, gay men, and what we are (and aren’t) doing. "Marriage and wedding registries are much easier to talk about than fucking."

Saeed Jones 5 years ago

What Will We Do With All This Freedom?

Gay men have benefited the most from legal and cultural breakthroughs. We need to get over ourselves and care about issues that aren’t specifically about gay men.

Saeed Jones 5 years ago

Conchita Wurst Just Showed Paris Fashion Week How To Work The Runway

The 2014 Eurovision winner walked the runway in Paris during John Paul Gaultier's 2014 Fall/Winter Haute Couture show.

Saeed Jones 5 years ago

The 19 Realest Tumblr Posts About The Sex Lives Of Gay Men

I've been drinking pineapple juice for weeks. NSFW.

Saeed Jones 5 years ago

31 Reasons We Need To Talk About David McIntosh Right Now

He isn't a convicted felon; no one is perfect.

Saeed Jones 5 years ago

A Definitive Ranking Of The 20 Most Smoldering Male Fashion Designers

Hot men who make beautiful clothes? Yes, please!

Julie Gerstein 5 years ago

25 Questions Straight People Need To Answer Immediately

This whole "heterosexuality" thing has gone on long enough.

Saeed Jones 5 years ago

Jeremy Meeks' Mugshot Is Officially A Meme

The thirst is real — allegedly.

Saeed Jones 5 years ago

Alexander Masson Is Unreasonably Attractive

You might recognize him from the music video for "I Luh You Papi."

Saeed Jones 5 years ago