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    Posted on Mar 19, 2015

    All The Types Of Sex You'll Have Living In New York City

    "Waking Up And Not Knowing What Borough You're In Sex." Consider this a to-do list.

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    1. "Wake Up And Don't Know What Borough You're In" Sex

    2. "Your Roommate Is Home And Your Apartment Has Thin Walls" Sex

    3. "Your Roommate Is Asleep And Your Apartment Has Thin Walls" Sex

    4. "Your Roommate Will Be Back Any Minute" Sex

    5. "Your Roommate Is Gone All Weekend" Sex

    6. "I Don't Have Any Roommates" Sex

    7. "Quick, Run To The Bodega For Condoms" Sex

    8. "The Blinds Are Open And Our Neighbors Can Probably See" Sex

    9. "Hurry, Before The Seamless Guy Gets Here" Sex

    10. "Back Seat Of The Taxi" Sex

    11. "Back Seat Of The Uber" Sex

    12."Getting The D On The D Train" Sex

    13. "Elevator With A Security Camera" Sex

    14. "Lost In Central Park" Sex

    15. "Lost In Prospect Park" Sex

    16. "Summer Heat Wave With No A/C" Sex

    17. "Difficult Shower Sex Because It's So Hot Outside" Sex

    18. "City Wide Power Outage" Sex

    19. "Blizzard Bae" Sex

    20. "That One Tropical Storm/Hurricane Every Year" Sex

    21. "On The Fire Escape During The Summer" Sex

    22. "On The Fire Escape During A Blizzard" Sex

    23. "I Just Wanted To See Your Apartment" Sex

    24. "I Can't Stand You But Love Your Apartment" Sex

    25. "Just Noticed You Have No Books Here, This Is The End" Sex

    26. "Pre-Brunch Quickie" Sex

    27. "Post-Brunch Quickie" Sex

    28. "I Know You'll Buy My Brunch" Sex

    29. "Dive Bar Bathroom" Sex

    30. "The L Train Is Down So We Are Stranded" Sex

    31. "Drunk After The Pride Parade" Sex

    32. "Drunk On St. Patrick's Day" Sex

    33. "Avoiding Santacon" Sex

    34. "I Liked Your Halloween Costume On The F Train" Sex

    35. "Really, Really, REALLY Fancy Hotel Room" Sex

    36. "Not Even Close To Fancy Hotel Room" Sex

    37. "I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane" Sex

    38. "I Swiped Right By Accident But That's Okay" Sex

    39. "You Don't Look Like Your Tinder Profile Picture" Sex

    40. "Rented An AirBnB Upstate" Sex

    41. "Late Night At The Office" Sex

    42. "The Cost Of The Cab Was Worth It" Sex

    43. "The Cost Of The Cab Wasn't Worth It" Sex

    44. "New Apartment, No Furniture Yet" Sex

    45. "We Finally Got A Bed" Sex

    46. "We Finally Got A Couch" Sex

    47. "Last Day On The Lease" Sex

    48. "It's Really Noisy In The East Village, Might As Well" Sex

    49. "I Slid Into Your DMs And It Worked" Sex

    50. "We Are Avoiding Defining The Relationship" Sex

    51. "We Have The Same Neighborhood Bar" Sex

    52. "Let's Split A Cab" Sex

    53."Just Ate A Lot Of Halal Cart, But Fuck It" Sex

    54. "I Can't Believe I Went To New Jersey And Crossed State Lines" Sex

    55. "Staycation" Sex

    56. "I Got A Raise!" Sex

    57. "I Got Laid Off" Sex

    58. "This Building Has Roof Access" Sex

    59. "This Building Doesn't Have Roof Access But Let's Go Up Anyway" Sex

    60. "Got Locked Out On The Roof" Sex

    Get busy, New York.

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