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November 3, 2014

How Will You Meet Your Significant Other?

What will your "meet cute" story be?

Is Taylor Swift Right About Spotify?

Are marquee artists who abstain from streaming services like Spotify saving the music industry, or hastening its demise?

Would You Make A Good BuzzFeed Employee?

Take this quiz to find out if you are the right candidate for the BuzzFeed Editorial Fellowship in Los Angeles.

21 Struggles Every Short Girl Has In Winter

Your knee-high boots are actually crotch-high boots.

16 Reasons Not To Forget Thanksgiving

It's hard to be a holiday in the shadow of Christmas, but that doesn't mean Thanksgiving can't try.

17 Of The Sexiest Quotes Ever Spoken

Brace yourself for some beautiful words.

JPMorgan Discloses Criminal Investigation, Says Losses Could Top $5.9 Billion

The announcement follows a similar disclosure by Citigroup, as authorities take a closer look at the suspect trading in the foreign exchange market.

Great Chip Debate 2014

Folded or Flat?

How Weird Are Your Texting Habits?

*Keeps phone open and watches as the other person types their response*

18 couples qui ont besoin d'une douche froide et d'une chambre

Les démonstrations d'affection en public devraient être interdites par la loi.

Mexican Expats Demand Justice For Slain And Missing Students

Mexicans around the globe are mobilizing to put pressure on the Mexican government to find the 43 students from Guerrero who have been missing since September 26. Activists blame the government for what they call its complicity with drug violence.

30 Actors You Forgot Were British

If the Sons of Anarchy star didn't show his British roots when saying the words "Tara," "mother," and "doctor" you might actually believe he hailed from California.

13 Cabins That Will Make You Want To Run Away From It All

Philip Jodidio's Cabins highlights all of the best rustic, minimalist, and low-impact sanctuaries around the world. Here are just a few.

21 Feelings Every Girl Who Loves To Work Out Will Understand

The feeling of the PERFECT sports bra.

Everything You Need To Know Now About Beyoncé's Next Surprise Album

That leaked tracklist? Fake. But a four-disc special edition, to be released Nov. 24, seems increasingly likely.

Les 42 chiots les plus craquants de tous les temps

Mon cœur a du mal à supporter tant de mignonitude.

26 Commandments For Flirting With Women Without Being "That Guy"

Thou shalt not listen to pick-up artists. Ever.

15 Struggles Only People Who Hate Driving Will Understand

*online shops for teleportation device*

24 Struggles Of Wearing High Heels

The struggle is heel.

Estate Of "Sherlock Holmes" Author Loses Case Seeking To Stop Others' Use Of Character

The Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal of a case in which a writer was granted permission to use the Holmes character in his stories.

17 Reasons Why Being A Morning Person Ruins You For Life

Morning people have it the absolute worst.

A Guy Is Giving Away A Plane Ticket Around The World To Anyone With His Ex's Name

It's your lucky day (if your name is Elizabeth Gallagher).

17 Surreally Creepy Abandoned Places Around The World

These stunning relics of the not-so-distant past are insane.

Los 26 momentos más vergonzosos que alguna vez hayan sucedido

El malentendido de tu saludo con un golpe de puños o el de "high five" no tiene nada que ver en esto.

31 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Cats

Sometimes, cats get a bad rap. These kitties are here to prove that cats truly are the best kind of friends.

This Woman Is Wrongly Being Called A Sexual Predator After Her Private Sex Tape Was Used For A Hoax

A fake story was attached to a woman's sex tape and now the internet is convinced she's a teacher who was caught sleeping with one of her students.

If Cats Told You What They Were Thinking

Cats are the best! But sometimes they give you that look like Regina George judging you.

Democratic Senator "Regrets" Comments About Joni Ernst's Looks

"I shouldn't have said those things, I know that."

How Do Your Pinterest Habits Stack Up?

Compare yourself to the masses and rejoice together over your obsessive pinning. Hooray!

23 Imágenes que confirman que los animales son lo más tierno del planeta

Prepárate para ver las cosas más awwwdorables de la historia.

NPR's "Car Talk" Host Tom Magliozzi Has Died At 77

The popular radio personality died of complications from Alzheimer's disease.

If You Don't Love Postmodern Jutebox Yet, You Should

"An alternate universe of pop music."

14 Festive Ways To Use Gingerbread

'Tis the Season, after all.

Can You Guess If These Rappers Are Older Than These Classic Rap Albums?

♫ Who the eff is this, quizzin' me at 5:46 in the mornin,' crack of dawnin.' ♫

30 Veces en las que Siri nos dio las mejores respuestas

La tecnología reemplazará a los humanos muy pronto...

A Picture Of The Most Beautiful Person To Ever Walk This Planet

I'm talking celebrity photoshop hot sans the photoshop and celebrity part.

I Went To Japan To Eat The Black Burgers From McDonald's And Burger King And Here's What I Discovered

This definitely isn't Michael Fassbender fan fiction disguised as a fast food review.

50 coisas que mostram que bom mesmo era curtir o verão nos anos 90

Providenciando cada item desta lista para o próximo fim de semana.

32 Times Justin Timberlake Was A Beautiful Human Man

Stop, let me get a good look at it.

19 signes qui montrent que vous n'êtes pas prêt pour l'âge adulte

Procrastination est votre deuxième prénom.

What Girls With Bitchface Look Like Vs. What They're Actually Thinking

The eyes are definitely not the windows to the soul.

Nick Offerman Saves A Marriage In A Fake Home Depot Ad Because He's Nick Offerman

Last Week Tonight reminds us why sales associates exist in the first place.

IG: Secret Service Only Watched Employee's Home For A Few Days — Not Months

White House guards were sent to the home of an employee in a spat with a neighbor, but for less time than was initially reported.

LOTR Swag Around the Internet

Will it be YOUR precious?

Here's Why You Should Deep Fry Your Thanksgiving Turkey

You really should do this, and not only because it's badass. It just tastes better.

25 ideas de tatuajes para los del signo Escorpio

También conocido como el mejor signo del zodiaco.

Moments Only Hypochondriacs Understand

Have you met my doctor? Web M.D.

30 Pieces Of The Berlin Wall Spread Out All Over The World

This Sunday, Germany will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. To mark the event, Reuters photographers around the world captured images of segments of the wall, which are kept as monuments in countries from Taiwan to South Africa and Guatemala. People walk by these every day and may never know they are passing amazing pieces of history.

25 Reasons To Start Celebrating Christmas Right Now

Other than it being the most wonderful time of the year.

23 Reasons Living In Florida Ruins You For Life

I'm sorry, what is this "snow shovel" that you speak of?

23 Unbelievable Lies All '90s Kids Told

NO ONE knows what's in a Wonder Ball.

Watch These Kid's React To Their Dad In A Chicken Costume

Chickens aren't a girl's best friend.

Watch These Kid's React To Their Dad In A Chicken Costume

Chickens aren't a girl's best friend.

Si las princesas de Disney tuvieran cinturas realistas

Cinturas más saludables para ellas y un autoestima más saludable para nosotros mientras crecemos.

15 Sweaters You Totally Must Have Or Your Life Might Be Ruined

Winter's fast approaching. Don't be left out in the cold.

Would You Live In This 86-Square-Foot Apartment?

Hidden storage turns this miniscule "maid room" in Paris into a cute and chic pad.

24 Things Photographers Know To Be True

Because the struggle is real...and because BuzzFeed wants to share YOUR awesome photos essays with the world!

Can You Tell The Difference Between Bible Verses And Victorian Erotica?

For every question you get right, an angel gets its wings.

17 Reasons Why Aidy Bryant Is Your Spirit Animal

Miss. Baditude comin' atcha live from New York

Which Is It: Garbage Or Contemporary Art?

Can you spot the difference?

A Scottish Football Reporter Covered A Tedious Game In The Most Delightful Way Imaginable

What do you do when you have to write up an incredibly dull goalless draw between Morton and Airdrie? This.

15 problemas que enfrentan quienes transitan las calles de Buenos Aires

Esto es lo que pasa cuando en una ciudad circulan 2 millones de autos por día.

17 People Who Don't Understand The Word "Arab"

Not all Muslims are Arabs. Not all Arabs are Muslim.

Ariana Grande Releases New Music Video With The Weeknd

In a surprisingly personal move to switch up her image, Ariana Grande made a video showcasing the right side of her face.

Which Celebrity Costume Won Halloween This Year?

In a year that featured Katy Perry as a cheeto and Iggy Azalea as White Chicks, who wins?

An Infamous Nazi Concentration Camp Sign Was Stolen This Weekend

A sign bearing the Nazi slogan "Work Sets You Free" (Arbeit Macht Frei) has been stolen from the earliest known concentration camp, the BBC reported.

The "What Does The Fox Say?" Guys On Helium Sound Like The Minions From "Despicable Me"

They performed The Platters' "Only You" on their show recently.

Die besten W-Lan-Namen aller Zeiten

Zettel im Flur waren gestern.

How Many Alfred Hitchcock Films Have You Seen?

The Master of Suspense did more than just Psycho, you know.

22 Signs You're Definitely Not An Adult Yet

Procrastinating > productivity.

24 Delicious Finnish Dishes Everyone Should Learn To Cook

Once you've made korvapuusti once, you'll never stop.

Ted Cruz Is The Frontrunner For The Republican Nomination

What happens when you combine establishment credentials with a true believer.

23 Struggles All Flat-Chested Ladies Know To Be True

Chairperson of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee.

19 Times Jamie Dornan Should Just Show His Penis In "Fifty Shades Of Grey"

The actor confirmed that there will be no full frontal in Fifty Shades of Grey, which just doesn't seem fair. NSFW language, obviously.

19 cosas graciosísimas que hacen las personas que no tienen hijos

"Yo sé lo que es ser padre –¡Tengo un perro!"

24 barbes et moustaches de l'extrême

Novembre signe le retour de Movember. Voici donc de quoi célébrer la pilosité masculine.

19 Things You Never Knew About Vance Joy

Get to know the Australian singer-songwriter who stole our hearts with his hit single "Riptide."

A Russian Company Took Down A Huge iPhone Sculpture Because Tim Cook Is Gay

The company said the iPhone was now "gay propaganda."

The Ultimate Parenting Survey You Need To Take Right Now

No judgement, just answers. Find out where you stand.

Red Lobster's Comeback Plan: More Lobster

The seafood chain, recently sold to private equity firm Golden Gate Capital, plans to revamp its new menu to focus more on its namesake. For diners, it means more surf, less turf.

19 Signs You Grew Up Eating Health Food Before It Was Cool

Before there was gluten-free, there were... your hippie parents.

Father Tortures His Teen Daughter's Alleged Rapist To Death

"I burned his genitals once, he screamed. I did it again, he shuddered." The father invited the alleged assailant to dinner.

13 Things In The "RHOBH" Season 5 Trailer That Must Be Explained Immediately

For starters, when did these civilized ladies get so violent?

22 Pictures That Only Fans Of "The Avengers" Will Find Funny

Mainly because Tony Stark is a badass.

This Conservative MP Is Constantly Tweeting Amazingly Awful Jokes

Chris Heaton-Harris, Conservative MP for Daventry, is a fan of bad puns.

22 Preguntas que te hacen querer decir: DÉJAME EN PAZ

Pero obviamente no lo hacemos, y respondemos como tontos con una sonrisa falsa.

Kate Middleton Wearing Hats - As Found On Pinterest

Kate looks amazing in hats. Enough said.

25 Things You Inevitably See At A South Asian Wedding

It's between two and ten days of fun!

23 Times People Got Bored In The Herb Section

So many anagrams, so little thyme.

Here's Exactly How A McRib Gets Made

Dang, that sure is a lot of meat...

How “New Girl” Lost Its Way and Found Itself Again

Following an underwhelming third season, the Fox comedy has creatively rebounded in Season 4 by telling simpler, funnier stories. New Girl’s executive producers explain to BuzzFeed News how they regained control over their show.

A Rescue Centre Is Looking For Kitten Cuddlers To Hug Its Cats

Everything has been building up to this moment.

This Is How ISIS Smuggles Oil

An exclusive ground-level look at the illicit oil trade that has made ISIS the world's richest extremist group. BuzzFeed News' Mike Giglio reports from the Turkey–Syria border.

Taylor Swift Is Playing Hyde Park Next Summer And Life Just Got Wonderful

This post contains the news that Taylor Swift will be playing a gig in Hyde Park next Summer.

23 Struggles Every Movie Theater Employee Will Understand

"What time does the 6:30 p.m. showing start?"

U.S. To Tighten Screening Of Europeans And Australians Amid Concerns Of Islamist Militants

Additional security measures will be imposed for millions of travelers from countries that do not require U.S. visas due to the rising threat of Islamic militants with Western passports.

Testing Instagram Embeds

THis is a single embed post

Lisa Kudrow's "Comeback" Is A Rare Second Chance

In 2005, Kudrow and Michael Patrick King created The Comeback for HBO, but, ahead of its time in its critique of celebrity, reality TV, and narcissism, it lasted only one season. Nine years later, ​they reveal the story behind the now-beloved cult comedy's unlikely return.

17 Times Tumblr Proved It Was The Best History Teacher

History is incredibly strange, and so is Tumblr.

Taylor Swift Just Removed All Her Albums From Spotify

A source close to the music service said it was "taken completely off guard" when it received notice of the move last Thursday.

Jess Weixler Is Missing From Season 6 Of "The Good Wife"

Daring investigator Robyn Burdine joined Lockhart/Gardner halfway through Season 4, but the actor who plays her has barely been in the current season. So just what happened to Robyn?

Men Wanted After Spate Of "Wicked" Poppy Tin Thefts In West Midlands

CCTV footage of some of the thefts has been released.

Joni Ernst "Greatly Offended" By Taylor Swift Comparison

"I think it's unfortunate that he and many of their party believe you can't be a real woman if you're conservative and you're female."

This Awesome Comedic Song Pays Tribute To South India And Slams Stereotypes

"We are not a single state; we're here to clear the slate."

Watch A Scientist Explain Their Work With A Dance Routine

More scientists should communicate their Ph.D. by dancing.

This Man Mixed His Wife's Ashes Into Fireworks And Blasted Them Across The Night Sky

Annette Maunder's ashes exploded over Plymouth on Saturday.

Liberia's Nurses Find Brilliant Ways To Bring Back Basic Health Care

For months, most clinics and hospitals in Liberia have been closed because of the Ebola crisis. But that hasn’t stopped dedicated health workers from helping their sick neighbors. Jina Moore reports for BuzzFeed News from Liberia.

Stunning Photos Of Nik Wallenda Breaking Two Tightrope Records

The daredevil walked a steep incline on a tightrope between two Chicago buildings, then made another walk blindfolded.

Teenage Poppy-Seller Burned In Aerosol Attack In Manchester

The 15-year-old is in a state of shock following the attack, police said.

Disney Princesses Rated In Order Of Fierceness

Despite everybodys obvious love for Disney and its darling princesses, there’s no denying there’s some massive flaws when it came to their common sense. So, from spending your full adolescent in a tower, waiting for your prince to come, to getting out into the real world and getting sh*t done, we’ve ranked the girls in order of feist and sass.

How Well Do You Know The Friends Episode "The One With The Prom Video"?

This is one of the favorites america's Friends' episode. This episode's where Rachel realizes just how long Ross has been in love with her is a fan favorite, often ending up at the top of many Best Of lists.

37 Funny And Inspired Thoughts From Lena Dunham's Book Tour

The 28-year-old author and Girls creator charmed London on her recent book tour. Here are the highlights.

World Trade Center Reopens For Business

More than 13 years after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, Conde Nast will begin moving in to the new One World Trade Center.

ERIEL INDIGO Pop Music's Galactivated New Princess

ERIEL INDIGO Galactivated Pop Princess

Bryan Adams Has Taken Some Incredibly Powerful Pictures Of Wounded British Soldiers

The Canadian rock star’s pictures will be displayed at Somerset House from 12 November to January 2015 and are also published in a book: Wounded: The Legacy of War.

13 Everyday Awkward Moments

Go to say hi. Realise you only know them through Facebook.

Scientists Dressed Up A Rover As A Baby Penguin To Infiltrate A Group Of Actual Penguins For Science

As well as looking really cute, it means the penguins don't get disturbed by human scientists. Important update: this post now contains a video.

19 Everyday Fit Girl Problems

No shame in a #GymSelfie.

This Video Shows What Indian Parents Actually Think About Dating

"Kids these days only date for fun. You know what I mean by 'fun'?"

Un vistazo a los presidentes de los Estados Unidos en su primer y último año en el cargo

Desliza el cursor en la foto para comparar a estos presidentes.

23 BVG-Momente, die Dich in den Wahnsinn treiben

Berliner sind die härtesten. Das gilt auch für ihre Trams, U-Bahnen und Busse.

This Woman Set Up An Instagram To Show The Shocking Truth Of Being A Woman Online

The screenshots uploaded detail the abuse and harassment women face daily. BuzzFeed News spoke to the creator of the account.

19 Things Scottish People Miss When They Move To London

Just because Irn-Bru is widely available now doesn't make it the same, OK?

This Video Appears To Show ISIS Fighters Joking About Selling Slave Girls

BuzzFeed News could not independently verify the contents of the video, which has been newly translated by Al Aan TV.

British Banker Appears In Court Charged With Murdering Two Women In Hong Kong

Two women were found dead at Rurik Jutting’s home; one was discovered in a suitcase on the balcony.

A Rare Cloud Dazzled Victoria And People Thought It Was The Rapture

Fallstreak Hole cloud formation baffles Wonthaggi, south-east of Melbourne.

29 Passive-Aggressive Windshield Notes That Forgot How To Passive

Forget polite notes, these drivers are ANGRY. NSFW language.

SpaceShipTwo Debris Found 35 Miles Away From Main Crash Site

Investigators said a device used to slow the plane down was prematurely deployed by the co-pilot, and seconds later the craft began to disintegrate.

Who Said It: Someone From The Cast Of "Friends" Or "New Girl"?

Joey or Nick? Monica or Jess? Chandler or Schmidt?

16 Forgotten Australian Laws You May Have Already Broken

Ever changed a lightbulb in Victoria? Go directly to jail. Do not pass go.

Real Reasons To Be A Professional Mermaid

More than just the free clam bra! Admit it- this is your dream job.

Which Brooklyn Nine Nine Character Are You?

Who would you be in NYPD's 99th Precinct?

Walking Dead Fans: PREPARE TO ROCK

A guitar manufactor called Artist Series Guitars has released a line of Walking Dead guitars.................Let me repeat that...."A guitar manufactor called Artist Series Guitars has released a line of Walking Dead guitars.".... No big deal right?....... WRONG!!! THIS IS BLEEPIN' AWESOME.... Allow me to show you some of these awesome guitars....

25 questions que toutes les filles aux cheveux bouclés ne veulent plus entendre

« Je peux toucher ? » Bien sûr, si je peux toucher ton visage avec mon poing après.

Teenagers Just Turned This Guy Named Alex Who Works At Target Into A Huge Meme

So this is weird and also kind of scary. UPDATE: A marketing company is claiming responsibly for introducing the Alex From Target meme.

Ukraine's LGBT Community On Edge After Film Screenings Attacked

Kiev's oldest movie theater was set on fire last week while an LGBT film was playing. Men in camouflage tried to stop a second screening days later.

23 Definite Signs You're Addicted To Television

"I'll stop watching...after the next episode."

AMC, Including "The Walking Dead," Might Not Be Available On DirecTV Much Longer

The network's agreement with the satellite company expires at the end of the year and negotiations for a new contract are currently at a standstill.

Labor MP Reveals Love For LOLcats In Suspicious Twitter Dump

Michael Danby tweeted his top 10 cats and it had everyone scratching their heads.

Nathan Fillion And Joss Whedon Recently Fought With Lightsabers

Geek nirvana has been achieved. All thanks to Britanick's Brian McElhaney.

The Official BuzzFeed Melbourne Cup Form Guide

Don't know who to bet on? That's okay, BuzzFeed has your back.

Brittany Maynard, The 29-Year-Old Woman With Terminal Cancer, Has Ended Her Own Life

Last week, Maynard released a video explaining that she no longer wished to end her life on a set date, but would wait until it "seemed like the right time."

Delia's, Beloved '90s Chain, Is On Its Deathbed

So long, and thanks for all the maxi skirts. The teen retailer is performing horribly by every measure, and soon could be delisted from the Nasdaq.

Watch This Guy's Superb Parody Of "Let It Go" Promoting Movember

"The fur grows brown on the jawline tonight, not a razor to be seen."

Rand Paul Is Not The Most Interesting Man In Politics

He's actually kind of normal and awkward. Why that works for him.

Chris Christie Goes To Church In South Carolina

Gov. Chris Christie and Gov. Nikki Haley listened to a sermon on how to gain entry into Heaven today in Spartanburg.

This Woman Photoshopped Herself Into Her Mom's Old Photos And It's Adorable

Have you ever wondered if you and your parents would have been friends growing up?

How To Go From Acquaintances To Hooking Up

Giving it the old college try

Lena Dunham Responds To Accusations That She Sexually Abused Her Sister

Dunham went on a self-described "rage spiral" on Saturday, calling the accusations against her disgusting. UPDATE: Dunham's sister, Grace, has issued a statement.

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