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November 5, 2014

Ellen Meets The Internet Star We Fell In Love With Over Night

The overnight sensation you may know as #alexfromtarget goes on the Ellen Show and it's hilarious!

Definitive Proof Keanu Reeves Is Addicted To Playing Characters Named "John"

The actor has played a character named John eight times, but why?

17 Writers On The Importance Of Reading

"Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them." —Lemony Snicket

Starbucks Just Banned Engagement Rings And It Spawned A #BoycottStarbucks Hashtag

Colored hair is also banned in their new dress code, but tattoos and small piercings are OK.

The Cutest DIY Gift You Can Make From Two Socks!

You only need a pair of socks and basic sewing materials to make this incredibly easy (and cheap) plush cat.

Which Song From Taylor Swift's '1989' Are You?

At least no matter how things end up you're probably not about John Mayer.

13 Embarrassing Cake Decorating Fails

For some people decorating is not a piece of cake.

This Rescued Baby Otter Will Shock You With Its Fluffiness

Thanks to the Monterey Bay and Shedd aquariums, this little girl has a new chance at life.

Two Of New York Ebola Doctor’s Associates No Longer Under Quarantine

One acquaintance remains in quarantine and 357 people in New York City are still being “actively monitored” for signs of the disease.

Who Is Your Young Adult Literature Boyfriend?

Which lucky YA lit guy should you date?

33 Experiences Anyone Who's Worked In A Mall Has Had

You: ~Hi!~ Customer: Just looking.

A Navy SEAL Who Claims To Have Shot Bin Laden Is Identified

Rob O'Neill was profiled as "The Shooter" in Esquire and is scheduled to speak on Fox News. Another SEAL has given a different account of the death of the terrorist leader. UPDATE: O'Neill has spoken to the Washington Post.

22 Times Jake Gyllenhaal Was The Only Person In The Room

I totally understand that this makes me look insane.

21 Faces Anyone With A Boyfriend Will Recognize Immediately

I got 99 problems and a boyf is often one.

This Parody Of The "Serial" Podcast Is So Ridiculously On Point

"What's a pay phone? What's a Best Buy? What makes its buy the best?"

NSA Domestic Spying Opponents Undeterred By Mark Udall's Loss

"Sen. Udall has long been on this issue and his loss will certainly be felt but NSA reform is not a one senator issue and not a one-party issue.

Taylor Swift Posts Adorable Throwback Photo In Honor Of Milestone Sales Week

Apparently she was going through a "braid phase."

Dear Mom - On Putting Your Photos Online

Dear Mom, You have told me several times now about this or that photograph you wish you could post on Facebook, but bemoaned your lack of technical skills and how my sister is never around to do it for you. I have created this handy pictorial guide to walk you though becoming a photo-upload independent person.

21 Products Literally No One Asked For

"I totally needed that!" —not a single person

33 Celebrity Beards To Cozy Up To This Fall

Who needs a warm blanket when you have a long list of babes with beards? #BlessedByMovember.

Which "Love Actually" Guy Should You Actually Love?

Gorgeous British men actually ARE all around.

30 Things No One Will Ever Miss About College

*Gets a random flashback of the college years, cringes*

12 Struggles People Named Chelsea Understand


The 20 Chillest Things That Ever Happened

You might want to turn up the Jimmy Buffett for this one. Or don't, it's all good.

Everything You Need To Know About “How To Get Away With Murder” Star Jack Falahee

This season’s breakout television star reveals what it’s like to be at the epicenter of a sexual firestorm, the crazy series of events that led to him being cast on the year’s most talked-about new show, and how he almost didn't get the role.

This Is What We All Learned From The "Apprentice" Coach-From-Hell Episode

Watch The Apprentice on BBC One or iPlayer and then come here. Here's every single thing that mattered from this week.

Participe: qual a coisa mais ridícula que você já viu em um comercial de produtos femininos?

É hora de falarmos a verdade sobre comerciais babacas feitos para mulheres.

Making Television Is Expensive — But So Is Not Making Television

Time Warner is cutting costs in a scramble to boost profits and justify its rejection of a takeover bid by Rupert Murdoch. But as a $482 million "programming impairment" charge shows, cost cutting can be expensive.

20 coisas que você provavelmente não sabia sobre Super Xuxa Contra Baixo Astral

A cantora Sandra de Sá dubla Almofadona, um sofá que aconselha Xuxa no início do filme.

Vivien Leigh's Extraordinary Life, In Pictures

A pictorial tribute on what would have been her 101st birthday. More than Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With the Wind, Vivien Leigh continues to fascinate and inspire.

28 Soothing Lava GIFs That Will Sexually Gratify You

Who needs a lover when you have lava?

22 Amazing, Hair-Raising Vintage Photos Of Stunts

Feast your eyes on these daring feats! Fire-eating, death-defying leaps, high-wire acts, and more.

21 Disgusting Things That Are Legally Allowed In Your Food

These things are perfectly safe in such small amounts, by the way. But they're a lot of fun to think about, and a great way to gross out your friends!

Poll: Which Guys Should These Movie Gals Have Really Chosen?

Because sometimes movies get it wrong.

17 Things That Happen When You're Obsessed With Panera

Because there's nothing better than broccoli cheddar.

27 Things You Discover When You Get A Cat

So much shade in such a small body.

Obama Calls On Congress To "Update" Military Force Authorization

“The idea is to right size and update whatever authorization Congress provides to suit the current fight, rather than previous fights," Obama says.

30 piezas del muro de Berlín esparcidas por todo el mundo

Las personas caminan junto a ellos todos los días y quizás nunca sepan que están pasando junto a asombrosas piezas históricas.

An All-New "Series Of Unfortunate Events" Is Coming To Netflix

An exclusive interview with Daniel Handler, aka Lemony Snicket, on his best-selling books becoming a live-action series on Netflix.

Quiz: Are You Jamie Glasheen?

Are you a hilarious and regular performer with The N Crowd? Are you Jamie Glasheen? These two quizzes will help.

The Young Black Romance Movie Everyone Said No To Finally Sees The Light

"What I want to focus on are people of color in my films, and specifically women," Beyond the Lights writer-director Gina Prince-Bythewood told BuzzFeed News. "They're never an easy sell."

This 3-Year-Old Lost It When He Found Out He Couldn't Vote

And when he learned that there are people out there who can vote and chose not to, it was game over.

10 Ways To Celebrate Britney Day, PROPERLY.

It's Britney Day, Bitch. The kind folks of Las Vegas have rightfully given the Queen of Pop her own holiday. Move over Guy Fawkes – November 5th is now Britney Day and we plan to celebrate like royalty.

GOP's Dan Sullivan Leading Race For U.S. Senate Seat In Alaska

If Dan Sullivan topples incumbent Mark Begich, a Democrat, Republicans would pick up another seat in the upper chamber.

An Intimate Look At The Cadets Of West Point

Before they are soldiers and officers, they're cadets at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Photographer Kristine Potter shares an intimate and revealing look at the men behind the uniform.

This Is What BuzzFeed Readers Think Of Current Pop Stars

The people who took our poll realllllly do not like Kanye. But they love Billy Joel?

The Definitive Ranking Of Movie Santa Clauses

Just because you have to be nice doesn't mean Santa has to.

Poll: Who's The Greatest SNL Cast Member?

"Live from New York, it's... the most difficult choice you'll make today!"

This Mom Makes Adorable Costumes For Her Daughter To Wear To Disney World

Oh my god, the little Nightmare Before Christmas one is so cute.

26 Life Lessons Kris Jenner Taught Us All

Happy 59th birthday to everyone's favorite reality TV mom!

31 Animal Pictures That Will Make You Say "WTF"

Breaking: Animals are delightfully strange.

23 fases de maquillarte cuando normalmente no lo haces

¿Cómo hace la gente esto todos los días?

18 Adults Reveal How They Learned About Sex

"Because when a man puts his penis in your vagina it gets THIS big. Then spikes come out of it."

15 Realities Anyone Who Crushes Easily Will Understand

"I'm not a player, I just crush a lot."

Live Video: President Obama's News Conference

President Obama is speaking at the White House following the midterm elections Tuesday in which Republicans gained control of the Senate and retained control of the House of Representatives.

17 Cool Pokémon Toys You Totally Owned As A Kid

BRB, getting on eBay for a sec.

14 Confusing Moments Of Relief For Everyone Who Loves Popping Pimples

An awesomely gross look at internet popping and extraction videos, mostly from r/popping, that will give you all the relief with none of the gross aftermath. Don't try these at home! Also, probably NSFW.

The Ultimate '90s Kid Poll

Time to vote on THE BEST of the decade.

Reported Rape Of More Than 200 In Northern Darfur Investigated

A United Nations-backed peacekeeping mission is investigating reports that a group of soldiers in the region committed the atrocity in Tabit.

16 Things You Can Marry That Aren't Benedict Cumberbatch But Are Close Enough

Sad because he's taken? Don't be! Look at all of your options that aren't Benedict himself, but like, almost him.

10 Graphs That Show How The North Of England's Economy Is Struggling

It's not all grim up north. But it's certainly harder to get by.

6 Reasons To Fall In Love With Disney's "Big Hero 6"

The latest Disney movie is more than just the animation giant's first superhero feature.

21 provas de que o Zeca Pagodinho é a pessoa mais legal do Brasil

Amante dos animais, dos oprimidos e da cervejinha.

28 cosas sorprendentes que realmente funcionan, según Pinterest

Entre todas las manualidades fallidas y lo fracasos en la cocina, hay algunas cosas que lees en Pinterest y que en realidad funcionan. La prueba está en el 'pin'.

What's Your Way Of Giving Back To Your Community?

'Tis better to give than to receive, haven't you heard?

Over £2 Billion Has Already Been Spent On A Replacement For Trident

The UK government is already running up a bill for its new nuclear weapons programme, even though the project hasn't been given the official go-ahead.

This Is How To Fake A Before & After Photo

Watch what happens behind the smoke and mirrors.

Obama Wants $6.2 Billion To Fight Ebola

The president is seeking the emergency funds for West Africa.

A Whimsical Day In The Life Of This Hamster Bartender And Chef

It's hard work bein' cute and holding down a job. (H/T Grub Street)

25 coisas que somente pessoas que gostam de ficar sozinhas entenderão

Você é a pessoa ideal para sair consigo mesmo, certo?

17 coisas que mulheres sem filhos estão cansadas de ouvir

Deve ser legal ter tanto tempo livre!

This Comic Perfectly Sums Up How We All Feel About Fall

Always the same thing with that guy.

12 People Who Are Ridiculously Good At Drinking

"Ziggy-Zaggy, Ziggy-Zaggy, Oy, Oy, Oy"

#DudesGreetingDudes Is One Guy's Flawless Takedown Of Catcalling

If men are just making conversation when they talk to women on the street, then why don't they say the same things to other men?

Which Mid-Atlantic Regional Sales Manager Are You?

The FIRST official quiz to determine which M-A.R.S.M. you are.

How To Go from Dating to Broken Up

“F*** Maccaulay Culkin, never going home alone” – Childish Gambino

Como as estrelas pop eram quando lançaram seu primeiro álbum

Alerta de Spoiler: Todas ainda aparentam estar muito bem.

A Skull Found In Madagascar Solves A Longstanding Mystery About Evolution

It belongs to a primitive mammal that lived on the supercontinent Gondwana millions of years ago.

22 signos de que aún no eres un adulto

Procrastinación > productividad.

A School In Bradford Sent 152 Pupils Home For Not Meeting Its Dress Code

Parents of pupils at Hanson Academy have been leaving furious messages on the school's Facebook page.

The Most Mind-Blowing Factoids From The Entertainment Weekly Mean Girls Reunion

"I'm sorry I laughed at you that time you got diarrhea at Barnes & Nobles."

Fourteen Shots In April

A new Wisconsin law was supposed to get justice for slain victims of police shootings, like Dontre Hamilton. Here's what happened.

Hedge Fund Donors Win Big In The Midterms

Hedge fund titans spent a lot of money—millions of dollars in some cases—on candidates and measures in the 2014 midterm elections. Here's a look at the bets that panned out.

14 Of The Weirdest Places People Voted On Election Day

Millions of Americans voted in boring schools and court houses on Tuesday. But a lucky few got to cast their ballot in these oddball places (many of them in Chicago).

An App That Predicts When You Will Die?!

When will I die, oh wait there's an app for that.

27 Wonderful Obscure Albums From The '00s

This is by no means a definitive list, but it's a good place to start if you're looking for some great lost or forgotten records.

42 Compliments That Are Actually Insulting

TL;DR: It's not a compliment if it has a qualifier.

Colorado Democrat Didn't Embrace Immigration And That's Why He Lost, Advocates And Pollster Say

Mark Udall blurred the difference between himself and Cory Gardner on immigration in Colorado. That had a downside.

Soon-To-Be DILF Justin Timberlake Will Be The Coolest Dad Ever

The superstar is expecting his first child with wife Jessica Biel.

19 People Who Have A Lot Of Feelings About Justin Timberlake Having A Baby

First Gosling, then Reynolds, and now Timberlake?? Good-bye, cruel world.

Proof That Tara Lipinski And Johnny Weir Are Officially America's Newest Sweethearts

How well does the ice-skating commentating duo actually know each other?

Here Are The Cutest Dog BFFs In The History Of Best Friends

You can't handle this, but you also won't want to.

22 Pieces Of Teenage Slang Explained By British Mums

In which the users of Mumsnet try and explain to each other what their teenage children are saying.

23 Problems Only People Who Bite Their Nails Will Understand

I can stop any time I want. OK, actually I can't.

26 preguntas que enfurecerán a cualquier persona que tenga el pelo rizado

"¿Puedo tocarlo?" Claro, si yo te puedo tocar la cara después. EN FORMA DE BOFETADA.

"American Horror Story" And The Extraordinary Journey Of Erika Ervin

Playing Amazon Eve is just the latest remarkable moment in Erika Ervin's amazing life. Ervin — an actor, model, lawyer, and fitness instructor — talks to BuzzFeed News about what she has learned along the way to Ryan Murphy's Freak Show.

Was wurde eigentlich aus den Resten der Berliner Mauer?

Sonntag feiern wir den Fall der Berliner Mauer vor 25 Jahren Aus diesem Anlass haben Reuters-Fotografen aus aller Welt Bilder der Mauerstücke gemacht, die nach 1989 in alle Winde zerstreut auf der Welt landeten. Heute findest Du die Berliner Mauer in Taiwan, Südafrika, Guatemala und an vielen anderen Orten. Vielleicht laufen jeden Tag Menschen daran vorbei, die nicht wissen, welche Geschichte in diesen Klötzen steckt.

North Korea Has Opened Up Its British Embassy For The First Time

Neighbors have seized the chance to get a glimpse inside the embassy, which is hosting an art exhibition.

November, Not Just For Turkeys

We all know that November has Thanksgiving. However, according to State Symbols USA, this is the month we recognize these other things.

Republicans' Election Victory Is Good News For For-Profit Colleges

Analysts say loss of control of the senate could spell trouble for Obama's efforts to regulate the industry.

Poll: Who Should Benedict Cumberbatch Have Chosen?


How To Make The Perfect Stock

TL;DR Throw a bunch of stuff in a pot and add water. Part of a series of simple and classic dishes designed to help teach those who are intimidated by the actual thought of cooking.

Everyday Struggles For Indecisive People

I think these are all of them, but I don't know, maybe not...

What's Your Opinion On All Of These Very Important British Television Issues?

Do you prefer the Grand Designs episodes when the people have more money than sense, or the episodes when they have more sense than money?

The Writer-Director Of "Nightcrawler" Explains Its Disturbing Sexual Coercion Subplot

Dan Gilroy breaks down the upsetting relationship between Jake Gyllenhaal’s and Rene Russo's characters for BuzzFeed News. WARNING: All of the spoilers ahead!

11 Struggles Only People Named Erin Understand

No, I've never been to Ireland.

Harvard University Is Offering A Workshop On Anal Sex

The course will be offered alongside countless others as part of its annual Sex Week initiative.

You Can Own And Make Brooklyn's Basketball Team Jealous

The long saga of the Brooklyn Nets not owning the prime domain has taken another weird turn.

Are Your Subway Habits Normal?

I'm talking to you, pole-huggers.

How To Go from Exclusive to Dating

There's a difference, okay?

Alex Rodriguez Reportedly Admits To Steroid Use Under Oath

The Miami Herald reports the Yankees third baseman told the DEA that yes, he bought and used PEDs.

Así lucían estos cantantes cuando lanzaron su primer disco

Para ellos el pasar del tiempo ha estado a su favor.

38 Incredibly Specific Online Vintage Shops For Your Every Need

Cameras? Patches? Movie posters? What are you in the market for?

17 Things Marketers Should Be Learning From, According To The Internet

#Marketing #Marketers #Content #SocialMedia #Engagement

51 Reasons To Study Abroad In India

There's so many ways to say the word love.

Sneak Peak Of The Secret Origin Of Felicty Smoak On 'Arrow'

Take a look at this sneak peak at The Secret Orgin of Felicity Smoak on 'Arrow'

21 Smart Ways To Multitask Like A Boss

Kill two birds with one stone in your daily routine.

4chan Murder Suspect Arrested In Oregon After Grisly Photos Posted Online

Police said the victim's boyfriend murdered her and posted photos of her body on the image-sharing site.

An Effigy Of Alex Salmond Was "Detonated" Last Night

A Lewes bonfire society burned Alex Salmond for Guy Fawkes Night.

26 Things Londoners Miss When They Move Away

You can't beat the feeling of being in the centre of everything. Even if most of it passes you by.

7 Brutal Literary Breakup Texts

Sorry babe, I gotta Ishbail.

20 man buns qui vous donneront chaud au chignon

Les man buns, ou chignons pour hommes, sont en train de conquérir le monde. En voici quelques exemples.

17 Hostess Gifts That You Can’t Drink

This is the season that friends and loved ones open up there house for food and fun. You could show up with bottle of something, just like everyone else. . . Or you could bring one of these hostess gifts! Stock up now and never arrive empty handed all season!

Artie Lange's Appearance On "@Midnight" Cancelled After Explicit Twitter Rant

The comedian came under fire Tuesday for his tweets about a sexual fantasy with an ESPN host.

5 Mathematical Bets That Will Win You Free Pints At The Pub

Squeeze coins through holes that should be too small, read people's minds, and work out their bank details – all using maths.

Someone Is Making An Action Film On Vine And It's Splendid

The actors can't be arsed, the effects are terrible, it's made in someone's kitchen, but it's very funny. All Vines from prod.

16 Struggles Of Having Tiny Boobs, A Big Butt, And, Like, An OK Face

You can't have it all, but you can come pretty close.

Los 19 chupitos alcohólicos que jamás beberías por el nombre

En muchos bares, pubs y discotecas se ponen nombres curiosos a los chupitos. ¿Beberías Sangre, un Pikachu o un Orgasmo? Prueben estas mezclas con moderación.

31 provas de que foi incrível crescer nos anos 2000

Hashtag #citecoisasquemarcaramsuainfancia foi uma explosão de nostalgia da década passada.

A página da ROTAM/PA no Facebook NÃO é oficial, diz Governo do Pará

Portanto, a convocação para a chacina também não é oficial da PM do Pará.

Spanish Nurse Is Ebola-Free

Teresa Romero Ramos, the first person to contract Ebola outside West Africa, will be discharged Wednesday from a Madrid hospital.

Liberians With Most Dangerous Job In The World Forced To Sign Away Their Rights

Exclusive: "If you are in the [Ebola] unit and, God forbid, something happens to you, nobody is responsible for it." Jina Moore reports for BuzzFeed News from Monrovia.

BuzzFeed Has A Daily Newsletter!

Not gonna lie, it's pretty darn fun.

23 Dads Dancing

Literally just dads dancing. DISCLAIMER: we don't know if they're all technically dads.

Les acteurs de « Harry Potter » lors de leur première et leur dernière avant-premières

Enfilez vos Retourneurs de Temps, et préparez-vous à être bluffés.

31 fotografías que te devolverán la fé en los gatos

A veces, los gatos tienen mala fama. Estos gatitos están aquí para demostrar que los gatos son en realidad la mejor clase de amigos que puedes tener.

Border Police Chief Dead And Thirteen Wounded In Jerusalem Attack

A Palestinian motorist drove onto a crowded train platform on Wednesday in the most recent in a spate of attacks in Jerusalem. Officials said Border Police Chief Inspector Jidaan Asad, 38, died.

Here's Everything We Know About Benedict Cumberbatch's Fiancée, Sophie Hunter

Well, for a start, she's seriously beautiful and talented.

Cardiff University Cancels Dapper Laughs Gig After Student Petition

The decision was taken after more than 700 students signed a petition calling for the comedian's gig to be called off.

41 Reasons Living In York Ruins You For Life

The best city, in the best county. Live there once and you'll never regret it.

Quão intensamente você curte a vida?

Aqui estão 60 coisas que todo mundo devia fazer antes de morrer. Clique nas que você já fez.

There Is Quite Literally A Bit Of England In New York City

"I knew you were rubble when you walked in."

A Man Has Been Jailed For Microwaving A Rabbit To Death

Paul Rogers is said to have shown "no remorse whatsoever". Warning: Some people may find the details in this story upsetting.

Do You Drink Tea The Right Way?

Milk first? Or milk second?

Los personajes de tus videojuegos favoritos de tu niñez, antes y ahora

Tal vez recuerdes como solían verse estos personajes de tus videojuegos favoritos de tu niñez, pero mira cómo se ven ahora.

17 surreal-gruselige verlassene Orte auf der ganzen Welt

Relikte der nicht-so-fernen Vergangenheit

Benedict Cumberbatch a annoncé son mariage dans le Times

Certain(e)s vont être déçu(e)s...

40 "American Horror Story" Facts You Probably Didn't Know

From a Murder House to a Freak Show, there's a whole lot you might not know.

Scotland's Biggest Trade Union Wants To Stop Jim Murphy Becoming Labour Leader

Gordon McKay, the Labour link chair of Unison, told BuzzFeed News why the unions don't want Murphy.

11 Berufsgruppen, die eher als die Lokführer streiken sollten

Unser Alltag wäre viel schöner, wenn ihr mal nicht arbeitet.

12 Weltsongs, die auch auf Deutsch gesungen wurden

11 Helden der Musikgeschichte. Und David Hasselhoff.

9 Things The Big Republican Win Means

Republican candidates won sweeping victories across America Tuesday night. That means a turn right from statehouses to Washington, and lots more.

Girl Arrested After Allegedly Drop-Kicking A Boy, 3, In A Nando's Toilet

The young boy is now scared to go to the loo, even at home.

30 morceaux du mur de Berlin disséminés dans le monde entier

Ce dimanche, l'Allemagne célébrera le 25e anniversaire de la chute du mur de Berlin. Pour fêter l'événement, des photographes de Reuters du monde entier ont pris en photo des segments du mur, conservés comme des monuments historiques, de Taïwan à l'Afrique du Sud en passant par le Guatemala.

The "Love Actually" Guide To London

Love actually is all around.

Here's How Tuesday's Election Changed The Landscape Of America's Governors

Republicans won at least four governorships. Democrats took one.

Meet Mia Love, The First Black Republican Woman Elected To Congress

Love defeated Democrat Doug Owens Tuesday after a hard-fought race in Utah.

Tons Of People Are Getting A Raise Thanks To Tuesday's Elections

Minimum wage hikes passed in a whole slew of California cities.

21 frustrations que toutes les filles pulpeuses connaissent

Quand vos fesses déchirent l'arrière de votre pantalon.

Benedict Cumberbatch Is Getting Married

Well, he kept this pretty quiet...

26 signes que vous êtes complètement accro à la lecture

Votre plus grand rêve : être payé(e) pour lire toute la journée.

California City Passes First-In-The-Nation Tax On Soda

The American Beverage Association spent about $11 million against the proposed taxes in two Northern California cities. The measure passed in Berkeley.

Sam Smith And Sean Gunn From Gilmore Girls Look Exactly The Same

I have always found something familiar with Sam Smith's face, and this is why.

46 Thoughts You Have When You First Eat Balut

The first slurp is the deepest.

This Woman Allegedly Tricked Her Friends And Family Into Thinking She Had Cancer

Facebook supporters donated thousands of dollars for Australian Elizabeth "Elle" Edmunds, who had said she only had three years to live.

Despite Election Losses, Obama Still Sees Hope For Bipartisanship

Weeks of preparation at the White House for the next phase of Obama's presidency. Hope for bipartisan solution, plans for a busy lame duck session.

Anti-Abortion Measures Fail In Two States, Pass In One

Voters in Colorado and North Dakota rejected proposed "personhood" laws. In Tennessee, voters passed a amendment that gives lawmakers more power to regulate abortions.

Are You Secretly A Feminist?

Is your heart telling you to SMASH THE PATRIARCHY? Take this one-question quiz to find out! It's okay, we promise we won't tell anyone.

30 Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About Classic Horror Films

You'll sleep with the lights on tonight.

14 Professional Wrestlers At The Beginning Of Their Career Vs Now

Wrestlers are like a fine wine, they get better with age.

22 Times Delta Goodrem's Face Was Your Face

Right click > Save as. You'll thank us later.

There's No Proof That A Company Was Behind The #AlexFromTarget Meme

BuzzFeed News spoke with Breakr CEO Dil-Domine Leonares about his claims that the company was behind the success of Alex Christopher LaBeouf's viral superstardom.

Australia's Seven Living Prime Ministers In Awkward Family Photo

Forced grins at former PM Gough Whitlam's Sydney Town Hall Memorial.

Oregon, Alaska, And Washington, D.C., Vote To Legalize Recreational Marijuana

On ballots across the country, voters were asked to decide on legalization, decriminalization, and generally making marijuana more accessible.

Slipknot Have The #1 Album In The Country

Proving once more that rock isn't dead.

Awesome Little Girl Gives A Street Preacher Hell

Don't spew your Christian babble around this young one.

Who's Your Fave LiAr On "Pretty Little Liars"?

Don't take this one to the grAve...

Noel Pearson Delivers One Of Australia's Greatest Ever Speeches

"When (Whitlam) breathed he truly was Australia’s greatest whitest elder and friend without peer to the original Australians."

Christopher Nolan Denies Marvel Studios Dig

"I would never say someone else's film isn't 'a real film,'" the filmmaker told BuzzFeed News. UPDATED!

What Movie From 2012 Should You Watch?

They are all good movies, this will help you decide.

10 Things All Community Volunteers Know To Be True

We're out there rain, shine, snow, hail, and everything in between.

9 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Here's what happened today!

Then Vs. Now: The Cast Of "Home Alone"

Spoiler alert: Kevin still really loves pizza...

Jimmy Kimmel's Halloween Prank Is Cruel, Unusual, & Hilarious

Ellen DeGeneres isn't the only talk show host who likes to get their freak on.

15 Things You Learn Seeing Aqua On Tour As An Adult

This post is presented in AQUASCOPE.

Mourners Booed Tony Abbott And John Howard At Gough Whitlam's Memorial

Unsurprisingly, Labor prime ministers were given applause.

Is This A Date?

Dating is hard, texting is harder.

21 Signs You're Addicted To Christmas Music

Ho ho no you didn't say it's too early for Christmas music!

Pentatonix Just Confirmed That Christmas Season Is Here.

And now we all know what real-life angels sound like.

Slightly Disturbing Human Body Facts That Will Make You Feel Weird

The human body is slightly disturbing. Slightly.

21 Signs You're The Child Of A College Professor

Because you will never forget that "the most important thing is your education."