And we, the readers and viewers of 2018, are consuming the Russia investigation news like we’re part of the biggest internet fandom there’s ever been.

Katherine Miller • 7 days ago

She embodies this surrealist thing of, like, “WHAT IF…you were elected to Congress? What would happen next? What would you do?”

Katherine Miller • 18 days ago

Let's all join together in a Maine hot dog stand and chant together, once, forever, for always, "Yeah!!!"

Katherine Miller • 27 days ago

How we make calls, what we're expecting, and what you can expect each hour. Also watch with us tonight on Twitter or on the BuzzFeed News homepage, starting at 7 p.m. ET.

Katherine Miller • One month ago

Personality has always been a big part of campaign politics, but the internet loves a villain to dunk on.

Katherine Miller • One month ago

Why the last few weeks have been so weird and wickedly painful, for all kinds of people.

Katherine Miller • 2 months ago

Next fall, there will be voters born after Sept. 11 — a true generational divide.

Katherine Miller • 2 months ago

We intuitively know that Nike never, ever, ever backs down.

Katherine Miller • 3 months ago

These are the really Trumpy states.

Katherine Miller • 3 months ago

The Midwest!

Katherine Miller • 3 months ago

Only one Ron Estes will advance.

Katherine Miller • 4 months ago

So thrilling you might just want to throw someone off a balcony (pace yourself).

Katherine Miller • 5 months ago

Remember the Confederate flag guy in Virginia? He won a Senate primary.

Katherine Miller • 6 months ago

Democrats managed to avoid disaster in California.

Katherine Miller • 6 months ago

Remember that YouTube ad with the pilot? She was up tonight.

Katherine Miller • 6 months ago

It's Cocaine Mitch time.

Katherine Miller • 7 months ago

The race was seen as a bellwether of voter attitudes ahead of the midterm elections.

Katherine Miller • 8 months ago

Depending on whom you ask or what you're asking about, this race is essentially meaningless or incredibly meaningful. Or both!

Katherine Miller • 9 months ago

In 2007, a woman filed a sexual harassment complaint against her boss, who was punished but not fired. In a long Facebook post late Tuesday night just before the State of the Union, Clinton wrote, "The short answer is this: If I had it to do again, I wouldn’t."

Katherine Miller • 10 months ago

The phantom feeling that something should’ve happened, but didn’t or won’t, flows through each of the central stories of the moment: Trump’s presidency, the nightmare revelations of sexual abuse, and the accumulating problems of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. What institutional power looks like in 2018.

Katherine Miller • 10 months ago