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Inside The Plastic Heart Of Congress

A new book from the authors of Politico Playbook promises an inside glimpse at our congressional leadership during the time of Trump.

Katherine Miller • 47 minutes ago

Everyone Already Knows How They Feel About Joe Biden Touching Women

But the current system still isn’t ready to handle a well-known, gray-area subject like this.

Katherine Miller • 18 days ago

The Romance Of Mayor Pete In The Season Of Scam

Gotta keep an eye out for those scams, but isn't the appeal of Pete Buttigieg that he seems like the antidote to the season of scam?

Katherine Miller • 28 days ago

Into America’s Spiritual Void With Marianne Williamson

Presidential campaigns can poll at zero and still have something interesting to say about America. In Iowa on the trail with Marianne Williamson, who helped shape today's conversation about spirituality.

Katherine Miller • One month ago

Beto O'Rourke Has Announced He Will Run For President In 2020

"This is going to be a positive campaign that seeks to bring out the very best from every single one of us; that seeks to unite a very divided country."

Katherine Miller • One month ago

The Trap Of Turning This Election Into The Final Battle Of 2016

We can relitigate 2016 in all our waking days and sometimes in our dreams. Now, some people are even exploring new frontiers in relitigation, free from the original battles of the 2016 primaries.

Katherine Miller • One month ago

Bernie Sanders Is Running For President

"We began the political revolution in the 2016 campaign, and now it's time to move that revolution forward," he said in an interview Tuesday morning.

Katherine Miller • 2 months ago

The Robert Mueller Fan Club

Imagine telling yourself in 2003 that you’d be able to purchase a novelty prayer candle featuring the face of George W. Bush’s FBI director.

Katherine Miller • 2 months ago

The Big Design Change For 2020: An Explosion Of Colors Beyond Red And Blue!

Branding in general seems like something that doesn’t matter 90% of the time, except for the 10% of the time when it really does.

Katherine Miller • 2 months ago

This Year Looks A Lot Like The 1976 Democratic Primary. What Does That Mean For 2020?

Jimmy Carter bested a giant, divided field in 1976 with a grimly delivered message about reaffirming love and competence to government. It sounds a little similar to Beto, but with a key difference.

Katherine Miller • 2 months ago

We're Only Just Beginning To Realize How We'll Remember Bill And Hillary Clinton

The former first couple revisited their first date and major political moments onstage. But is anybody nostalgic for the Clintons?

Katherine Miller • 4 months ago

The Best TV Show Donald Trump Will Ever Create

And we, the readers and viewers of 2018, are consuming the Russia investigation news like we’re part of the biggest internet fandom there’s ever been.

Katherine Miller • 4 months ago

Why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Instagram Is So Good

She embodies this surrealist thing of, like, “WHAT IF…you were elected to Congress? What would happen next? What would you do?”

Katherine Miller • 4 months ago

A Tribute To 2018's Greatest Political Ad

Let's all join together in a Maine hot dog stand and chant together, once, forever, for always, "Yeah!!!"

Katherine Miller • 5 months ago

An Hour-By-Hour Guide For Normal People Watching Tonight's Election

How we make calls, what we're expecting, and what you can expect each hour. Also watch with us tonight on Twitter or on the BuzzFeed News homepage, starting at 7 p.m. ET.

Katherine Miller • 5 months ago

First Came Trump, Then Came Beto: Ted Cruz And The Brutal Politics Of Likability

Personality has always been a big part of campaign politics, but the internet loves a villain to dunk on.

Katherine Miller • 5 months ago

The Kavanaugh Situation Has Opened Up A Portal Into Everyone's Memory

Why the last few weeks have been so weird and wickedly painful, for all kinds of people.

Katherine Miller • 6 months ago

The Kids Who Come After 9/11

Next fall, there will be voters born after Sept. 11 — a true generational divide.

Katherine Miller • 7 months ago

Nike Is The Capitalist God Of Destruction

We intuitively know that Nike never, ever, ever backs down.

Katherine Miller • 7 months ago
Katherine Miller • 7 months ago