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Israeli Official: Trump Sharing Intelligence With Russia Is "Worst Fears Confirmed"

Two Israeli officials tell BuzzFeed News that the intelligence shared by Trump "syncs up" with intelligence that Israel shared with its US counterparts.

Sheera Frenkel • 2 years ago

If You Have Windows, Update It Right Now To Keep This Massive Hack Out

More than 150 countries across the world are being targeted in what cybersecurity experts say may be the biggest ransomware attack ever observed.

Sheera Frenkel • 2 years ago

Trump Finally Signed His Long Awaited Executive Order On Cybersecurity

The order calls for broad reviews of the federal government’s online vulnerabilities and creates standards for cybersecurity practices across various government agencies.

Sheera Frenkel • 2 years ago

President Trump Has Fired FBI Director James Comey

The administration's stated reason is his handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email use. The FBI is also currently investigating possible ties between Trump's campaign and Russia.

Salvador Hernandez • 2 years ago

You've Never Heard Of This Team At Google — But They're Thinking About You

They don't look like the normal faces you'd see on a tech campus. But Google's NightWatch team is building tools that the rest of the company might not consider.

Sheera Frenkel • 2 years ago

US Officials Are Warning About A Russian Cybersecurity Company's US Government Ties

Kaspersky has denied links to the Russian government, but US officials are raising doubts.

Ali Watkins • 2 years ago

This Is Why That Google Doc Spear Phishing Email Tricked So Many People

By bypassing security precautions the average person would have in place, attackers just managed to launch what might be fastest-spreading spear phishing campaign in history.

Sheera Frenkel • 2 years ago

Google Just Became The First Foreign Internet Company To Launch In Cuba

A new Google server in Cuba marks the first time a foreign internet company has been able to host content in the country.

Sheera Frenkel • 2 years ago

Here’s The Latest Evidence That Russian Hackers Are Targeting Europe’s Elections

A new report from Trend Micro shows that the same hackers who attempted to sway the US election are active in both German and French politics these days.

Sheera Frenkel • 2 years ago

How To Catch A Hacker

Russia’s cyberwarfare operations are built on the back of their cybercriminal networks. Can the US and its allies take them down?

Sheera Frenkel • 2 years ago

This Russian Hacker's Wife Says He Was Arrested For Being "Linked To Trump's Win"

Pyotr Levashov, known online as Peter Severa, was detained in Spain over the weekend. His wife says it’s because of his involvement with a “computer virus” linked to the election.

Sheera Frenkel • 2 years ago

The New Handbook For Cyberwar Is Being Written By Russia

“It’s not that the Russians are doing something others can’t do,” a US intelligence officer said. “It’s that Russian hackers are willing to go there, to experiment and carry out attacks that others countries would back away from.”

Sheera Frenkel • 2 years ago

A Former Trump Adviser Took A Big Check From This Russian Cybersecurity Firm

Michael Flynn accepted money to speak at a conference organized by the US-arm of Kaspersky, a Russian cybersecurity firm.

Sheera Frenkel • 2 years ago

Apple, Google, And Samsung Respond To WikiLeaks Claims Of CIA Hacking Programs

In a statement, Apple said that the bugs mentioned in the WikiLeaks dump of known vulnerabilities to iOS products have been fixed.

Sheera Frenkel • 2 years ago

US Intelligence Officials: Latest WikiLeaks Drop “Worse Than Snowden” Docs

The documents published by WikiLeaks don’t just endanger current US cyber operations — they provide a blueprint for anyone wanting to exploit the CIA’s cyber capabilities for their own purposes.

Sheera Frenkel • 2 years ago

No, WikiLeaks Didn't Just Reveal That The Government Has Access To Your Secure Messaging Apps

Take a breath and reread what was in the documents released by WikiLeaks Tuesday morning.

Sheera Frenkel • 2 years ago

Here Are Some Papers Written By An Arrested Russian Cyber Security Researcher

Ruslan Stoyanov was an influential investigator of Russia cybercrime before his December arrest by the Russian government on charges of treason.

Sheera Frenkel • 2 years ago

White House Staff Are Using A "Secure" App That’s Really Not So Secure

Some senior officials are using a new messaging app that may not be as secure as it claims. “We would not recommend this app to someone looking for secure messaging,” one expert told BuzzFeed News.

Sheera Frenkel • 2 years ago

The Trump Administration Is A No-Show At This Huge Cybersecurity Conference

The annual RSA conference was a place for the Obama White House to show its commitment to cybersecurity and have the government meet with the industry.

Sheera Frenkel • 2 years ago

It Looks Like Someone Curated The Wikileaks Emails Before They Were Published

While the anti-secrecy group has said that they released all the emails that were provided to them, some messages are suspiciously missing. “The idea that Wikileaks and Julian Assange is about some kind of high minded transparency is totally completely full of shit,” a Democratic staffer said.

Sheera Frenkel • 2 years ago