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August 1, 2016

Kesha, who hasn't released a new album in nearly four years, submitted 28 new songs to Dr. Luke's record label as she tries to restart her career, her attorney told BuzzFeed News.

The change comes after gun-control advocates asked for the pistol to be removed, but some emoji users were unimpressed by the new symbol.


Ex-líder do governo Lula na Câmara e no PT desde a fundação, ele afirmou que deixa o partido nos próximos 15 dias porque sentiu a legenda "se afastando" dele.

Moradores e empresários da favela mais cool do Rio dizem que as coisas ficam mais caras, sim, por causa dos gringos. Mas ainda há onde comer um PF a R$ 15.

How dare he???

"When you have radical Islamic terrorists probably all over the place, we’re allowing them to come in by the thousands and thousands. And I think that’s what bothered Mr. Khan more than anything else."


The original image showed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in a revealing stars and stripes swimsuit.

I wannabe this ripped.


"O que é isto, uma lista do BuzzFeed PARA FORMIGAS???

Ela está literalmente perfeita.

Antes dos Jogos Olímpicos Rio 2016, é claro.

The North contains some of the worst-affected areas, according to new analysis from the Resolution Foundation think tank.

Poképesadelos garantidos.

Há um mundo inteiro lá fora!

Para aquecer o coração.

"You look at what he’s doing. And so smart. When you see the riots in a country because they’re hurting the Russians, okay, ‘We’ll go and take it over.’"

Lección #1: JAMÁS le dejes de tener miedo a la oscuridad.

Stranger Things: The Musical? With this talented bunch, anything is possible!

The writer behind THAT episode spoke with BuzzFeed News about abortion dance anthems and taboo jokes.

Guac + deviled eggs = life goals achieved.

Check out my interview with Corrin and Pete of Dash|Ten done at the Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, FL.

Hold on to that summer feeling.

More like Pokémon No, amirite?

This hurts.

The hashtag #AlertAgainstColorRevolution began trending on Weibo after Wang Yu's televised confession with the help of official Communist Party accounts.

Temperatures reached the upper 90s during the weekend event in Fontana, California.

After the annual celebration was abruptly cancelled by organizers, who cited security concerns, the city’s LGBT community is pulling together to host a replacement event, the Executive Director of Cleveland's LGBT Community Center tells BuzzFeed News.

Get your pita chips ready!

¿Qué hizo el vino para merecer esto?

"Did you wash your hands? Let me smell them."

Tu pilha almoçar um xis?

The queen always keeps it on fleek.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is adding the app to a list of existing restrictions for online social media and games for sex offenders on parole.

♫Oops ... I did it again♫

You don't have to wait 'till Christmas to make these!

♫ Can you feel the love tonight? ♫

And in Speedos all the time. Winning!

Fill that Eleven-sized hole in your heart.

Casi nadie escuchó la advertencia: "Guarden la sorpresa, por favor, nada de fotos"...

A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do.

As we near the end of the summer, we are taking advantage of the remaining beach time we have left! If you're looking to get lost in a suspenseful page-turner that has you guessing in the sun, here are five books to add to your beach bag.

The pro-wrestler and omnipresent pop culture personality pantsuited up as a presidential impersonator at Sunday night's Teen Choice Awards.

Verily Life Sciences, Google's former life sciences division, is teaming up with GlaxoSmithKline, one of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies, to form a new company dedicated to the emerging field of "bioelectronics."


Y que sí querrás en tu casa.

So... are you nailin' it?

Jenny was killed by someone. BUT WHO?

“I hope whoever comes from the Clinton campaign turns off their wi-fi and Bluetooth on their phones,” one young cybersecurity professional in Las Vegas for the Black Hat conference said.

Dog bless.

While the people inside Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center were busy nominating Hillary Clinton as the Democratic candidate for President, not everyone was happy about it. Photographer Ed Eckstein captures powerful black and white images from outside of the DNC.

The millennial: lazy, narcissistic, or ambitious and ready to change the world. These are all adjectives attached to the budding generation. But there is a new millennial; the millennial giver, and a question to ask ourselves is who they are and how they are redefining the age of purpose.

You just may be going out with a GOLDen boy.

From a bittersweet drama to a difficult documentary about sex offenders, these are the under-the-radar films worth seeking out this month. Because, you know, there's more to movies than blockbusters.

The Washington Attorney General's office accused the company of 1.8 million violations of the state's Consumer Protection Act.

Woof Woof

Calling all butterflies.

Only on ABC.

The Gold King mine spill turned a river in Colorado yellow and reportedly left 1,500 Navajo farmers without water.

En otras palabras, ¿tuviste una buena infancia?

Never change, Hailee.

Juro solemnemente que aquí hay spoilers.

"I don't think he should win if he continues to say the things that he said."


Que regresen las gargantillas.






You'll be Russian to check this out.

Some Amazon customers' preordered copies of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child are being delivered days later than they expected.

"This is the mode of a bullshit artist," Fareed Zakaria said of Donald Trump.

O movimento quer homenagear o Juiz Sergio Moro diante do mundo todo.

Four desserts with three ingredients in two minutes.

The successful union drive could pave the way for more organizing of American workers at the world's largest fashion retailer.

What struggling with a progressive brain condition has taught me about emotion and perseverance.

The three 19-year-olds were shot dead when a former high school classmate allegedly stormed a house party and opened fire.

Só precisa ter um forno e uma travessa de metal.

Lo dicen todo con la cara.

Whoever you get is flippin' awesome...literally.

No te despegarás de tu pantalla en días.

Just give him another gold medal, already.

*Browses AU tag on Archive of Our Own.* *Finds Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.*

But the Czech Republic is the real MVP of loving redheads.

“There are certain sacrosanct subjects that no amount of wordsmithing can repair once crossed."

US District Court Judge Thomas D. Schroeder pressed the state at a hearing on Monday to show how the law made anyone safer and whether it was necessary. He said he would rule soon on whether to suspend the law.

Nothing will stop the ponytail. Not one thing.


Donald Trump's son defended his father's comments on the Khan family.

“Até porque eu nasci em Miami e lá também tem”, diz turista. Estudo aponta que transmissão sexual é mais preocupante que mosquito.

And don't forget to stick it.

“It’s very insulting and Putin really put it to him about that.”

So simple. So trendy.

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Nem precisava ter nude.

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Are you an underwear expert? A skivvies superstar? Test your skills.

"True Life: I struggled to open my umbrella today!"

Voice your choice in grown-ass boys.

Mejora tu memoria con la ayuda de estos deliciosos alimentos.

"I feel the same way about clothes as I do about food: I want everything.” - Mindy Kaling

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

How far they've come!!!

La verdad, no les está saliendo mal.

The Lights Out actress takes our Q&A!

The man knows how to masticate!

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

It's honestly not all doom and gloom.

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Here are 30 of the best charts we have gathered for dog owners. Great information from dog training, to dog care. Everything you ever wanted to know about your dog can be found in this collection of charts.

Fab or drab?

More like Super BABE, amiright?!?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

Fab or drab?

A Florida jury in March ordered Denton to personally pay Hulk Hogan $10 million.

Growing up, it was our parents who were our superheroes.

The new emojis roll out in a developer preview today and to Apple device users in the fall.

¿Por qué decirlo por WhatsApp cuando puedes decirlo con foquitos de Navidad?

What color will you make the Red Wedding? JUST KIDDING SORRY.

Show these mattes what you're made of.

It's just so deep.

Welcome to the future, friend.

Pon a prueba tu conocimiento de la alta costura.

These photos are all definitely, for sure, genuine.

I wish I was a little bit taller.

Não jogue fora. Transforme!

Você quebraria vários recordes!

Where did the time go???

Almost no one listened to the whole "save the surprise please no photos" warning...


Accrochez-vous, cette histoire est dingue.

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. This week: a crystal growing kit, adorable socks, and a backpack for dogs!

"I'M NOT EVEN SORRY." —Joey, and us, too, basically.

Das waren die größten Zeichentrick-Helden <3

I bet you can't get a 100%.

Make no misteak.

The second word can be the name of your first child.

Because money doesn't grow on trees, people.

It's a revolution. Or a mob.

Fancy up your life with very little effort.

Talk turdy to me, Canada.

Happy birthday, J.K.!

With the president and first lady in town, the Democratic convention was always going to be the focus of intense security. Patterns of aerial surveillance also suggest that protests were closely watched.

ALERTE SPOILERS. Il y a plein de spoilers dans cet article. VRAIMENT. PLEIN.

Quando você está abraçando o vaso, é bom saber que alguém te apoia.

Florida governor Rick Scott added 10 cases of the Zika virus transmitted by local mosquitoes to the count in Miami. He asked for federal emergency help to stem an outbreak.

La vida es un concurso y estoy dispuesto a ganar.

Looking at you, Canadians.

The squishiest of them all!

From the mountains, to the prairies, To the oceans white with foam...

"We have products that aren't even made here anymore, a lot of products aren't even made here anymore, because they're outsmarting us at the negotiating table, other countries."

«Dolores Ombrage devrait établir un décret n°492: interdiction absolue de spoiler.»

"Don't you see RiRi right next to me."

The Charity Commission confirmed it was contacting trustees of the charity Give Us Time, founded by cabinet minister Liam Fox, following revelations by BuzzFeed News.

Drama in the hive!

Vídeos e fotos do ensaio geral estão em todas as redes sociais.

Find out whether you're Larry, Palmerston, or Gladstone.

Wird Zeit Deine Koffer zu packen!

This show makes me unquestionably angry for this very reason.


The golden age of wrestling.

Uma combinação pra lá de inovadora e saudável.

The United States has poured billions into digitizing medical records in the hopes of making them safer. But this new tech has problems of its own.

Inarguably the best part of the pizza.

'Cause they could grow up to be hot.

Verás cómo tus problemas irán desapareciendo poco a poco.

The most important meal of the day just got a healthy summer makeover.

¿Puedes obtener 10 de 10?

"Every day he tears his ass," Rep. Charlie Rangel said in a radio interview last week.

On est Breton-ne ou on ne l'est pas.

*Boils water* wifey material.

*locks the doors and grabs popcorn*

Пора определяться (и да, в посте возможны спойлеры)

Did you know that Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic is up there with the best films of all time... apparently.

This was inevitable, tbqh.

Let's just say there were no leftovers.

Or has your knowledge deflated?

Humans are a fascinating species.

Do less work to look damn good.

Literally the only thing worth waking up for on a hot summer morning.

Manchester's Key 103 station was guilty of two breaches of the broadcast code for its Heartless Hotline phone-in segment, according to Ofcom.

The senator released a statement Monday saying he "deeply disagrees" with Trump's comments about Khizr and Ghazala Khan.

Et tout le monde n'est pas content.

Une poule qui a du pot.

Muhaydin Mire was jailed on Monday for attempted murder and will serve a minimum term of eight and a half years.

«Je trouve désolant que, constamment, on pense que l'on peut s'en prendre aux femmes voilées en pensant qu'elles ne sauront pas quoi répondre.»

Giving so much face.

You get what you pay for!

Nature's the ultimate winner in the end.

London? Leeds? Liverpool? Lancaster? This is the quickest way to find out!

We must never forget Kerri Strug.

Are you a Baby Dory or a Carl?

Gotta name 'em all.

Babies. I want them.

Corgi? Husky? Pug?

Non, ça ne se vend pas en bouquet.

Gingerbread men have been used as weapons.

Le quiz (extrêmement) utile.

Donald Trump a insulté Ghazala Khan, la mère d'un soldat mort au combat.

Y la baila, y la goza y la ubica en el año que corresponde.

For starters, they went from being photographed 24 times in three weeks to just once since the fallout happened.

Also it looks like Gap can't spell "Einstein".

Klein und doch irgendwie lang.

Technology can help improve the quality of life for the older generation

Russia said the helicopter was returning from a mission delivering humanitarian aid.

This is perfect.

Estado civil: ¿vas a comerte eso?

Or so I've been told. Obviously I'd have no idea.

*sleeps with the lights on forever*

Still attacking Catherine Cortez Masto, the Democratic candidate in Nevada, on Uber.

Learn from the pros.

Vicky Malhotra deserves way more than 10 seconds.

Une excellente idée, vous en conviendrez.

Parce que vraiment elles déchirent.

Nicht einfach nur Prinzessinnen.

Wrap, wrap, baby.

No pienso tocar Wonderwall.

Lasst Euch nicht verarschen, eigentlich sind das alles Monster.

Republican leaders are defending the family of a fallen Muslim American soldier after Donald Trump attacked their Democratic National Convention speech. While Zika gets the headlines, Rio Olympics visitors are facing bigger health risks. And some things we learned from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

It's the second time there's been uproar over her sharing photos of breastfeeding on social media.


It's not the taking part that counts.

No idea how she still managed to get 80 FREAKIN' BINDIS ON.

They don't call it the city of discovery for nothing.

«Ça devient plus rentable de frauder.»

We just want the album, Frank!


So sehen sie aus.

Look Ma, I found my wedding dress.

"Something just happened and I don't know what but it happened and it was great."

Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, Waitrose, and the Co-op are all affected, but say the recall is precautionary.

Neuf mois après son installation, le mémorial aux victimes des nombreux attentats installé place de la République va disparaître.


Looking glam doesn't have to break the bank.

Be prepared to have your heart warmed.




Ogres Of Symmetry?

God damn, internet. God damn.

I know we've said #WeddingGoals before, but c'mon.

Turnbull says Rudd wrote to him "with the clear intention of subsequently releasing it".

One big blockbuster of a safety message.

I have played in every toilet

Remember baby doll dresses?

Four are in favour.

This playlist will take you back.

"Hands off our children."

More than just "honey mist auburn" and PRNDL.

Goddamn genius.

It's lit.

Just a bunch of adorable dorks.

More great excuses to blow that budget you pretended to make.

"You have just killed Ludwig van Beethoven"

On Friday, Clinton will address NABJ and NAHJ, multiple sources confirm to BuzzFeed News.

Two new commissioners were named just an hour after the first commissioner resigned due to concerns over a conflict of interest.