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August 26, 2016

7 Driving Games That Need Some Special Love

It does not matter which smartphone you have, flagship or no flagship, any reasonably priced smartphone can play most of the games found on application stores. There is a huge variety of games to pick from whether you are an iOS user or Android user. But not all games are created equally and you can’t enjoy them all on the same level. Some are good, some great and some can’t be described in words. It’s unfortunate that you have to download a game and play it to know how it is since there is no way to check a game before installing it.

Apple's Gay CEO Donated To Elect Republicans To Congress

Tim Cook and eight other executives at Apple — which has staunchly supported LGBT rights — gave a combined $45,900 to a PAC to reelect House Speaker Paul Ryan and other Republicans to Congress. Current Republican leadership has blocked LGBT-friendly bills while advancing anti-gay legislation.

Killer Robots Are Coming And These People Are Trying To Stop Them

Forget about drones, forget about dystopian sci-fi — a terrifying new generation of autonomous weapons is already here. Meet the small band of dedicated optimists battling nefarious governments and bureaucratic tedium to stop the proliferation of killer robots and, just maybe, save humanity from itself.

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