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    19 Times The Cast Of "Thor: Ragnarok" Were A Bunch Of Goofy Dorks

    Just a bunch of adorable dorks.

    1. The cast and crew of the third Thor installment, Ragnarok, are honestly so great on social media.

    @TaikaWaititi Will we get more shirtless Thor scenes??? They're the most important scenes.

    I have put in a request for more.

    2. Director Taika Waititi has shared several sneak-peeks on his vision for the film. Like Thor's new look.

    3. Or when he introduced us to the next Avenger.

    4. Even Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, has shown us a glimpse of what Mjölnir might look like in the third film.

    5. Meanwhile, he's being an absolute dick with the real Mjölnir.

    6. We also finally found out what Thor was doing during all the Civil War shenanigans.

    Where was Thor during Civil War? He moved in with me and we sort-a played Connect Four. A lot. #ComiCon #MarvelSDCC

    Just hanging with his new Aussie housemate Daryl. (Read a full breakdown of the mockumentary the crew put together for Comic Con explaining Thor's absence during Civil War here.)

    7. But Taika has never been one for conflict anyway.

    @TaikaWaititi team cap or team ironman?

    Team relationship counselling.

    8. We also found out Thor is an amateur detective, trying to piece together the mystery behind who is after the Infinity Stones.

    9. We've been given a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the upcoming script.

    @TaikaWaititi can you please tease one line of dialogue from Thor: Ragnarok?

    "Woah, Thor just slaughtered Stark, Captain USA, Ant-person, Witch-Lady, Arrow-Guy, Bird-man, & weird Crimson-Dude".

    10. And off-screen dynamics.

    11. Also Star Trek alum Karl Urban has joined the crew, deciding to baldly go where no man has gone before.

    Thanks for the haircut !!@TaikaWaititi @thorofficial

    Urban joins Ragnarok as Skurge the Executioner, debuting his new haircut on Facebook with the caption, "Less is more for Thor!"

    12. Another newcomer to the cast, Tessa Thompson, shared a quick glimpse of Valkyrie's sword.

    13. Then followed it up with her motivation to get up early for work.

    14. Meanwhile, Mark Ruffalo has been sharing a few shots of his glam "man cancelling" outfit.

    Hi again. Here's another sneak peek at a day in the life of a #Hulk on the set of #Thor3 @thorofficial

    (Pretty sure the MC stands for motion capture, but I'm not going to be the one to tell the Hulk that, k?)

    15. Also he's been sending low-key threats to an old pal.

    Look who I found in Beijing. Ready for round 2 @twhiddleston? See you soon! #Thor3

    Get it? Low-key? Loki? Ahhh you guys get it.

    16. He's just got to strengthen his armies first.

    Hello from the set of #Thor3! As you can see, I've got my hands full. It ain't easy being green....@thorofficial

    Get it? Armies? Arms? Guys? Do you get it?

    17. The cast are just really grounded. Chris Hemsworth started filming with the proper itinerary: Protein shake, slippers, and an actual fuckin' rollercoaster.

    18. There's no doubt Ragnarok is going to be a stunning film.

    Sneak peak at the amazing Planet Tropicana we created for the opening sequence. Just wait till you see Asgard!

    Simply stunning.

    19. And for anyone worried about the tone of the film, don't worry. Taika has it all under control.

    @TaikaWaititi what would you say Thor's state of mind in this film is like?

    He's like "Whateverrrr..."

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