5 Incredibly Clever DIYs That You'll Actually Want To Try

    Fancy up your life with very little effort.

    1. Trace out the design or phrase you want on top of a homemade cake with a toothpick first, then write over that with icing.

    2. Add some sparkle to a transparent phone case by attaching a piece of glitter vinyl.

    3. Hot-glue a few yards of colorful fringe to your beach or patio umbrella to easily refresh it.

    4. Turn an empty, well-washed milk jug into a reuseable sandwich container.

    5. Stencil your house number or family monogram onto an inexpensive doormat using a large permanent marker.

    Picking a mat with a straight line on it already is super helpful, so you know your individual stencils will be correctly aligned. If you want to stencil on a plain mat, though, just use a long strip of masking tape to make sure they're all in one line — or simply tape them down until you're done coloring them in.

    Also, make sure you use a large enough permanent marker, so you're not spending hours trying to color with a fine tip. You can get a similar pen for $4.19 here.

    Here's the full tutorial.