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14 Random But Essential Things To Buy Before Your School Formal

More great excuses to blow that budget you pretended to make.

All prices in this post are listed in Australian dollars.

1. A polaroid camera for extra pretty pictures.

@oliwia_binkowska / Via

This one is $88 from Kmart.

2. Makeup remover swabs to fix eye and lip smudges that might happen through the night.

@catepbeauty / Via

These are $10 from Sephora.

3. A portable phone charger to save your arse when your battery starts to die.

This one is $29.99 from Typo.

4. A foil backdrop to make your at-home photos look just as good as any professional ones.

This one is $5 from Kmart.

5. Cute sparkly crowns for your fam photo.

These are $20.51 on Etsy.

6. A minature version of your favourite perfume to toss in your clutch.

You can get these 4ml Marc Jacobs fragrance bottles for $59 from Priceline.

7. Or a sweet solid perfume that will take up even less space.

@ki_lushie / Via

This one is $12.95 from Lush.

8. A couple of Band-Aids for unexpected blisters.

@judora / Via

9. Blotting papers to dab away any unwanted sweat and oil that shows up on your face later in the evening.

These NYX papers are $6.95 from Priceline.

10. Eyelash glue to take with you for ~lifting strip lash~ emergencies.

This one is $7.99 from Priceline.

11. Bobby pins to tuck away those stray hairs you wish would just stay in their goddamn place.

@villa_cenami / Via

12. A pretty, temporary tattoo, if you really want a whole new look on the night.

This one is $7.11 from Etsy.

13. Double-sided fashion tape to keep low-cut dresses where they belong.

This pack of 36 strips is $19.95 from Hollywood Fashion Tape.

14. And a light-up phone case to get A+ selfies in shitty lighting.

This case is $49.95 from JB Hi-Fi.

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