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Formal Week

Formal Week

21 Rather Mortifying High School Formal Horror Stories

And you thought just having a tiny stumble in your heels was bad.

13 Charts That Will Help You Get Ready For Your Formal

Look flawless in real life and in photos.

I Tried 5 High-Heel Hacks To Make Your Formal Less Painful

Yes, I put a maxi pad in my shoe so you don't have to.

41 Iconic TV And Movie Prom Dresses, Ranked

This is not subjective at all.

21 Manicures That Will Take Your Formal Look To The Next Level

Ditch the nude claws, and make your nails your new best accessory.

22 Photos That Show The Difference Between Formal On Instagram And Reality

No matter how good your Instagram looks, the reality is way different.

17 YouTube Tutorials That’ll Boost Your Beauty Game

Become a pro at everything you do.

21 Things That Definitely Happened At Every Formal After-Party

"Hey, wanna go in for a carton of cruisers?"

24 Hairstyles You'll Actually Want To Wear To Your School Formal

Not a hair-sprayed barrel curl in sight.

We Tried Finding Formal Wear On Asos And This Is What Happened

Is it actually possible to find the fancy af look of your dreams online?

Can You Pick The Most Expensive Formal Dress?

Can you tell the budget from the exxy?

11 Glam AF Makeup Tips For People With Hooded Eyes

Be your most poppin' at all your formal occasions.

17 Pretty AF Formal Accessories That Are Totally Unique

There's nothing worse than matching someone else!

Can You Choose The Right Formal Date?

Because not everyone dreams of a date who'll take you to Macca's.

13 Unexpected Places To Buy Formal Dresses Online

Because who has time to spend hours in Myer?

33 Stunning Formal Dresses For $100 Or Less

Looking glam doesn't have to break the bank.

29 Songs That Will Take You Back To Your 2001 Formal

This playlist will take you back.

14 Random But Essential Things To Buy Before Your School Formal

More great excuses to blow that budget you pretended to make.

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