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22 Tumblr Posts That Are Guaranteed To Make Girls Laugh

*Boils water* wifey material.

1. This truth that people don't always appreciate:

2. This challenging of stereotypes:

3. This recurring incident:

4. This moment when you feel your very best:

5. This truth about sexting:

6. And this accurate description of what it means to feel stressed:

7. This short tale:

8. This moment of true confidence:

9. This sensational experience:

10. This ever-present distraction:

11. This really good comeback:

12. This confusing contradiction:

13. These very differing reactions:

14. This summary of close all-girl friendships:

15. This realisation about getting older:

16. This grievance growing up:

17. This massive downside to having a crush:

18. This weekend routine you've mastered:

19. This insight into PMS:

20. This thought that happens when you work out for the first time:

21. This pain that has finally been addressed:

22. And this experience that's so damn comforting: