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    Conservative Politician Uses Facebook Live To Stream Herself Watching A Documentary About Herself

    Allow myself to watch ... myself.

    Controversial anti-Islam senator-elect Pauline Hanson used Facebook Live on Sunday night to stream 90 riveting minutes of her watching a documentary about … herself.

    The SBS-made documentary, Pauline Hanson: Please Explain, chronicled Hanson's political career over the last two decades.

    "Hello everyone," Hanson began. "Well just now in a few minutes time I'm actually sitting here to watch the documentary they did on me at the end of last year. Now, I was very hesitant about doing the documentary, but I was convinced to, y'know, give it a go."

    "So this is on my life in politics from 1996 to 2004 and leading up to the last state Queensland election and this one. What I've seen in the promos I haven't been impressed at all. So although its called Pauline Hanson: Please Explain, if the truth is not portrayed in this documentary I am going to be asking SBS for a 'please explain', myself."

    Hanson's controversial One Nation party could end up with three seats in the senate by the end of this week when full senate results are released.

    "Since I've been on social media, to have this connection with the people, they see my videos, they hear me speak, they actually, you know, talk to me and they know what I'm saying and they judge me based on that," said Hanson in one of the brief moments when she addressed the camera.

    More than 2000 people watched Hanson's Facebook Live video while she was recording, and so far the finished stream has over 85,000 views.

    By the time the doco finished, Hanson's views on it were mixed (we think).

    "It's, um, I don't know how I feel about it. I'm not sorta, sure, whether I... I suppose it's up to people what they get out of it. I just... I don't know, I'm not really... A lot of parts of it I thought there was a true reflection there, on the events. And I suppose people will see that I haven't changed my views, my opinions, on what I see for Australia," she said.

    "Just keep standing up for what you believe in. Politicians are there to make the right decisions for the people, and I see it as an honour. I'm going to keep doing what I believe in and if people still want me there they'll keep voting for me."

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