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The Tory Press Twitter Account Rebranded As FactcheckUK And It Was Highly Problematic

Fact checking services were appalled by the move, saying it was disingenuous and attempting to con people into believing it was an independent account.

Emily Ashton One day ago

How Canterbury Became The Battleground Of The Remainers

This ultra-marginal seat reveals how the Remain vote is splitting apart due to tensions between Labour and the Liberal Democrats — while the Brexit vote becomes more united.

Emily Ashton 4 days ago

Boris Johnson Said Northern Ireland Was Getting A Great Brexit Deal But His Struggle To Explain Why Was ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“Actually Northern Ireland has got a great deal. You keep free movement, you keep access to the single market.”

Alberto Nardelli 12 days ago

These Pro-Remain Labour Politicians Are Furious That A Remain Alliance Is Standing Against Them

"I thought the point of the Remain Alliance was to defeat Brexit MPs and it seems really odd to me," one Labour candidate told BuzzFeed News.

Emily Ashton 13 days ago

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party General Election Launch Was Straight Out Of Donald Trump’s Playbook

Whipping up the crowds, pumping music, jabs at the media, slick camerawork — it was all about the people versus the establishment.

Emily Ashton 16 days ago

These Women MPs Are Standing Down. Here Are The Proudest Moments Of Their Career.

Behind the scenes — away from the toxic atmosphere of Parliament — MPs recall the meaningful, positive impact they've had on people's lives.

Emily Ashton 18 days ago

A Woman Who Worked For HMRC Was Hit With A Life-Changing Tax Bill — By HMRC. She Says She Did Nothing Wrong.

“It didn’t even occur to me to think this was something I should check HMRC was OK with. I mean, I was working for them.”

Emily Ashton 19 days ago

The UK Will Have A General Election On Dec. 12

MPs finally granted Boris Johnson an election at his fourth time of asking, after they failed to find another way through the Brexit impasse.

Hannah Al-Othman 22 days ago

This Senior MP Has Been Blocking People On Twitter Who Mention The Loan Charge

Those blocked by Mel Stride include a journalist, a trade association boss, multiple campaigners, and the brother of a man who killed himself after being hit with tax demands.

Emily Ashton 23 days ago

The Former Minister Who Pushed Through The Loan Charge Is Now In Charge Of Scrutinising It

Campaigners and families of people who killed themselves after being hit with the charge are furious that Tory MP Mel Stride is now chair of the Treasury committee.

Emily Ashton 27 days ago
Emily Ashton 28 days ago

Nine People Have Killed Themselves In The Past Year After Contact With The Taxman, Officials Say

HM Revenue and Customs told MPs they were aware of nine suicides following "engagement with the tax system", including four linked to the controversial loan charge policy.

Emily Ashton 29 days ago

Boris Johnson Has Agreed A New Brexit Deal With The EU

It's now over to Parliament on Saturday to decide whether to back the agreement.

Alex Wickham One month ago

These Men Killed Themselves After The Government Hit Them With Historic Tax Demands

"The loan charge took my brother’s life — he was a father, a son, an uncle, a partner: it has essentially destroyed our family."

Emily Ashton One month ago

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe Has Spoken About Her Heartbreak Over Seeing Her Daughter Once A Week

"Those brief minutes might be the shortest of cuddles, but without doubt the most beautiful and uplifting cuddles in the whole world. They are my world."

Emily Ashton One month ago

This Disposable Coffee Cup Drama Between Boris Johnson's Aides Is Lighting Up The Internet

This is more The Thick of It than the actual The Thick of It.

Emily Ashton One month ago

The Ex-Lobbyist For A Tory Corporate Donor Suspected Of Money Laundering Has Been Selected As A Conservative Candidate

Anwara Ali was the public relations director for Lycamobile. The telecoms giant was once the Tories' biggest corporate donor and has been under criminal investigation in France.

Emily Ashton One month ago

Boris Johnson Has Been Defended As A "Feminist" At The Tory Party Conference

"They are all out to get him at the moment," one senior female Tory said, after women MPs accused him of inflaming tensions and a journalist said he once squeezed her thigh so high up she flinched.

Emily Ashton One month ago

People Don't Believe MPs When We Get Death Threats, Chuka Umunna Says

And he said prime minister Boris Johnson was turning a blind eye to the "collateral damage" as he sought only to appeal to his core voters with his language.

Emily Ashton One month ago