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Labour Factions Are Preparing For Life After Jeremy Corbyn

"If Jeremy had to become prime minister, he would find that terrifying," one senior Labour MP told BuzzFeed News.

Emily Ashton • 9 hours ago

5 Key Things We Learned From The Lib Dem Conference

A surge in membership, a wave of defections, a shiny new leader — but are the Lib Dems in danger of becoming a one-trick pony?

Emily Ashton • 5 days ago

Former Tory Party Chair Baroness Warsi Is Being Wooed By The Lib Dems But Says She Isn’t Defecting — Yet

"I am a Conservative, but I’m still hanging on by the tips of my nails," said Warsi, who has been highly critical of her party's handling of Islamophobia.

Emily Ashton • 6 days ago

A Lib Dem Member Who Heckled Jo Swinson Said The Party Leader Was "Lying" About Tory Defectors

"If they won't listen through the appropriate channels you have to make them listen any way you can," Catherine Finnecy, a Lib Dem councillor, told BuzzFeed News.

Emily Ashton • 7 days ago

The Lib Dems Could Back Britain Rejoining The EU After Brexit

“The Russians might be breathing down our necks. Not just flying sorties over the UK once a month — we may feel like we needed that security,” Tom Brake, the party’s Brexit spokesperson, told BuzzFeed News.

Emily Ashton • 9 days ago

People Are Trapped In Marriages Because The Divorce Bill Was Dropped After Boris Johnson Suspended Parliament

BuzzFeed News spoke to one man in his seventies who is unable to marry the woman he loves. “Who knows how long we’ve got,” he said.

Emily Ashton • 10 days ago

Theresa May Is Accused Of Putting “Mates Over Morals” After Knighting A Cricketer Convicted Of Assault

MPs criticised the former PM after Geoffrey Boycott said he “couldn’t give a toss” about criticism from domestic abuse charities over his conviction for beating his girlfriend.

Emily Ashton • 12 days ago

New Lib Dem MP Phillip Lee Will Meet LGBT Members To Try To Head Off A Revolt

Exclusive: The former Tory MP will speak to concerned members at a party conference next week after several quit the party over his record.

Emily Ashton • 13 days ago

John Bercow Will Stand Down As Speaker On Oct. 31

His departure will take place on the day Britain is due to leave the European Union.

Emily Ashton • 13 days ago

Amber Rudd Has Quit The Cabinet And The Conservative Party

Another former cabinet minister, Philip Hammond, announced his intention to take legal advice against the government shortly after.

Alan White • 15 days ago

Boris Johnson’s Brother Has Just Quit As An MP And Minister Over Brexit

“I’ve been torn between family loyalty and the national interest,” Jo Johnson said.

Emily Ashton • 17 days ago

Boris Johnson’s Tory Islamophobia Inquiry Is Instead Going To Look At “All Types Of Prejudice”

“The Conservative party’s approach to Islamophobia has thus far been one of denial and obfuscation,” the Muslim Council of Britain told BuzzFeed News.

Emily Ashton • 17 days ago

LGBT Lib Dem Members Are Quitting The Party Over The Defection Of Ex-Tory MP Phillip Lee

“I don’t see Dr Phillip Lee as a liberal,” one told BuzzFeed News.

Emily Ashton • 19 days ago

The Brexit Showdown Is Commons Speaker John Bercow’s Big Moment

Some say he is Parliament’s champion, others that he is biased towards Remainers. All eyes will be on the speaker in the weeks ahead as MPs take on the government over Brexit.

Emily Ashton • 22 days ago

MPs Are Seriously Worried That Boris Johnson Could Drop The Domestic Abuse Bill

The flagship legislation is hanging in the balance after Johnson announced the suspension of Parliament.

Emily Ashton • 25 days ago

Westminster Is In Turmoil After Boris Johnson Asked The Queen To Suspend Parliament

MPs will not sit for around five weeks in September and October as the Brexit deadline looms. The Commons speaker said it was a "constitutional outrage".

Emily Ashton • 25 days ago

Nurses And Doctors Fear Boris Johnson's Plans To Immediately End Freedom Of Movement Will Cause “Untold Disruption” To The NHS

Exclusive: "We risk losing even more nurses at a time when we can ill afford to," the Royal College of Nursing told BuzzFeed News.

Emily Ashton • One month ago

A Senior MP Is Furious That Boris Johnson Is Kicking Her Out Of Her Office

Sarah Wollaston, the former Tory who chairs the powerful Commons liaison committee, told BuzzFeed News his regime was "petty" and "imperious".

Emily Ashton • One month ago

The Brexit Party Is Stepping Up Its Fight Against Boris Johnson

The party is about to reveal 150 general election candidates — having already infuriated Tories by choosing to stand in the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election.

Emily Ashton • One month ago
Emily Ashton • 2 months ago