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Vince Cable Has Signalled He Will Resign Next Year, Saying He Doesn't Want To Outlast Robert Mugabe

The Liberal Democrats leader wants to see out next May's local elections first.

Emily Ashton • 8 months ago

Another Senior MP Has Called On The Government To Reinvestigate 14 Russia-Linked Deaths On UK Soil

Labour's Mike Gapes told the House of Commons that the government's decision not to reopen any of the cases uncovered by BuzzFeed News was "remarkable".

Emily Ashton • 8 months ago

The Lib Dems Are Setting Up A “Momentum For Moderates”

"The big problem is we don’t know what we are,” one Lib Dem source said.

Emily Ashton • 8 months ago

The UK Said There's No Need To Reinvestigate 14 Suspicious Deaths Linked To Russia But It Won't Say Why

Two former cabinet ministers said the government must fully explain the reasons for not reopening any of the cases uncovered by BuzzFeed News.

Emily Ashton • 8 months ago

UK Prosecutors Have Named Two Russian Nationals Suspected Of The Nerve Agent Attack On Sergei And Yulia Skripal

There is "sufficient evidence" to charge Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov with conspiracy to murder and attempted murder over the attack in Salisbury in March.

Emily Ashton • 8 months ago

Alex Salmond Has Been Criticised For Crowdfunding A Legal Challenge Against The Scottish Government

A Labour spokesperson said he was "abusing his power, and dragging Scotland into the gutter."

Emily Ashton • 8 months ago

A British Mother Jailed In Iran Is Suffering Panic Attacks After A Brief Reunion With Her Daughter

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe's husband told BuzzFeed News she was “incredibly low” after being forced to leave her 4-year-old daughter, Gabriella.

Emily Ashton • 8 months ago

Harriet Harman: It Is “Mortifyingly Embarrassing” That Labour Has Never Had A Woman Leader

The “mother of the House” speaks to BuzzFeed News about her plan to ban men from Labour’s next leadership contest, why she is gathering together women MPs from around the world, and how she might have her eye on the Speaker’s chair.

Emily Ashton • 9 months ago

Alex Salmond Has Denied Sexual Misconduct Claims And Is Taking Scotland's Government To Court

First minister Nicola Sturgeon said the allegations against him were "upsetting" for the SNP.

Emily Ashton • 9 months ago

Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Government's No-Deal Brexit Preparations

Ministers have published 25 reports on the impact of no-deal on issues ranging from credit card charges to the importation of donor sperm.

Alex Spence • 9 months ago

Using Your Card To Pay For Items From The EU Will Probably Cost More If There's A "No Deal" Brexit

"The cost of card payments between the UK and EU will likely increase," a government paper warned on Thursday.

Emily Ashton • 9 months ago

Dozens Of Children Were Killed By A Saudi-Led Attack On A School Bus. This Senior Tory Says It's A "Wake-Up Call".

Andrew Mitchell, the former international development secretary, told BuzzFeed News that Britain had a duty to stop Saudi Arabia breaching international humanitarian laws.

Emily Ashton • 9 months ago

This MP Did An Impression Of Boris Johnson On Live TV And It's Quite Something

"I don’t think Tracey Ullman has much to fear," Rupa Huq told BuzzFeed News.

Emily Ashton • 9 months ago

Wait, Why Are People In The UK Talking About Eating Dogs All Of A Sudden?

The government is looking at a ban on eating dogs – but it's not at all clear that people in the UK are actually eating dogs.

Emily Ashton • 9 months ago

Theresa May Wants Boris Johnson To Apologise For His Burqa "Letter Box" Comment

Senior Tory peer Lord Sheikh said Johnson should be ousted from the party altogether.

Emily Ashton • 9 months ago

A Senior Conservative Muslim Has Called On Boris Johnson To Apologise For His Burqa "Letter Box" Comparison

Mohammed Amin, chair of the Conservative Muslim Forum, told BuzzFeed News that Boris Johnson's words would be seized upon by the far right — and pointed out he had recently spoken to Steve Bannon.

Emily Ashton • 9 months ago

The Lib Dems' Bid To Be Britain's Centrist Movement Will Involve Nonmembers Getting To Vote On Their New Leader

The party is looking at plans to allow "registered supporters" to vote in a contest that would be opened up to political outsiders for the first time, BuzzFeed News understands.

Emily Ashton • 9 months ago

Jeremy Corbyn Is Under Pressure To Explain Why He Didn't Challenge A Labour NEC Member's Anti-Semitic Comments

"He sat in a room whilst these awful things were said and he didn’t say a word," MP Ian Austin, who is facing disciplinary action after criticising the leadership on anti-Semitism, told BuzzFeed News.

Emily Ashton • 9 months ago

Downing Street Was Asked About A No-Deal Brexit And Basically Replied With An Everything Is Fine GIF

There are no plans to involve the army in delivering emergency food and medicines, Number 10 said.

Emily Ashton • 9 months ago

This Tory MEP Said People Should Be Prosecuted For Treason For "Extreme EU Loyalty"

"It is about time we brought the Treason Act up to date," David Campbell Bannerman, an arch-Brexiteer, tweeted.

Emily Ashton • 10 months ago