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May 1, 2009

SeppuKuties (Game Battle)

Help the adorable animals get to the acorns! Unfortunately, not everyone's going to survive.

Animals vs Mirrors

Here's a bunch of videos of pets reacting adorably stupid to their own reflections.

Swine-Flu Mask Yourself!

As a public service to everyone who loves swine flu but doesn't know how to get in on the action, we're providing these beautiful virtual swine flu masks!

The Chicken Tetrazzini Lady

Some lady on the Maury show thinks her man is cheating on her with another woman because of her chicken tetrazzini.

12 Worst Male Enhancement Commercials (Probably NSFW)

Male enhancement commercials have to be just about the most awkward yet greatest and funniest and trashiest things ever. Having said that, check out my picks for the top 12 worst male enhancement commercials. Special thanks to the Fresno Bee for introducing me to the magical Post-T-Vac pump, which gave me the inspiration and drive to create this list!

Skunk Burglars

There is nothing cuter than a skunk attack!

Mike Tyson Cheats

An simple, elegant tribute to one of the greatest Nintendo games of all time.

Headline of the Day

Sounds painful.

Nintendo Controller Mouse

I may urgently need one of these.

Better Panhandling

Someone set out to make this guy a better sign for his panhandling activities.

How Not to Get Out of Jury Duty

One man's very special jury affidavit response.

Girl, 8, Divorces Husband, 50

The latest viral buzz from

Sarah Palin on "American Chopper"

Thursday's episode of "American Chopper" on TLC features an interview with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R), who is leaning against a bear skin in her office.

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