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Alleged Bank Robber 'May Have Eaten the Evidence'

Police in Ohio say a bank robbery suspect may have eaten the evidence - after he was spotted munching a piece of paper, thought to be the note he used in the robbery, while handcuffed and lying across the bonnet of a police cruiser.

Metro UK 10 years ago

Zookeepers Get Tortoise Sex Surprise

Zookeepers in the US must be feeling a bit slow - because they just discovered, after more than 50 years, that a tortoise they called Mary is actually a male.

Metro UK 10 years ago

Clown Loses Balloon Inflation Arrest Case

A clown has lost his case against New York City police, after a federal jury ruled that they didn't use excessive force when they arrested him after he left a suspicious device at a coffee shop.

Metro UK 10 years ago

Lost Man Drives 370 Miles To Pick Up Newspaper

An elderly Australian man who went out to fetch a morning newspaper ended up driving more than 370 miles after getting lost and taking a wrong turn onto a major highway, police said.

Metro UK 10 years ago

Crane Wipes Out House In Tree Battle

It was a test of strength that would top the bill of any sporting competition. The 150-year-old, 20ft oak vs the 50tonne, 90ft crane.

Metro UK 10 years ago