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September 1, 2015

Protesters Call NYU "Cutting Edge Of Everything That’s Wrong" In Higher Ed

Activists decried the financial management, real estate deals and lavish pay of the school, and other prestigious NYC colleges.

How Many Of These Classic 90's Cartoons Have You Seen?

Tell us how many of these classic '90s cartoons you've seen and take your rightful place as a Saturday Morning Warrior.

The French Tourist Searching For The Father Of Her Child Is Definitely Fake

A source has told BuzzFeed News that "Natalie Amyot" isn't all she claims to be.

Deputies Charged In Beating Of California Man On Live TV

Three sheriff's deputies were charged in the beating of a Southern California man that was broadcast live by a news helicopter.

Children From Black Families Reveal Sacrifices Their Parents Made

I hope to be just as selfless as you are.

Kanye's VMA Speech Set To The Seinfeld Theme Song Makes Everything Better

If you thought Kanye's VMA speech couldn't get any better, you're mistaken.

When You Realize He Has Yellow Fever

Comedian Jenny Yang explains why she doesn't date white guys.

21 Celebrity Businesses Making Big Bucks

As if they don't have enough money!

Department Of Justice Warns Jindal That Defunding Planned Parenthood Is Illegal

In a court filing, the Department of Justice warned that Gov. Bobby Jindal's decision to cut Planned Parenthood's Medicaid funding violates federal law.

Can We Guess Your Hogwarts House Based On What You Like The Most?

Because who really needs the Sorting Hat?

Which San Francisco Neighborhood Are You?

Find out if you're keeping it real in the avenues or living high up in the heights.

What Amount Of The Things You Eat And Drink Every Day Would Actually Kill You?

You might think twice about doing shots all night long.

Find Out What You Should Watch On Netflix This September

Get excited! Netflix has announced this month’s TV and movie selections. Take our quiz to find out which titles you should watch!

As Google Prepared To Exit China, State Department Pushed For Expo Sponsorship

Months before the company announced it would shutter its Chinese search site, U.S. government officials encouraged it to participate in the Expo 2010 fair in Shanghai.

Exes Asked Each Other Incredibly Honest Questions And Things Got Too Real

WARNING: This might be sad for someone going through a breakup.

People In Baltimore Are Worried About More Riots As Freddie Gray Case Heads To Court

As a contentious hearing approaches, a tense city hopes for the best — and gets ready for the worst.

17 Fotos que a Kim Kardashian le hubiera gustado no tomarse

Internet nunca la dejará olvidar su pasado.

El manual de la elegancia aborigen según Silverio

Desde Chimpancingo, Su Majestad Imperial, el Rey de la moda.

Pilot Confessions That Will Make You Soar

"I'm afraid of heights..."

Do You Remember The Lyrics To The Education Connection Jingle?

The jingliest jingle that ever jingled.

15 Magical Korean Street Foods You Need To Try

Sure, you can get Korean BBQ in any Koreatown, USA. But these local snacks are best enjoyed on the streets of Korea, made fresh for you by an ajumma who’s been in the fried food game for years.

Two Kansas City Royals Players Have The Chickenpox

Outfielder Alex Rios and relief pitcher Kelvin Herrera are infected.

Rand Paul On Clerk Refusing Same-Sex Marriage Licences: Protest Is Part Of The American Way

"Whether or not people who still work for the state can do it without the legislature changing it, is something I'm going to leave up to the courts exactly how to do it," Paul said.

Should You Go To Hogwarts, Durmstrang, Or Beauxbatons?

Most Important Thing You Will Ever Find Out

6 Secretly Amazing Movies You Can't Miss This September

Lots of great movies never make it to your local multiplex — here are six worth seeking out, and where to find them.

11 Ways Miss Piggy Will Conquer This Breakup

Kermit may have a new flame, but Miss Piggy will always be on fire.

Hillary Clinton Emails Show David Miliband Was Distraught To Lose Labour Leadership

The US politician was also told internal Labour politics resembled the Tudors.

Where President Kanye West Stands On The Issues

"I am God." —Kanye for President 2020

Android Wear For iPhone Won't Work With Apple's HealthKit

You can track your steps with an Android Wear smartwatch, but they won't show up in Apple's new Health app.

These Satellite Photos Will Make You Feel Freakishly Small

It is a small world after all! A freakishly small one...

Is It Okay To Crack Your Knuckles?

How many times did you crack your knuckles while watching this?

Dairy-Free Ice Cream Taste Test

"Sprinkles are the basic b$%ch of ice cream toppings!"

10 Struggles Of Public Transportation Everyone Knows

Because getting on a bus full of strangers is never boring.

This Model Refused To Let Herself Be Body-Shamed By Online Bullies

"We are no less valuable at 200 lbs as we are at 120 lbs."

People Eat Ethiopian Food For The First Time

It’s a plate! It’s a spoon! It’s a napkin! It’s delicious!

Family Of Woman Killed In S.F. Pier Shooting Says Immigration System Failed

Kathryn Steinle's family claim her death could've been prevented if San Francisco and federal officials had not allowed her accused killer, a five-time deportee, to be released.

Things "Criminal Minds" Taught Me

Everyone is an un-sub

Can You Guess These Actors From Their Tattoos?

Who's your favorite tattooed celeb?

Murder Charge Dropped Against South Carolina Cop In 2011 Shooting Of Unarmed Black Man

Eutawville Police Chief Richard Combs was charged with murder after fatally shooting Bernard Bailey, an unarmed black man. After two trials and two deadlocked juries, a plea deal reached with prosecutors sentenced Combs to home detention.

Tell Us The Funniest Reason You've Skipped A Workout

Because exercise is great, but sleep is pretty awesome too.

Estos pasteles no son aptos para cardíacos

Vienen en muchos sabores y horrores. Son pasteles verdaderamente únicos.

These 5 Space Nuts Are Vying For A One-Way Trip To Mars

The Mars One Project has narrowed down 200,000 candidates from across the globe to their top 100. From Cape Town to Cairo to California, we meet five wannabe Martians competing for a one-way ticket to the Red Planet in the original series, Citizen Mars. Check out episode one.

How Sidney Blumenthal Tried And Failed To Pull Hillary Clinton To The Left On Foreign Policy

It's not clear that it had much effect, but the longtime Clinton confidant often emailed secretary pieces, speeches, and analysis to the left of her positions — especially on Israel.

California Ends Indefinite Solitary Confinement Of Prisoners

The state agreed Tuesday to end the indefinite isolation of state prisoners in a landmark settlement.

23 Hábitos sexuales que todos los veinteañeros deberían adoptar

Lectura esencial para cualquiera que planee desnudarse con otra persona.

Meet Kim Davis, The Woman Denying Same-Sex Couples Marriage Licenses In Kentucky

The Rowan County Clerk stopped issuing all marriage licenses — claiming she is acting "under God's authority" — after the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage.

No, The Deflategate Judge Isn't Going To Announce His Decision On Twitter

Speculation and deception run rampant Tuesday as a federal judge prepares to make his decision in the Tom Brady vs. NFL saga this week.

5 Ways To Get Back At Someone Who Posts An Ugly Photo Of You

We've all been there. Take a photo with someone, and inevitably you take a bad photo. Your friend posts it anyway because and I quote "I look good in it." Well here's a few ways to even the score.

What Narcos Are You?

Who would you be in the drug game?

16 vezes em que o homem hétero teve medo de virar gay

Basta tomar uma coca-zero, vestir uma camisa rosa ou usar um guarda-chuva.

17 vines que dão a Lucas Rangel a coroa de melhor viner do Brasil

Difícil acreditar que estes vídeos tem apenas 6 segundos.

47 Beautiful Movie Shots With Satisfying Symmetry

For the perfectionists out there who need a relaxing scroll.

I Am Sexually Attracted To Macklemore And I Need Help

Wondering if 1-800-CHARTER is still active.

17 Books That Perfectly Capture The Immigrant Experience

These authors share fiction and non-fiction about staying afloat in the system.

17 Back-To-School Moments All Canadian ‘90s Kids Will Never Forget

Back when you were still allowed to play grounders at recess.

18 Frases venezolanas explicadas por extranjeros

SPOILER: Todos son unos mal pensados.

17 Times Your Professor Had No Chill

Sometimes they just need to be told to sit down.

A Waitress Paid For A Cancer Patient's Dinner And Left Him A Heartwarming Note

"For putting up the biggest fight, this one is on me."

Missouri Executes Man For Raping And Killing 15-Year-Old Girl

Roderick Nunley was executed by lethal injection in Missouri Tuesday night. It was the state’s sixth execution this year, and the nation’s 20th.

Infinite Rivalry: Jonathan Franzen and David Foster Wallace's Complicated Legacy

Purity and The End of the Tour point toward an imbalanced relationship between two of our generation's greatest male novelists.

People Are Declaring #WeWillNotBeSilenced After A Brutal Murder

The hashtag #NoNosCallarán (#WeWillNotBeSilenced) is being used after a journalist was killed in Mexico City last month.

Which Elric Brother From "Fullmetal Alchemist" Are You?

Either way, you'll get a pretty badass alchemist.

13 Things Every Single AF Lesbian Will Find On Her Phone

*Changes lock screen to Samira Wiley*

10 Cosas nuevas que deberías probar en septiembre

Te damos pretextos para convertir este mes en tu favorito del año.

Harry Potter's Son Is Officially A Gryffindor, According To J.K. Rowling

Rowling also revealed that Teddy Lupin is a Hufflepuff (and Head Boy no less)!

New Yorkers Try LA Bagels

Which bagel will reign supreme?

This Is What Disney Voices Would Look Like As Their Characters

The animation never bothered me, anyway.

51 Names Albus Severus Potter Has Definitely Been Called

Ginny: "Oh, Alby. Sweet Alb. Darling...Sever-poo?" Albus, from his room: "STOP!"

How Many Of These Disney Sequels Have You Seen?

♫ Part of your wooooorld. ♫

Chipotle Will Start Delivering To College Students This Fall

The semester just got delicious. By spring, Chipotle delivery will be available at 100 campuses.

22 Imitaciones de marcas tan desastrosas que te harán reír

¿Por qué pagar tanto dinero por marcas marcas, si puedes comprar una creativa imitación?

11 Foolproof Reactions For The Fuckboy In Your Life

Hail to the X-Files' queen of side-eye.

What's Your Jelly Of Choice?

What's the J in your PB&J?

Martin O'Malley Hires Director Of Hispanic Media

Jose Aristimuño joins the campaign after spending time as a volunteer, BuzzFeed News has learned.

Huckabee: "Remarkable" Democrats Looking At "73-Year-Old Gaffe-Master" Biden As Savior

The Republican presidential candidate comments on the age of his Democratic adversaries, and offers praise for Bernie Sanders.

We Need To Talk About Little Mix's "Hair"

A song as fab as their locks.

23 Luchas que solo la gente con iPhones entenderá


8 Questions Pinays In Their Late 20s | Early 30s Face

... single Pinays to be specific. Being single Filipina in your late 20s, early 30s is usually a big concern not just for you but also for your family (who just loves you very much, way too much).

Here's What Happens When You Give Up Coffee

What doesn't kill you makes you want stronger coffee.

13 Deportes ideales para todos los que odian los deportes

¿Con toda esta locura en el mundo, por qué seguimos viendo futbol?

10 Ways Pinoys Deal With This Cold Weather

As "ber" months officially started, Pinoys should brace for colder temperatures. Being so used to our tropical weather, this is how some of us deal with it.

Illinois Manhunt Closes In One Area As Police Search Widens

Police called off the search for three suspects in the immediate area where a veteran police officer was found fatally shot, but continue to comb surrounding areas.

The Labour Leadership Candidates Are Turning Against Jeremy Corbyn

Andy Burnham accused him of "making excuses for Putin".

Labour Voters Could Receive Ballot Papers Just 24 Hours Before Leadership Contest Ends

But the party says everyone who is eligible to vote will get the chance to vote online before the deadline.

Taylor Swift And Selena Gomez Have Officially Hit Peak Friendship Goals

Just two best friends dominating the world together.

British Mother Believed To Be Taking Her Children To Syria Arrested In UK

Zahera Tariq went missing with her four children last week. Update: The 33-year-old has been arrested at Luton airport on suspicion of child abduction.

#DoYourJob Trends After Kentucky Clerk Refuses Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

Same-sex marriage supporters rally under the hashtag to demand that Kentucky county clerk issue marriage licenses.

19 Things Only Lazy Best Friends Will Understand

"We could go to the gym, or..." "Yeah let's not go to the gym."

23 memórias da infância que ilustram perfeitamente como a inocência pode ser trágica

Crianças são simplesmente INCAPAZES de perceber que vai dar ruim.

Conheça o Deboísmo, a nova escola filosófica "de boas" da internet

Você vai querer adotar esse estilo de vida agora.

Why The Chelsea Boot Is The Most Essential Item For Your Wardrobe This Fall

One pair will instantly upgrade your fall wardrobe.

Which Prank From "The Office" Are You?

Just what do you have up your sleeve?

19 Struggles You'll Only Understand If You Were Born And Raised In The Midlands

No, we're not northern. Nope, not southern either.

13 Marvel Productions That Should Definitely Happen

We know more of less what's going down up through 2019. But we've already got big dreams for Marvel's Phase Four.

27 Photos That Prove Chloe Kardoggian Is The Lost Kardashian Sister

An ode to two of the baddest bitches out there.

L'extrême droite s'en prend à une exposition qu'elle juge «pédopornographique»

La polémique a démarré au dernier jour de l'exposition, qui n'avait pas fait de bruit pendant deux mois.

Ryan Phillippe Runs Shirtless, Remains Dad AF

Some may even call these pictures "jizzworthy."

This Guy Losing His Shit At Creamfields Is Really Something

There are people, and then there are people at dance festivals. NSFW, because of the naked dancing man.

36 raisons de ne pas aller à Madagascar

Encore des plages, toujours des plages. Quel ennui.

San Diego Zoo or Jurassic World?

I’m a big fan of going to the zoo. I’m also a big fan of Jurassic Park. I’ve written extensively about both! I’m entering my third year as a San Diego Zoo passholder and after going this weekend for the first time since the release of Jurassic World, the fourth film in the Jurassic Park franchise, I noticed that certain aspects of the zoo reminded me of the film. This makes sense of course, Jurassic World is a zoo, but instead of exotic animals from the four corners of the globe, it houses dinosaurs. The Jurassic World website also took a few cues from the San Diego Zoo site anyway so I can’t help myself in imagining the zoo being filled with dinosaurs as I wandered the grounds on a sunny Sunday afternoon in August. The following moments stuck out most to me.

Can You Be Friends With Your Ex?

"There's a reason why we dated, why we got along."

14 coisas que as redes de fast food diriam se fossem sinceras

Porque ninguém está na praça de alimentação porque gosta.

Another Round, Episode 23: The Audacity Of Despair

This week, your babies give advice on how to be a good big brother/sister, we hash out the awesome and awful of the VMAs, and we talk to creator of The Wire and Show Me A Hero, David Simon!

Die Isländer flippen aus, weil ihre Regierung nur 50 Flüchtlinge aufnehmen will

"Wir haben Kleidung, ein Bett, Spielsachen und alles, was ein Kind braucht. Natürlich würde ich für das Flugticket bezahlen", schrieb eine alleinerziehende Mutter.

25 Brillantes maneras de lidiar con tu miedo a volar

Consejos y trucos para el despegue, turbulencia, y cualquier otro momento aterrador en el vuelo.

Os 27 momentos mais importantes do VMA de 2015

Nicki, Taylor e Miley, meu Deus!

29 Text Messages That Are Funny Every Single Time

Times not to send a text - when you're drunk, when you're high, and when you're a parent.

Here's What We Know About The New "Macbeth" Movie So Far

All hail, Macbeth, that shalt be king (OF MY PANTS) hereafter!

21 Struggles That Were Way Too Real For Scene Kids

Rawr means I love you in dinosaur.

Como meu cachorro me salvou da depressão

Achei que eu estivesse salvando a vida dele, mas foi ele quem acabou salvando a minha.

23 Jawlines Guaranteed To Get You Pregnant

*grates cheese on these jawlines*

19 comidas que estão tendo um dia pior que o seu

A tristeza nunca teve um gosto tão bom.

Powdered Caffeine Could Be Deadly, Government Warns

The FDA has issued a slew of new warnings to distributors of pure caffeine products for inappropriate labeling. One teaspoon of pure powdered caffeine is roughly equivalent to 28 cups of coffee, the agency said.

Des jeunes filles violées et enceintes sont au centre de ce projet photo percutant

La photographe Linda Forsell dit que son projet Children Having Children (Des enfants ayant des enfants) illustre la réalité à laquelle sont confrontées de nombreuses jeunes filles guatémaltèques.

17 gatos que claramente são leões

Reis da selva doméstica.

17 Kinder, die vom Ernst des Lebens kalt erwischt wurden

Beziehungsweise von ihrer ersten Fahrt durch die Autowaschanlage.

23 ideias impressionantes e não convencionais para casamentos

Roube essas ideias antes que se tornem algo do pacote normal de casamento.

23 dificuldades que só quem tem iPhone vai entender


The Tom Cruise Character Quiz

Could even Tom Cruise himself get a high score on this quiz?

A Woman Was Dragged From Her Car And Raped In A John Lewis Car Park

The incident happened outside a branch in Cheadle on Friday evening.

James Bond Author Sparks Outrage For Calling Idris Elba "Too Street"

"For me, Idris Elba is a bit too rough to play the part. It’s not a colour issue. I think he is probably a bit too 'street' for Bond."

13 vegetais que magicamente brotam sozinhos

Se você possui um certo toque mágico com as plantas, pode fazer isso em casa e talvez nunca mais precise ir ao sacolão.

Nicki Or Miley

Whose side are you on?!

19 Real, Tiring, And Frustating Struggles Of Being An Introvert With FOMO

Nothing causes more stress than last-minute plans.

12 dicas de autodefesa que podem ser úteis um dia

O mundo é cheio de gente horrível. Eis aqui o conhecimento de que você precisa para ter certeza de que essa gente não atrapalhe sua vida.

19 Palabras con significados totalmente distintos cuando tienes 15 y cuando tienes 30

¿Quieres decir que las tarjetas de crédito se tienen que pagar?

18 Tatuajes geométricos que tienes que ver para creer

Asombroso trabajo de estilo espirógrafo por el artista de Berlín Chaim Machlev.

16 coisas que seu ginecologista realmente quer que você saiba

Eles definitivamente não se importam em como é o seu cabelo lá embaixo.

Someone Calculated How Many Men The Golden Girls Actually Slept With

"There is a fine line between having a good time and being a wanton slut. I know. My toe has been on that line." – Blanche Devereaux. H/T Jezebel.

Reality Vs Disney In Gifs

Because a picture speaks a thousand words

What's Your Horoscope For September?

The stars have a lot to tell you! Horoscopes condensed from AstroStyle.

We Know Your Favorite '90s TV Show Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Because chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool never gets old.

36 Tweets That Prove That Indian Women Are Frickin' Hilarious

If you've ever said that girls aren't funny, you're just following the wrong people.

21 Bilder, die zeigen, wie herzlich die Münchner Flüchtlinge empfangen

Freiwillige kamen zum Hauptbahnhof und verteilten Essen, Wasser und Stofftiere.

12 filmes essenciais de Wes Craven

O cineasta de Pânico e A Hora do Pesadelo morreu dia 30 de agosto. Estes são os filmes que fazem dele uma lenda do terror .

18 moments qu'on a tous connus le jour de la rentrée des classes

Oh non, j'ai Mme Untel! Il paraît qu'elle est super sévère!!

What's Really Inside Boxes Of Chocolate?

What's really inside those boxes of chocolate?

People Are Outraged After Three Dogs' Bodies Were Found Hanging From An Electric Pole In Kerala

The stray dogs were hanged on the first death anniversary of an RSS functionary, in the same spot where he was assassinated.

Esta mujer capturó el momento en que se sinceró con su familia en una serie de poderosas fotografías

"Si todos tomamos nuestra posición y dejamos de tener miedo sobre quien amamos, podemos empezar a crear el cambio lentamente", dijo Paola Pareder de su serie Unveiled

24-Year-Old Becomes First Woman To Be Convicted Of Revenge Porn

Paige Mitchell, 24, admitted posting explicit images of her then girlfriend to Facebook.

Aujourd'hui, c'est aussi la rentrée à Poudlard pour James Sirius Potter

Nous sommes le 1er septembre 2015. Préparez-vous à être émus.

18 Times Roseanne And Dan Conner Gave Us Serious Relationship Goals

No TV marriage will ever come close to the beauty that is Dan and Roseanne's. Just accept it.

India's First Female Surfer Is Now Inspiring Young Girls To Hit The Waves

Surfing isn't just something you do on the internet.

17 extrem leckere Avocado-Snacks, die Du unbedingt ausprobieren solltest

Das Leben ist zu kurz, um Avocado nur mit Salz und Zitronensaft zu essen.

U.S. Markets Tumble Again On Worries About China's Economy

The latest blow to investors' confidence in China came from a survey of the country's manufacturing.

Os 10 melhores tweets do Craque Neto

Um baita jornalista diga-se de passagem que até um bom tempo atrás dava seus pitacos também via Twitter. Relembre os melhores momentos.

Can We Guess Your Age Based On Your First Crush?

Were you in love with Gareth Gates? Or Craig David?

25 Wedding Ideas To Fall In Love With In September

Gorgeous inspiration + genius tips.

WeWork Gave Cleaners A Raise, Just Not The Ones Who Fought For It

As co-working company WeWork implements better conditions for employees, a group of contracted workers who had campaigned for improvements find themselves out of work.

26 maneras encantadoras de proponerle matrimonio a alguien

Ya que pasarás el resto de tu vida con tu amor siempre debes comenzar con un código QR o una snitch dorada.

Downloadable Amazon Prime Videos Great For Harried Parents Who Work At Amazon

Now you can download shows like Transparent to watch offline.

This New Nest Thermostat Is Uncomfortably Beautiful

Talking to your house just got 40 percent sexier.

Can You Guess The Video Game From Its Map?

Do you know your Zeldas from your Elder Scrolls?

Kentucky Clerk Continues To Deny Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

Rowan County clerk Kim Davis continued to deny marriage licenses to same-sex couples Tuesday despite the Supreme Court's denial to intervene in the case.

What's Going On Around The World Today?

President Obama is in Alaska pushing for climate action. Satellite images confirm the main temple in the ancient city of Palmyra has been destroyed. And a new study suggests the human eye’s blind spot can be trained.

This Is How Debt Teaches You About Money

"The closest thing to nirvana for me is the splendour of financial independence."

Das härteste "Gilmore Girl"-Quiz, das Du je machen wirst

"Du bewahrst Deine Schlüssel im Ofen auf?!" – "Nein, meine Socken."

27 Grandes trucos para mantener tu refrigerador limpio y organizado

Porque no te apetece examinar a fondo un refri desordenado cuando es hora de COMER.

So sähe die Welt aus, wenn alle Männer ihre Tage kriegen würden

Der neue O.B Stahlwolle - extra rau und extra dick.

Azerbaijan Jails Reporter Who Exposed High-Level Government Corruption

Khadija Ismayilova was sentenced to seven years, six months in prison by a court in Baku Tuesday.

Satellite Images Confirm ISIS Has Blown Up One Of Palmyra's Main Temples

Images provided by UNITAR seem to have confirmed fears that the militant group has destroyed the ancient Temple of Bel.

Pope Francis To Allow Priests To Forgive Women Who've Had Abortions

The pontiff said he has met a number of women who “bear in their heart the scar of this agonizing and painful decision."

How Stereotypically Middle-Class Are You?

How many pairs of red trousers do you own?

14 Things Indians Are Tired Of Hearing When They Travel Abroad


Scientists Are Having A #CuteOff On Twitter And It's The Cutest

BREAKING: You don't have to be cuddly to be cute.

23 Times Tinder Actually Made You Say "Awww"

Left. Left. Left. Le- Awww... Left.

17 Festival Goers Told Us What Their First Gig Ever Was

We went to Reading Festival and tested the crowd's music credentials.

On a demandé à des parents comment ils ont vécu le 1er jour d'école de leur enfant

«Même s'il y avait déjà eu la crèche avant, ça impressionne de la laisser comme ça.»

Le passionnant récit de la mort de Louis XIV sur Twitter

«#URGENT #LouisXIV vient de mourir.»

Yvette Cooper: Tory Ministers Are "Cowards" Not To Accept More Refugees Into Britain

The Labour leadership contender said the government was "stuck talking only about 'migrants' when we should mean fathers, sons, sisters, brothers, daughters, mothers".

Hacking Group Takes Down National Crime Agency Site After Arrests

A hacking group is claiming responsibility for taking down the National Crime Agency’s website after the agency arrested six hackers last week.

Solltest Du das N-Wort benutzen?

Seit Innenminister Herrmanns "Lob" gegenüber Roberto Blanco tobt die Diskussion: Darf man das N-Wort verwenden? Wir haben den leichten Leitfaden für Dich.

An Open Letter To Jane Who Owes Me $70

I don't want to be a pest, but there's a new PayPal thingee you can pay with pretty easily. No sweat, tho! xoxoxox

White House Launches Year Two Of Campus Anti-Sexual Assault Campaign With Simple Message

One year into the Obama administration's "It's On Us" anti-sexual assault campaign, top presidential adviser Valerie Jarett says the White House has helped start changing the culture about sexual violence on college campuses.

21 Strange, Bizarre, And Questionable Things People Claim To See On Mars

Dinosaurs, mermaids, and dragons – who knew the Red Planet was so exciting?

Museum in Auschwitz wegen Touristen-Duschen am KZ-Eingang kritisiert

Die Gedenkstätte für die Konzentrationslager Auschwitz und Birkenau sagt, dass die Anlagen gebaut wurden, um Besuchern wegen der extremen Hitze in Polen im Sommer zu helfen.

Rentrée scolaire: quel est votre pire souvenir?

Parfois, la rentrée est une étape difficile à passer. Racontez-nous votre pire histoire et nous la publierons dans un post!

Secret Memos Reveal Julian Assange's Escape Plans From Ecuador's Embassy

Leaked internal documents reveal discussions of secret escape plans, clashes between the WikiLeaks founder and embassy staff, and fears over his health.

Main Suspect In Bangkok Shrine Bombing Arrested, More Warrants Issued

Prime Minister General Prayuth Chan-ocha said that the man is a foreigner and was arrested near the Cambodian border. Arrest warrants have been issued for three further suspects.

24 Struggles That Everyone From Sheffield Faces

There's nowt so queer as Sheffield folk.

Football Fans Have Gone To Town On Manchester United On Transfer Deadline Day

Fans of the club are not happy – though fans of other clubs think it's hilarious.

Ce couple a tout plaqué pour voyager et nettoie des toilettes pour vivre

Chanel Cartell et Stevo Dirnberger se sont rendus compte qu'ils ne montraient pas la réalité de leur voyage autour du monde et ont expliqué ce qui se passait vraiment sur leur blog.

How Many Man Booker Prize-Winning Novels Have You Read?

There are bookworms, and then there are ~Booker~ worms.