An Aussie Fashion Chain Claims Miley Cyrus Ripped Off Its Look At The VMAs

    The chain says it's "distraught" but Miley's actual designer has explained where the idea came from.

    Cult Australian fashion house Di$count Universe says Miley Cyrus ripped off its look during her final performance at the MTV VMAs.

    Cyrus took to the stage with 30 drag queens from Ru Paul's Drag Race to debut her new single "Dooo It!" to close out the VMAs on Sunday evening.

    A few people were quick to notice that Miley's outfit was similar to the Aussie fashion chain's style, with many assuming she was actually wearing clothes from the online retailer.

    miley sportin that discount universe attire if u guys are wondering her designers

    Discount universe threw up all over Miley

    Miley Cyrus looks like the poster child for ShopJeen, Discount Universe, & all in one.

    For the record, these are some of Di$count Universe's designs.

    And it kind of made sense given that Miley wore the label when she performed in Sydney in 2014.

    Miley also wore Di$count Universe for her famous shoot with photographer Terry Richardson last year.

    But Julie Ann Quay, the owner of VFiles, of which Di$count Universe is a member, quickly took to Twitter saying the company's look had been ripped off.

    A statement from VFILES founder @JulieAnneQuay regarding the VMAs:

    The fashion house also posted two Instagrams addressing the performance.

    The outfits for Miley's performance were actually put together by US designer Brad Callahan, who told Nylon that Miley's people approached him to design the outfits for her big closing number.

    "They [Miley's people] reached out to me—all I did was design the clothes. They even assigned the looks to the queens—although some of the looks are very fitting to their personalities," he said.

    "All 31 looks are custom. They are split into three sets: The first set is all hand airbrushed and rhinestoned, the second set is all patchwork vinyl, and the third set are 3-D foam-lined pieces. It took a team of three sewers, three assistants, my airbrush guy, and my boyfriend three weeks to complete the garments and then another week of fittings and alterations in LA."

    Callahan, who designs under the name BCalla, said his inspiration came from his own sketches and an iconic image of David Bowie from 1973.

    Check out the full interview with Nylon here.

    Di$count Universe and MTV did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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