30 Pairs Of Famous People Who Have Basically The Exact Same Name

    I still can't believe there are two Dan Levys in the comedy world!

    You've probably met someone who has the same first name as you, but what about the same first and last name?

    Entertainment unions like SAG typically have policies in place to prevent two actors from performing under the same name, which is why a lot of them have to use stage names. However, there isn't a blanket rule that covers every notable person ever, so theoretically, there could be an actor, a singer, and an Olympian who are all named Jane Smith.

    Here are 30 pairs of famous people who have basically the exact same names:

    1. Actor Chris Evans and radio host Chris Evans

    "Captain America" actor and "Top Gun" host

    2. Actor Michelle Williams and singer Michelle Williams

    "Dawson's Creek" actor and Destiny's Child member

    3. Comedian Dan Levy and actor Dan Levy

    comedian and "Schitts Creek" actor

    4. Physicist Albert Einstein and actor Albert Einstein (aka Albert Brooks)

    scientist and "Broadcast News" actor

    5. Actor Sidney Poitier and his daughter, actor Sydney Poitier Heartsong

    "Lilies of the Field" actor and "Veronica Mars" actor

    6. Actors Michael Douglas and Michael Douglas (aka Michael Keaton)

    "Basic Instinct" actor and "Beetlejuice" actor

    7. Actor Mark Wahlberg and Antique Roadshow host Mark L. Walberg

    "Ted" actor and "Antique Roadshow" host

    8. Actor Anne Hathaway and the historical figure Anne Hathaway, the wife of William Shakespeare

    "Princess Diaries" actor and Shakespeare's muse

    9. Monkees member David Jones (aka Davy Jones) and singer David Jones (aka David Bowie)


    10. NBA player Michael Jordan and actor Michael B. Jordan

    basketball player and "Black Panther" actor

    11. Bassist John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin and reality star John Paul Jones from Bachelor in Paradise

    bassist and reality star

    12. Actors Billie Burke from The Wizard of Oz and Billy Burke from Twilight

    "Wizard of Oz" actor and "Twilight" actor

    13. Actor Kate Hudson and singer Katy Hudson (aka Katy Perry)

    "Almost Famous" actor and pop star

    14. American Idol judge Randy Jackson and singer Randy Jackson from the Jackson 5


    15. Actor Jane Seymour and historical figure Jane Seymour, the third wife of King Henry VIII

    "Somewhere in Time" actor and Briths queen

    16. Singer Rebecca Ferguson and actor Rebecca Ferguson

    singer and "Dune" actor

    17. American actor James Stewart (aka Jimmy Stewart) and British actor James Stewart (aka Stewart Granger)

    "Rear Window" actor and "North to Alaska" actor

    18. Guitarists Mick Jones from The Clash and Mick Jones from Foreigner


    19. Actor Mandy Moore and choreographer Mandy Moore from So You Think You Can Dance

    20. Drummers Roger Taylor from Queen and Roger Taylor from Duran Duran


    21. Actor Steve McQueen and filmmaker Steve McQueen

    "Nevada Smith" actor and "Small Axe" director

    22. Actors Jackie Gleason and Jack Gleeson

    "The Hustler" actor and "Game of Thrones" actor

    23. Singer James Taylor and Kool & the Gang member James Taylor


    24. Desperate Housewives actor Vanessa Williams and Candyman actor Vanessa Estelle Williams

    former Miss America and "The Get Away" actor

    25. Star Wars actor Harrison Ford and silent film actor Harrison Ford

    26. Singer Michael Jackson and radio host Michael Jackson

    singer and radio host

    27. Actors Billy Murray from The Bill and Bill Murray from Ghostbusters

    "Eastenders" actor and "SNL" actor

    28. Actor Bette Davis and singer Betty Davis

    "All About Eve" actor and singer

    29. Actors Peyton List from Jessie and Peyton List from Mad Men.

    30. And finally, KISS member Gene Simmons and actor Jean Simmons.

    musician and "Young Bess" actor