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Deez Nuts Really Enjoyed The Federal Leadership Debate

Deez Nuts <3 Canada.

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In a rare on-camera interview with an Iowa TV station, the young man behind Deez Nuts professed his appreciation for Canada's multi-party politics.

He said his independent candidacy will "hopefully pave the way for more than a two-party system."

"Canada, they had a debate for their prime minister elections and they had a four-party debate."

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Deez Nuts' real name is Brady Olson and he's a 15-year-old teen from a small town in Iowa. He registered his candidacy in North Carolina and has been making people giggle as very serious broadcasters utter "Deez Nuts" on television ever since.

As a high school sophomore, Deez Nuts is not actually legally allowed to become president. But let's not let the ~rules~ ruin this.

Deez Nuts received 9% support in North Carolina in a recent poll. People love Deez Nuts.


About to start the new school year, Deez Nuts said he "doesn't want this to be a distraction."

"It begs the question, is there a first lady?" asked host Robert Lowe, even if it absolutely does not.

"At this time he says no," replied Curtis.

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