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Lauren Strapagiel 2 hours ago

"Blue's Clues" Is Back And Wants A Whole New Generation To Enjoy The Silence

Blue's Clues & You! has a new host and new graphics, but the same charm that millennials fell in love with as kids.

Lauren Strapagiel One day ago

A Library Wouldn't Let These Artists Hang A Poster About Safer LGBTQ Sex

The problem was a poster with the "dos and don'ts of fisting."

Lauren Strapagiel 5 days ago

She Was Allegedly Raped And Couldn’t Bear Going To Trial. So She Met Her Attacker In Person To Work Things Out.

Marlee Liss now wants other survivors to know that the traditional justice system isn’t their only option.

Lauren Strapagiel 6 days ago
Lauren Strapagiel 12 days ago

Kombucha Girl Is Back With A Spicy Italian Meme

"Giovanni, Tony, Mario, Romeo, get over here!"

Lauren Strapagiel 14 days ago

Smutty Fanfiction Taught Me More About Queer Sex Than School Ever Could

Where the education system failed us, our fellow horny teens stepped up.

Lauren Strapagiel 29 days ago

There's A Blizzard Boycott Movement After A "Hearthstone" Player Was Suspended For Supporting Hong Kong Protesters

Memers are turning popular characters, like Overwatch's Mei, into pro-democracy protesters.

Lauren Strapagiel One month ago
Lauren Strapagiel One month ago

AdvoCare Is Actually An Illegal Pyramid Scheme, The FTC Has Decided

The FTC said the multilevel marketing company promised high earnings, but most sellers actually lost money.

Lauren Strapagiel One month ago

This Woman Pretended To Be A Bush During Her Sister's Engagement And It's Pretty Funny

Nothing says "marry me" like your sister hiding in the foliage.

Lauren Strapagiel One month ago

These Moms Are Mad That Instagram Keeps Deleting Topless Photos Of Their Long-Haired Sons

"Dear Instagram, I'm a boy. I just have long hair. Quit deleting my pictures!"

Lauren Strapagiel One month ago
Lauren Strapagiel One month ago
Lauren Strapagiel One month ago
Lauren Strapagiel One month ago

James Corden Did A Segment Calling Out Fat-Shaming And People Are Applauding

“If making fun of fat people made them lose weight, there’d be no fat kids in schools.”

Lauren Strapagiel 2 months ago

Teens Are Once Again Losing It Over “Worm On A String”

“It’s truly just a worm renaissance living in 2019.”

Lauren Strapagiel 2 months ago

James Charles Has Accused Wet N Wild Of Ripping Off His Eyeshadow Palette

"BUT when you copy the exact shades & layout from my palette without even trying to hide it...? 🤡🤡"

Lauren Strapagiel 2 months ago

These Photos Show The Destruction From Hurricane Dorian In North Carolina

Dorian made landfall in North Carolina as a Category 1 storm.

Lauren Strapagiel 2 months ago

This Viral TikTok From A Deaf Creator Is Moving People To Learn Sign Language

Chrissy Marshall is inspiring people to pick up American Sign Language.

Lauren Strapagiel 2 months ago