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Lauren Strapagiel • 2 days ago

There's Going To Be A Lesbian Couple On "My Little Pony"

We ship Aunt Holiday and Auntie Lofty.

Lauren Strapagiel • 3 days ago

Please Don’t Try The “Natural” Birth Control Methods In This Viral Tweet

Some of the suggested methods can be downright dangerous.

Lauren Strapagiel • 5 days ago

This Valedictorian's Mic Was Cut Off Just As She Mentioned Trayvon Martin And Tamir Rice

Rooha Hagher tweeted that a teacher told her the speech would incite anger toward white people.

Lauren Strapagiel • 9 days ago

LGBT Creators Say YouTube Doesn't Actually Value Queer And Trans Creators

YouTube’s refusal to remove anti-gay, racist videos targeting Carlos Maza is just the latest example of a lack of action on harassment for queer and trans creators.

Lauren Strapagiel • 10 days ago

Another Black Trans Woman Has Been Killed In Dallas

Police said the body of Chynal Lindsey was found with “obvious signs of homicidal violence.”

Lauren Strapagiel • 11 days ago

This Guy Turned His Turban Into A Rainbow For Pride And It's Everything

Jiwandeep Kohli is Sikh, bisexual, and proud.

Lauren Strapagiel • 13 days ago

This Bishop Said Catholics Shouldn’t Support Pride Month And People Are Fired Up

Bishop Thomas Tobin said Catholics should not support or attend Pride Month events.

Lauren Strapagiel • 13 days ago

The Virginia Beach Shooter Resigned The Morning Of The Attack

Police say they are still determining the motive for the shooting that killed 12 people.

Lauren Strapagiel • 14 days ago

Lil Nas X Did A Surprise Performance At An Elementary School And It's So Pure And Good

"Never in million years did I think tagging him on Twitter would result in this."

Lauren Strapagiel • 17 days ago

A White Campground Employee Pulled A Gun On A Black Couple Trying To Have A Picnic

The employee has been fired after a video of the encounter went viral on Facebook.

Lauren Strapagiel • 17 days ago

Black Transgender Women In Dallas Are Worried They’ll Be Killed Next

The recent beating and killing of Muhlaysia Booker, a black transgender woman, revealed deep divides in a community already reeling from violence and social neglect.

Lauren Strapagiel • 18 days ago
Lauren Strapagiel • 25 days ago

This Station Doesn't Want Kids To See Mr. Ratburn's Same-Sex Wedding

The station said airing the episode would violate the audience's trust.

Lauren Strapagiel • 26 days ago

Sisters Apparel, James Charles' Merch Store, Has Been Taken Offline Amid The Ongoing Drama

Charles' merch is run by a company owned by fellow beauty guru Jeffree Star.

Lauren Strapagiel • One month ago
Lauren Strapagiel • One month ago

Strangers Keep Calling Child Protective Services On This 11-Year-Old Drag Star

Desmond Is Amazing was recently featured in a Pride ad for Converse shoes.

Lauren Strapagiel • One month ago

This Dad Attempting A Backflip Is Every Dad Trying To Show Off

"He’s never successfully done a backflip ever."

Lauren Strapagiel • One month ago

This Florida Couple Is Refusing Further Chemotherapy For Their Child With Cancer

Doctors told BuzzFeed News chemotherapy is the only viable choice for the child's survival.

Lauren Strapagiel • One month ago
Lauren Strapagiel • One month ago