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CA Election 2015

CA Election 2015

BOOK REVIEW: The Big Shift Explains Why Stephen Harper Will Keep Winning

We're a bit late, but BuzzFeed Canada is finally reviewing the game-changing book by two political experts that shows why the Conservatives are unstoppable.

Justin Trudeau Is Canada's New Prime Minister After A Stunning Majority Election Win

The Liberals blew away expectations and their opponents in a decisive return to power.

Are Justin Trudeau And "American Horror Story" Star Finn Wittrock The Same Person?

Winning a federal election AND starring in a successful TV show can't be easy.

We Know What You Should Do Now That The Election Is Over

There's so much room for activities!

A Woman Says A Conservative MP Angrily Kicked Her Door After Not Getting Her Vote

An incident report has been filed with Elections Canada. Bob Dechert's campaign office did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Turns Out John Oliver Didn't Actually Break The Law By Telling Canadians How To Vote

Elections Canada probably has better things to do, tbh.

An Ottawa Couple Says A Conservative Politician Urged Them To Vote NDP

Two Ottawa residents say they had a very strange interaction with a Conservative election candidate this weekend.

The 11 Best Moments From John Oliver's Hilarious Guide To The Canadian Election

"It's surprising Canada was so shocked about urine in a mug, considering that's what Labatt Blue tastes like."

Why Were A Whole Bunch Of Moving Trucks Outside The Prime Minister's Office?

Trucks could be seen dropping off boxes Friday morning — but Privy Council Office is claiming responsibility, saying "it was all routine work."

Jean Chretien Is Boosting A Liberal Candidate Who Allegedly Offered Favours For Support

Will Amos allegedly demanded loyalty in exchange for payback after he gets elected.

This Is The Hottest Event On Canadian Facebook

Going to be an awkward party if the Conservatives win.

A Conservative MP Tweeted The Most Amazing Reminder To Vote In Advance Polls

Don't forget to vote early if U will B away moose hunting.

Here Are The Highlights Of The Conservative Election Platform

The Tories were the last of the major parties to release their platform.

Here Are The Highlights Of The NDP Election Platform

The second platform to be released by one of the major parties comes just before the long weekend.

Canada’s Revenue Minister Blamed A Deleted Tweet About Millennials On A Millennial

The tweet said "millennials have the worst reputation of all."

A Montreal Guy Put Up Election Signs For No Reason Whatsoever

"Not running for anything. I just wanted a sign."

Someone In The House Of Commons Deleted The Rick Dykstra Underage Drinking Story From Wikipedia

Somebody using a House computer thought Dykstra was getting a bad rap online.

Here Are The Highlights Of The Liberal Election Platform

Nine weeks into the election and the first platform has been released by one of the three major parties.

Rick Mercer Says The Conservatives Are Trying "To Get Everyone Upset About Muslims"

Australian political strategist Lynton Crosby was hired for this purpose, Mercer said.

Everything You Need To Know About What Happened At The Last Leaders' Debate

The debate, done entirely in French, was the last of the federal election.

An Underage Girl Says She Was Offered A Bribe To Deny Drinking With Conservative MP Rick Dykstra

Dykstra was photographed drinking with several underage girls at a nightclub in his riding.

How The Conservatives Won The Debates Even Before They Started

Two key showdowns between the parties and the broadcasters helped create an ideal scenario for Harper.

The Translators For The Munk Debate Pretty Much Stole The Show

Seriously, what was his accent, and why was she so out of breath?

The Conservatives Were Represented By An Empty Chair At An LGBT Debate

Toronto just hosted this election's first LGBT-centred debate.

Everything You Need To Know About What Happened At The French Leaders' Debate

The third leaders' debate of the federal election didn't lack for heated exchanges.

We Got Patton Oswalt To Guess Canadian Political Figures

His answers were far better than reality.

People Are Criticizing Justin Trudeau For Tying Violence Against Women To "Certain Types Of Music"

Trudeau says he wasn't speaking about any group of people in particular when he made his remarks.

The Greens Have Launched A Complaint Against A Charity To Force Their Way Into A Debate

And according to a lawyer in the field, it’s not as crazy as it sounds.

Can We Guess If You're An "Old Stock" Canadian?

This is now an election issue. You deserve to know.

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