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This Is The Hottest Event On Canadian Facebook

Going to be an awkward party if the Conservatives win.

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Almost 300,000 people have clicked attending to the Facebook event, which is quite a feat considering it was started on a lark by a St. Catharines, Ontario dad.

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"I don't care where you celebrate or how you plan on getting down raise a pint, do a shot, high five or just give a thumbs up to celebrate Stephen Harper having to get another job," the event says.

Chris Drennan set up the event earlier this month. After initially launching it as a private affair, he set it to public and it proceeded to blow up.

Chris Drennan

"It's actually kind of staggering," Drennan told BuzzFeed Canada.

"Honestly I thought maybe a couple hundred people, maybe a couple thousands tops. But we’re talking a quarter of a million people who clicked attending."

Though clearly not a fan of the Conservative party, Drennan just hopes people take the time to cast a ballot.

"We’re all neighbours, we’re all Canadians, we’re all in this together. No matter what the result is we all have to figure out a way to move forward with the next government, no matter what form it takes."

There's no actual ~plan~ per se for attendees (Drennan will probably be putting his kids to bed when the results roll in) so all those thousands of people are free to party as they see fit.

Lauren Strapagiel is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Toronto, Canada.

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