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Poll: Is This Toronto Uber X Driver The Infamous Angry Tory?

The most important question of the election.

On Tuesday night, the Ottawa Citizen published a blog post about a Toronto Uber X driver who may or may not be the infamous Angry Tory.

Sean Kilpatrick / The Canadian Press

To recap, he's the man who called reporters "lying pieces of shit" at a Stephen Harper campaign stop in Etobicoke. The incident unleashed the first of many election memes.

He was later identified as a man named Earl Cowan.

The Uber X driver's name is also Earl, and he looks a lot like Angry Tory.

Ottawa Citizen

So what do you think?

  1. Is this Uber X driver Earl Cowan, A.K.A. Angry Tory?

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Is this Uber X driver Earl Cowan, A.K.A. Angry Tory?
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    Yeah, that's so him!
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    Nope, not him.
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    I'm not sure.

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