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How Normal Are Your Driving Habits?

You're in the driver's seat now!

Are These The Worst Halloween Candy Or Nah?

The scariest part of Halloween.

Toronto Might Rename A Stadium In Rob Ford's Honour And People Have A Lot Of Feelings About It

Toronto Mayor John Tory suggested renaming a football stadium in Etobicoke.

Sidney Crosby Is Catching A Lot Of Heat For Going To The White House With The Penguins

The Pittsburgh Penguins said disagreement with Trump "can be expressed in other ways."

We Need To Talk About How Fucked Up Canadian Government Emails Are

Do You Brush Your Teeth Like Everyone Else?

Don't bristle at these questions.

Do You Find These Words Sexy Or Not?

Do they turn you on or bum you out?

How Trash Are Your Tim Hortons Opinions?

Always fresh, not always right.

The First Word You See Is The Job You Should Have

What job are you destined for?

What The Hell Do You Call This Meat Product?

Peameal bacon? Canadian bacon? Back bacon?

Canada, It's Time We Decide What To Call Justin Trudeau

Daddy isn't an option. But Trudaddy is.

POLL: Did This MP Call Someone An "NDP Whore"?

It's like The Dress, but maybe awful.

It's Time To Decide Which "Big Shiny Tunes" Album Is The Best

The most divisive debate Canada has ever faced.

Is Justin Trudeau Canada's New Dad?

This is very serious.

Who's The Next Canadian Power Couple?

This nation is in desperate need of relationship goals.

Poll: Is This Toronto Uber X Driver The Infamous Angry Tory?

The most important question of the election.

Say Hello To Earl Grey, The Cat Who Would Be Prime Minister

Take a mewment, a paws if you will, to check out these purrfect candidates.

Who Wore A Red Tracksuit Best?

Red tracksuits on fleek.

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