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Here's 13 Canadian Shows That Were Originally From Another Country

You're not prepared for how many versions of Dragons' Den there are!

It's pretty cool that a fun reality show idea can be produced in so many different countries so everybody can join in on the fun! Canadian media definitely shares a lot of series with other countries — so here's 13 shows with Canadian adaptions for us to decide which we'd binge the most!

Disclaimer: this is all in good fun and means nothing. If anything you should binge all versions of every show so you never are without something to watch!

1. Canada's Got Talent vs. Britain's Got Talent (UK)

2. The Amazing Race Canada vs. The Amazing Race (US)

3. Dragons' Den (Canada) vs. Dragons' Den (UK)

4. Canada's Drag Race vs. RuPaul's Drag Race (US)

5. Canadian Idol vs. American Idol (US)

6. Big Brother Canada vs. Big Brother (Netherlands)

7. Canada's Worst Driver vs. Britain's Worst Driver (UK)

8. Qui sait chanter? vs. I Can See Your Voice (South Korea)

9. Master Chef Canada vs. Master Chef (UK)

10. Family Feud Canada vs. Family Feud (US)

11. Bachelor in Paradise Canada vs. Bachelor in Paradise (US)

12. The Great Canadian Baking Show vs. The Great British Bake-Off (UK)

13. The Masked Singer Canada or Chanteurs Masqués vs. The King of the Masked Singer (South Korea)

Are there any shows originally from Canada that you've seen adapted in other countries? Let us know in the comments!