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Tim Hortons Doesn't Think Anyone Outside Of Ontario Or BC Wants Vegan Sandwiches

A plant-based rant.

1. Earlier this summer, Tim Hortons announced it would begin offering plant-based breakfast sandwiches on its menu, and vegan Canadians everywhere rejoiced.

2. But now, just four months since the announcement, Tim Hortons says they're pulling Beyond Meat products from all but two provinces.

3. The announcement has left some Canadians... visibly upset.

I’m going to sue @TimHortons for causing me extreme emotional trauma by removing the beyond meat products.

I hadn't been to Tim Hortons in like 4 years until they got beyond sausage and now they're getting rid of beyond sausage, you fools, you idiots, prepare to never see me again

Noooooooo @TimHortons I love the beyond meat and I’m in Halifax!!!!

4. Others are defending the decision, saying Tim Hortons' core identity is in the simplicity of its offerings.

5. But in 2019, in a country where over 3 million people consider themselves vegan or vegetarian, that's a pretty dusty take.

6. In fact, for a national restaurant chain with nearly 5,000 locations across Canada, Tim Hortons' menu is still sorely lacking in plant-based options.

7. So, vegan or not, maybe this is the real conclusion we all need to be drawing from the news:

I think I'm just Beyond Timmies, myself.

What do you think?